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We live in the world that has got us no time to spare for ourselves, to take the time to collect ourselves and ask ourselves ‘How are you?’. In the midst of all these, we somehow found our health more important to lose than the job. People have started finding all means to get their health maintained so that they don’t become vulnerable to deadly diseases that prowl around seeking to devour. This is where the gym comes into picture. In order to meet the demand of the public many gyms have come up over the decades. The Life Time fitness Centre comes among the most renowned fitness centres that strive to get its customers the much needed motivation and the assistance they require. When it comes to training centres, the first thing that comes to your mind is the price they charge and that is why I would lay stress on the fact that the Life Time Fitness Prices are of the most reasonable ones with great money value in it.

Life Time Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 10 January 2022




Initiation Fee$189.99
Monthly Fee$77.99
Cancellation Fee (30-days advance notice required)$0.00


Initiation Fee$189.99
Monthly Fee$127.49
Cancellation Fee (30-days advance notice required)$0.00



Initiation Fee$189.99
Annual Fee$924.49
Cancellation Fee (30-days advance notice required)$0.00


Initiation Fee$189.99
Annual Fee$1524.99
Cancellation Fee (30-days advance notice required)$0.00

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The word ‘specialization’ is a generalized term that needs a well described write up. The Life Times Fitness has got a wide range of trainings available that you could take the full advantage of. The trainings are like Group training, Weight loss training, Personal Training, high intense training and the like. There are classes wherein you could practice yoga, meditation, Studio Classes and Indoor Cycle too. Fitness centers are traditionally thought to be those that are equipped with gym equipments and no entertainment of sports but not in the case of the Life Time Fitness Centre. There are sport complexes for running, Outdoor Cycle, Swimming, Basket ball, Lawn Tennis, Squash and Rock wall. You get the complete requirement of the sports as well and not just putting on muscles that would do you no good if you are looking to maintain your body. The Fitness Center can also be used for Parties Celebration, receptions and big business events too. This is a spectacular facility that should be noted unlike other fitness centres that restrict themselves to fitness programmes. There are professional trainers hired to give you the best out of the equipments. There are personal trainers too if one would opt for. Spa- wow this is one of my favourite places I would go to get my stress off. This facility is also provided by the Life Time Fitness Centre. There is the Life Spa and the Medi Spa facility that you could avail. Other programmes like Diet Plans, weight loss assessments and Nutrition are also taken care of. Prices of Life Time Fitness nutritional products are exclusive given the result it produces and the guarantee it can provide you with.

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It is always great when you are getting a lot out of what you pay. Satisfaction mixed with appreciation is what develops. And this is what the company gives- exclusive amenities for their customers with great money value in it.

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Life Time Fitness Prices are just awesome and can always be trusted for the money value it gives.

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‘Free’, one of my favourite words. Even if I was like Richie rich, I would love getting things for free. You get a great money value for the free pass. Free passes are to give you are trial experience about the Fitness Center so that you make yourself acquainted with environment there. You get one- month free swimming classes for the kids, one hour free boarding session and 50% on joining fees.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-855-430-5433

Life Time Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

2902 Corporate Pl, Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317
(952) 947-0000

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The Life Time Fitness was started by Bahram Akrudi as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, in the year 1992. The company was incorporated as the Minnesota Corporation Pvt. Ltd in 1990. Then it got the permission to get registered as Life Time Fitness Centre. Its first Fitness Centre was opened in Brooklyn, Minnesota Park. The presence of the life Time fitness Centre is found mostly in the urban and suburban locations of medium to large sized metropolitan cities. There were controversies within the company- the employees took the matter regarding the wages withhold in the court in the year 2004, for which the court gave the verdict in the favour of the employees that they get their payment in accordance to the American Federal Government. In 2015, March, the company agreed to be acquired by private firms, TPG Capital and Leonard Green and Partners in a leveraged basis. This has nothing to do with the Prices of the Life Time Fitness meaning the company’s customers get great value for the money they pay, for the nutritional products and the facilities they avail.