Logan’s Roadhouse Prices 2022

Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants were probably established to provide you the incomparable experiences of dining which satisfies you inner food enthusiast. You will absolutely love these restaurants for their handcrafted tea and ice cold beers which when served with the scrumptious food items made from scratch and steak grilled on wood-fire. Most of the dishes are seasoned and inspired from the steamy southern flavors to keep it all traditional and real. The décor and the ambiance of these restaurants are set very laid-back with the intention of providing the comfortable experiences of dining. The staffs at these restaurants are very hospitable and you’ll find them very efficient and quick with their services. You can experience all this at very jaw-dropping inexpensive Logan’s Roadhouse prices.

Logan’s Roadhouse Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants refer to the table below.

Last Updated: 1 January 2022



The Nashville Trio$10.49
Enormous Nachos$7.49
From-Scratch Loaded Potato Skins$7.99
Fried Pickles$4.49
Appetizer Combo$10.99
Queso & Chips$5.99
Southern Onion Tower$7.49
Bone-In Wings$8.49
Smokin' Hot Grilled Wings$8.49
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.49
Roadhouse Shrooms$6.49
Loaded Potato Soup (cup)$2.49
Loaded Potato Soup (bowl)$3.49
Award-Winning Chili (cup)$2.49
Award-Winning Chili (bowl)$3.49

Farm Fresh Salads

Southern Steakhouse Salad$12.49
Jammin' Fried Chicken Salad$9.49
Anything & Everything$9.49
Kickin' Logan's Chickin' Salad$9.49

Real American Roadhouse Meals

Country Fried Steak$11.49
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Pork Chops$13.99
Chopped Steak (10 oz)$11.49
Country Style Buttermilk Chicken$11.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Chicken$11.99
Grilled Meatloaf$12.99
Country Fried Chicken Tenders$10.49
Vegetable Plate$8.49
Teriyaki Grilled Chicken$11.49
Southwest BBQ Chicken$11.49

Logan's Famous Baby Back Ribs

Full Rack$18.99
Half Rack$13.49

Fresh, Hand-Cut Steaks

The Logan$14.49
Onion Brewski Sirloin$13.99
Black Angus Sirloin (6 oz)$10.49
Black Angus Sirloin (8 oz)$11.49
New York Strip Steak (12 oz)$17.49
Bone-In Ribeye (20 oz)$25.49
Barrel Cut Filet (6 oz)$17.99
Barrel Cut Filet (9 oz)$21.99
Barrel Cut Filet (12 oz)$27.49
Porterhouse (22 oz)$24.49
Teriyaki Club Steak (8 oz)$12.49
T-Bone (16 oz)$21.99
Ribeye (12 oz)$17.99
Ribeye (16 oz)$20.49

Roadhouse Combos

Sirloin & Lobster (8 oz)$21.49
Sirloin & Ribs (6 oz)$17.49
Ribs & Chicken$16.99
Sirloin & Shrimp (6 oz)$16.99
Chicken & Shrimp$15.49
Filet & Lobster (6 oz)$24.49
Ribeye & Shrimp (12 oz)$20.99
Sirloin & Chicken (6 oz)$15.49

More From The Dock

Coastal Carolina Shrimp$14.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Shrimp Skewers$14.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Salmon$14.49
Southern Fried Fish$12.49
Popcorn Shrimp$12.49
Santa Fe Tilapia$14.49

Signature Drinks

Prickly Pear Margarita$6.99
Jack's Honey Lemonade$6.99
Spiked Sweet Tea Lemonade$6.99
Coronita Margarita$7.99

Healthy & Hearty

Grilled Shrimp Skewer$14.99
Southwest Seasoned Grilled Tilapia$11.49
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Salmon$12.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Chicken$11.99
Black Angus Sirloin (6 oz)$10.49
Barrel Cut (6 oz)$17.99


Southern Style Banana Cream Pie$5.49
Mississippi Brownie$5.49
New York Style Cheesecake$4.49
Mini Buckets (Chocolate Brownie)$2.49
Mini Buckets (Nutter Butter Fudgeslide)$2.49
Mini Buckets (Mini Cheesecake)$2.49
Mini Buckets (Any 3 Mini Buckets)$5.49

Burgers & Sandwiches

Fried Cheese & Bacon Burger$9.49
Smokehouse Steak Sandwich$10.99
Steakhouse Sirloin Melt$10.99
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$8.49
Smoky Mountain Chicken Sandwich$8.49
The Original Roadies$8.49


Full Mason$3.49
Half Mason$2.49

Logan’s Roadhouse Opening Hours

The hours of operations at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants is provided below in the table.

Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 11AM–11PM
Sunday 11AM–10PM

Specializations of LOGAN’S ROADHOUSE

The specialty of Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants lies in providing the upscale experience of dining at very minimal prices. All the dishes served here are inspired from the Southern flavors and are kept very traditional. The laid-back settings of these restaurants provide the wonderful experience of casual dining.

Talking elaborately about the menus, you can choose from the appetizers like fried pickles, Bone-in wings, Brisket Nachos, Mozzarella sticks, etc. The salads and soups section includes Chili soup, Roadhouse salad, anything & everything salad, Potato soup, Logan’s chicken salad, etc. The most favorite American dishes served here include Grilled meatloaf, chopped steak served with sautéed mushrooms, country fried steak, chicken tenders which are hand-breaded, Logan’s wood-grilled chicken, vegetable palate, etc. All this is served with Caesar salad and an entrée side dish. The steak grilled on wood-fire includes Filet Mignon, Rib eye, Grilled steak skewers, USDA sirloin, etc. All these can be flavored with sautéed mushrooms and Blue Cheese Crumbles. The entrées section consists of steamed broccoli, fires, rice pilaf, grilled mushroom skewer, mashed potato, sweet potato, cinnamon apples, etc. The burgers and sandwiches section includes Original roadies, all American cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwich loaded with Peppercorn Bacon, Spicy Brisket Burger, Bacon Burger served with fried cheese, etc. The dessert section consists of Margarita Cheesecake, Jim Beam apple cider, Nutter Butter basket, Logan’s signature Fudge-slide, etc. All of this is availed at very affordable prices of Logan’s roadhouse.


In the present scenario, Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants are known to be one of the best casual dining restaurants in United States. As soon as they were established, it was recognized that these restaurants are much more than just restaurants. Thus, the business of the company prospered within a very short duration. The environment of these restaurants is maintained very casual. This is done to set up comfortable experience which is ideal for all sorts of dinner plans. You want a little peaceful time with your family or quality time with your buddies, or a casual plan with your significant other, Logan’s Roadhouse is ideal for all. The recipes used by the chef at these restaurants are very old and inspired from southern tradition. As soon as you will enter one of the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants, the aroma of the steaks being grilled on wood-fire will hit your senses. You will totally love the delectable dishes made out of scratch. These dishes when paired with couple of beers or Roadhouse tea crafted in the house provides the ultimate experience of dining. All this is made available at very pocket-fitting price of Logan’s roadhouse.


Logan’s Roadhouse was found in the year 1991. The first restaurant of the chain was established in Lexington, Kentucky. The motive behind establishment of these restaurants was to serve the authentic, traditional American food itemslike soups, sandwiches, seafood, salad, etc. along with steak grilled on wood-fire and cooked with the succulent and spicy flavors of South. With passing years, the chain flourished at an exponential rate and became well known in the southern regions of United States. In the year 1991, Logan’s Roadhouserestaurants were wholly owned as subsidiary by a public group called CBRL group, Inc. The headquarters of the company are in Nashville, Tennessee. In the present scenario, the company owns more than 230 locations in approximately 23 states. Out of these 230 locations, the 26 are the franchised ones and rest are corporally owned and operated. This shows that the company has been effectively using franchising policy as one of the business strategies for expansion. These restaurants are more about traditional and retro décor. Most of the times the ambiance of the restaurants isinspired from the locals, for instance in Detroit the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant’s décor is hyped by murals of the people who are wearing Detroit Piston t-shirts. Most of these restaurant serves unlimited buckets of peanuts to every table as complimentary. All this is availed at very considerate Logan’s Roadhouse prices.

Logan’s Roadhouse Customer Support

In case you have any query or need any help, you can contact us on the following numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 844-656-4267

Logan’s Roadhouse Headquarter Address & Number

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3011 Armory Drive Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee 37204
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Now, you can learn a lot more about Logan’s Roadhouse prices and the ambiance of these restaurants by having a perusal through the following pros and cons.


The signature beverages of the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants are the best.

The iced teas and lemonades are hand-shaken and are considered the signature beverages at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants. You can couple these drinks with your favorite steak and some American special and enjoy your delectable combo.


There are no gluten-free dishes served at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants.

Most of the restaurants have gluten-free dishes provided for the gluten-tolerant or health-conscious people. But, there are no signs of these gluten-free dishes in the menus of Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants. This can clearly be an inconvenience for some people.