Malco Ticket Prices 2022

Malco Ticket has transformed the viewing experience of the people. They now watch movies with even more comfort just like home but with greater luxury and indulging experience. No matter who you are, you will always find a seat for yourself at Malcos because Malcos welcome everybody. From the beginning of the twentieth century till date, it has only evolved with time, learning from past mistakes and giving quality services to its patrons. The company has 33 theatres with more than 340 screens in 6 states and it is expanding at an exponential rate. Everything that is designed keeping the comfort of the customers which is why you would not be disappointed at the Malco Ticket prices too. It has a promising future and they want to take you with them to witness their journey by providing you with everything and anything that you could ever imagine in relation to indulging movie experience.

Malco Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

Look no further for the prices of Malco Tickets. This section will provide you with an accurate knowledge of the prices so you don’t have to waste your time and can invest it instead into enjoying more.

Last Updated: 10 January 2022



Children (ages 2-11)$6.95 - $7.99
Adults (ages 12 & up)$7.95 - $9.49
Seniors (ages 65+)$6.95 - $8.49


Children (ages 2-11)$5.95 - $7.95
Adults (ages 12 & up)$7.45 - $11.45
Seniors (ages 65+)$6.95 - $8.45

Malco Theatres Opening Hours

The working hours of the Malco Theatres is mentioned here.

Specialisation of Malco Ticket

Malco Ticket prices render incredible quality services in the Cinema entertainment sector that is unparalleled. The sheer number of theatres that they own in 6 major states of the US is an example of their superior image in the eyes of its consumers. A lot of things go into building such an image but Malco has certainly mastered the art of delivering excellent movie experience to the cinephiles. This became possible due to a very long experience that they have had and they constantly strive to create a unique niche for themselves. One can surely see them becoming the masters in the field. Because they not only provide movie screenings but there are other exciting amenities such as bowling centres and family entertainment centres.

That said, knowing what actually makes them Babe Ruth of the cinemas will make you a patron of Malco Ticket. Changing with times, they have gone from using film projections to utilizing fully digital screens for the viewers. It has certainly improved the picture quality to a whole new level. The change has garnered a lot of appreciation from the movie goers which is reflected in the theatres always being jam-packed. The sound quality gives audience a superb experience. All the credit goes to the sophisticated instruments installed in the Malcos such as Dolby Atmos. The auditoriums is THX verified that assures a good quality service by the MalcoTheaters. But the prices of Malco Ticket are still considerably low for the kind of excellent system they offer.

Another attraction that Malco offers is Captiview system for the differently abled. It is a sophisticated system that assists the people with special needs to enjoy the movies without worries. It is a closed captioning device designed for individual use that displays dialogues in easy to read font on a screen which is directly attached to your seats. With the help of privacy visor, it ensures that nobody is distracted by it in the auditorium. Rest assured the seats are super comfy for all the customers to help them relax and to savour the moving pictures. The Malco Tickets have also special facilities regarding private screenings and conferences. The prices of Malco tickets for private screenings are a little high but they sure are worth the money.

About Malco Tickets

Malco Tickets are a well-established and popular movie theatre chain owned by Lightman family. It will not be an understatement but being in the movie theatre business for so many generations, they have mastered the art of movie showcasing and entertainment. So, right from the entrance till the exit, you are in for a delight surrounding the best of movie experience. They have taken care of the visually impaired and the hearing disabled by installing the theatres with state of the art technology especially designed for their movie entertainment needs. The provision of private screenings is also a huge attraction among corporates and other folks. The food is also not to be given a miss as they are lip smacking and luscious enough to be savoured all along. They value your time and money which is why the prices of Malco tickets seriously look like a deal to steal.

History of Malco Tickets

Not only the movies that are showcased in the Malco Tickets have a story to tell but Malco itself has a story hidden in itself. It all started in the year 1915, when everywhere you could see was war as it was the time when World War I was fought. Amidst all this, one young man Morris A. Lightman, an engineer by profession began his new career in entertainment and show biz by opening up a small movie theatre in Sheffield, Alabama and called him ‘The Liberty Theatre’. This was just the beginning. He opened up numerous movie theatres in other counties and the business flourished like anything. Later, he partnered up with his father together formed another one called Hillsboro Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee. But it didn’t become quite as successful as it faced stiff competition from the rival theatre just around the block. This didn’t deter them and they began a new Malco Amusement Company by partnering up with other businessmen. In 1929, the Company changed its name to what you now call Malco Theatre, Inc. This was the year when they introduced Vitaphone and Movietone equipment to attach sound for the very first time in theatres.

Malco Theatres Customer Support

To resolve any issues whatsoever, you can always contact the friendly customer support of Malco Theatres. The contact number of the same is given here.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 901-761-3480

Malco Theatres Headquarter Address & Number

The address of The Malco Tickets is given here in this section.

5851 Ridgeway Center Parkway, Memphis, TN 38120

Malco Theatres Near Me

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Review of Workout Anytime

Apart from the prices of MalcoTickets, know more about the quality of the services provided by them. This is an exhaustive list of the good and the bad about the Malco Tickets. Just take a glance at the review here.


They offer quick and smooth service
The well trained staff here is polite and friendly
The seats offer an ample legroom space.
The theatre is clean and neat including the restrooms
The 3D and surround sounds are amazing


Food is expensive
Parking is a little difficult during peak hours