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Operated and owned by registered corporation, the worldwide leader in hair service business, Magicuts is the name of repute for premium hairdressing and hair care services that your hair may be worthy of. It is the best hair treatment and hair care service provider in accessible locations of some of the prime shopping centers across Canada. It works in harmonization with some of the reputed salon brands to offer its clients with world class hair treatment at a price that everyone can afford. Although the Magicuts Prices are a bit higher than its competitors, but the customer service and quality is beyond imagination and supreme. Appointments with preferred stylists are encouraged for broad spectrum of hair treatments and services and walk-ins are also welcomed at the salons for basic cuts and hair styling. The salons of Magicuts can also easily found at major shipping centers so that you can complete your weekly shopping and get the best hair treatment to enhance overall appearance.

Magicuts Salon Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 16 January 2022




Haircut, Shampoo & Style Dry$21.99
Kid's (10 and Under)$10.99
Shampoo (with Haircut)$3.99
Style Dry (with Haircut)$6.99
Beard/Bang Trim$7.99



Perms (Includes Haircut, Shampoo & Style Dry)$57.99
Specialty Perms (Spiral, Weave, Piggyback)$96.99
Colour Services (Includes Shampoo & Style Dry)$43.99

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Monday 9AM–9PM
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Saturday 9AM–8PM
Sunday Closed

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-888-456-2887

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5906 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5J 1H2
+1 800-345-7811

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Magicuts Specialty!

In harmonization with popular salon brands, Magicuts offers a wide spectrum of hairdressing, styling and coloring services and their services are not restricted to women alone as it offers hair treatment services to kids and men alike. Therefore, you can make hair treatment a family affair when all of you are out together at any shopping mall. Magicuts specializes in perms, design cuts and hair coloring and please note prices of Magicuts salons vary from location to location, but most of the rates are similar to what they offer.

From basic hair cuts to extension, coloring and highlight treatments, there are different types of services for people of all ages. Clients have the flexibility to get the personalized hair treatments as the stylists at the salon can apply cuts and colors that are best suited for the personal desires of the clients. All the hair treatments offered at the salons are focused towards nourishing, recharging, and hydrating the hair so as to restore the smoothness and silkiness. The salons of Magicuts are not limited to hair cut and treatment and styling, instead clients can also experience the waxing, highlight treatments and other range of hair care services to very economical prices. You can book an appointment with the preferred stylists and get best hair treatment or walk-in to receive the well priced hair care packages which include shampooing, designer haircuts, styling and flawless finish with Blow Dry.

About Magicuts!

Magicuts Salon

Magicuts is the full service hair treatment and hair care salon that specializes in offering world class, premium hair styling and haircuts to people of all ages. The salon offers extensive range of professionally-formulated hair styling; hair coloring, extension and hair highlight treatment. With an aim to offer personalized hair styling and haircut, Magicuts focuses on right cuts, coloring and highlight treatments at very minimal prices. You are offered with the option to choose to work with preferred hair stylists and receive the well priced hair treatment packages at the salons of Magicuts.

Magicuts is the retail salon sprawling across Canada and you can easily spot a salon of Magicuts at major shopping malls and centers. Appointments with preferred stylists are highly encouraged and walk-ins are also equally welcomed at the salons of Magicuts. It was established in the year 1981 as salon franchise and soon it made debut across the communities in Canada, developing huge empire of over 120 salons across Canada. Clients can enjoy world class hairdressing, hair treatment, highlight and waxing services at the salons. However, the prices of Magicuts salons vary from location to locations, but they are closely same in all the salons.

History of Magicuts

Magicuts was founded in the year 1981 and it was just a retail salon offering services in hair treatment and hair care services. It expanded its services and become the retail salon franchise across the communities of Canada, offering a broad spectrum of hair car and hair treatment services to males, kids and females equally. Today, Magicuts has set an empire of over 120 salons which you can easily spot at major shopping centers across Canada.

The hair cut rate and the varied Magicuts Prices can be accessed online from its website while booking appointment with your preferred stylists.