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What do you need to show yourself a smart guy or wait, let’s try not beating round the bush; is it your personality? Yes, at least this is what you would need to get girls swarming around you, right? Somehow in this speeding world people have got the sense to take care of their body and it is for this one prominent reason the gyms have come up to meet the demands of people. One excellent chain of gym I would recommend is the Las Vegas Athletic Club. By the name, it is an American based club that has got its franchise all over the US. It has also got itself marketing round the world.

Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 11 January 2022




Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$23.49


Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$46.46

Las Vegas Athletic Club Opening Hours

Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours


Las Vegas Athletic Club is a chain of athletic clubs that has got its presence in and around the Southern region of Nevada. It operates multiple large fitness, family-based and athletic programmes. Unlike many other gyms that keeps you restricted to workouts and those traditional activities, the Las Vegas Athletic Club provides you the opportunity to select from the massive amenities it has got in a super clean and safe environment. There are services for nutritional products and the membership deals too. The LVAC group of clubs include amenities like the Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Handball /Racquetball, women’s only training space and lot other facilities that you could avail. Are you among those guys who are crazy of getting their personality to an extremely new level, or a professional body builder who wants better a better guidance or supplements to contest in a championship? Are you that under confident guy who struggles to get attention of girls on you? This is the right place you have come to. Prices of Las Vegas Athletic Club are of the most reasonable and money-worth pricings in the market. If one was to make a difference with the pricings and the facilities that LVAC offered with its counterpart, one could see the difference. Our membership deals are crazy and just awesome- this will reveal in the latter part of the article. We will be looking at the services, the membership deals and the wide range of products the company offers in detail.

About Company:

With all the necessary amenities and other assets, the company sees its customers as those with long lasting good health, getting a high money value.

  • Membership Deals:

The Prices of Las Vegas Athletic Clubs are very reasonable and have got lot of value in its packages:

  • Single:

If you are singly enrolling to any of the LVAC Clubs, you would be required to pay an initiation fee of about $99. Then monthly it is going to be $23. If in case you were to cancel your membership, there is a cancellation fee, which depends on the number of days you have worked out.

  • Dual (Two Adults):

You get your membership deal in dual, you will not have to pay a second initiation fee which means you have to pay only $99. The monthly will however restrict to $23 per head.

  • Coupons:

There are coupons too that give you a decent discount for nutritional products and training programmes.

Rules and Regulations of LVAC:

In order to provide a safe and clean environment with the amenities in sound health, certain rules and regulations are made by the Clubs that are to be followed while working out:

  • Check-in Procedures:

Members have to produce their membership card at the time of entry to the gym. If the card is lost you will have to pay $12 for a new membership card.

  • Workout towels/ Gym bags/ Lockers:

Members are expected to have a workout towel during their entire time in the gym. Each one is allotted a drawer to place one’s bags in it. Locks are to be brought by the members themselves. Valuables are to be left behind in your vehicle or home. In case of loss of valuables, the management will not take the responsibility.

  • Dress code:

Workout clothes are strictly allowed. No clothes that are formal, hooks and zippers are allowed. Chest and back are to be covered.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the exercising area.
  • Children below the age of 18 are strictly not allowed in the exercising area.
  • No usage of foul language is appreciated.
  • Guest Privileges:

The member can bring in guests to check out the activities and the fitness methods followed. The member may bring in any number of guests but they are restricted to 3 persons per visit. It would cost them $20 for a day and $50 for a week.

Benefits for the members:

The members of the LVAC Clubs can avail facilities like free weights, cardio entertainment center, locker rooms, weight training, indoor pool, Healthy back, Aqua Recovery, Racquetball, Juice bar, indoor running rack, women’s fitness center, ab and core training centers and lot more. The Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices are just affordable, given the facilities.

  • Personal Training:

You get personal training from expert trainers if you need to prepare your body for some event or for shooting.

  • Online Training:

This is an awesome part of the many benefits present. What if you had an important would suddenly popping up? You would not be able to make it to the gym, right? So there you need this online help and work out in your home itself.

  • Different classes:
  • Group Classes
  • Group Fitness Schedules
  • Aqua
  • Cardio and Dance entertainment
  • High intensity workouts and Strengths
  • Mind and Body development

Las Vegas Athletic Club Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (702) 734-8944

Las Vegas Athletic Club Headquarter Address & Number

2655 South Maryland Parkway Ste 201, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1666
(702) 734-8944

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The Las Vegas Athletic Club was started as a racquetball club in 1977. Later, Rudy Smith and Andy Palluck bought the club and transformed it into a massive ground for fitness and athletic activities. This gradually kept expanding to a chain and currently has got its presence all around the US. It is currently looking forward to expand its business all around the world. The Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices are one of the most reasonable ones and its main aim not profit but strives to provide its customers the best opportunity to develop their body in the way they want and find a lot of money value in the deals.