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Massage Heights Logo The ambiance of the place, smell of the spa studio and the feel of high quality linens are just some of the ways the Massage Heights improves the entire customer experience. Come experience the skin therapy and therapeutic massage at one of the leading massage parlor chains of America, Massage Heights. With over 100 locations across USA, Massage Heights is one-of-its-kind wellness and spa center that can offer every visiting customer with the mesmerizing retreat that can rejuvenate the well being and health. With relaxing setting, beautiful ambiance, starting with soothing music to dramatic lighting, every customer visiting the massage parlor is likely to get luxuriously pampered and all at affordable Massage Heights prices. Each location is different terms of retreats and services, but all locations represent the same vision of the company and that is to live life better.

Massage Heights Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 14 January 2022



1 Hour Massage$49.99
90 Minute Massage$74.99
2 Hour Massage$99.99


Hot Stone TherapyStarting at $12.49
Reviving Foot ScrubStarting at $12.49
Revitalizing Face MassageStarting at $12.49
Active TherapyStarting at $12.49

Massage Heights Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–7PM
Sunday 10AM–6PM

Massage Heights Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (888) 909-0974

Massage Heights Headquarter Address & Number

Massage Heights Franchising, LLC, 13750 US Hwy. 281 North, Suite 230, San Antonio, TX 78232

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Specialization of Massage Heights

The Massage Heights experience of clients starts with certified and professional therapists that thoroughly check the background of customers to narrow down their needs. They ask question to know why they want to get massage or if they are currently stressed due to work. This helps the therapists to determine the right type of massage that can offer lasting benefits. With more personalized services, customers can improve their health and overall well being. The company believes that communication is the key to success and achieving the goals of each session. Therefore, you are required to provide correct information to the therapists to get the personalized treatment to ease the stress and recuperate easily.

All types of wellness services like massage, facial, therapeutic aromatherapy, spa products are offered that are great for home use and the prices of Massage Heights services are quite affordable that won’t break your bank account. The facial service makes skin healthy and fresh. A wide variety of facial services are offered like custom-made dermatology and skin treatments that promise the customers to achieve bright, younger looking skin in real time.

The aromatherapy and therapeutic massage offered by the trained professionals at Massage Heights have the mission to offer your mind and body the much required retreat from everyday stress it feels. Different types of massages are offered to suit the unique needs of customers. The signature massage therapies of Massage Heights include the Hot Stone Therapy, Targeted Treatment, Reviving Foot Scrub, sports massage, couples massage, pre-natal massage and crowd favorite Swedish massage.

Apart from massages, Massage Heights also specializes in facial treatments that can be helpful for sensitive skin. From sensitive skin facials to anti-aging facial treatments, clear skin facials, essential facials, customers are likely to feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a session at Massage Heights. BioActive Peel is used for people with acne as it helps them clear off the acne and enhance the blood circulation and eliminating the toxins that can damage the facial skin.

Massage Heights About Massage Heights

Massage Heights is the chain of massage parlor that is highly dedicated towards elevating the lives of people through relaxing massage therapies and relaxation of mind, body and spirit. The vision of the company is to create a close-knit family that is dedicated towards assisting the people to embrace their well being and health. Massage Heights is highly passionate about their clients and loyal to their people and diligent towards their pursuit in order to offer a consistently elevated experience. The massage parlor is also authentic in their commitments to become the massage brand of choice in America and offer dedicated services for affordable Massage Heights prices.

History of Massage Heights

In 2004, the first parlor of Massage Heights was established in San Antonio and gradually it became the massage brand of America operating in over dozens of locations in US and Canada. The business of massage flourished with the help of membership model which help the massage brand to keep the prices of Massage Heights cheaper without compromising their service quality. After becoming a massage brand, Massage Heights started to partner with some of the leading brands that share the same interest and vision. With such co iodination, Massage Heights managed to become the well known and reputed franchising business that have over 100 studios across America and Canada.

So, get the required pamper at the leading massage brand and at affordable Massage Heights prices.