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If you are looking for the extreme side to entertainment but aren’t willing to spend money on that extreme basis, then Landmark Cinemas is the name and the place that you’re looking for. These cinemas are widely spread across Canada and have been serving the premium movie experience for more than 50 years now. IMAX, RealD 3D, XTREME screens, EXTRA screens, all the premium brands serving large formats are available under very thoughtful Landmark Cinema Prices.

Landmark Cinema Prices and Service Menu 2022

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Last Updated: 11 January 2022

Landmark Cinema Opening Hours

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Specializations ofLANDMARK CINEMAS

The Landmark Cinemas works on the tagline of providing premium experience without paying the premium price. These Cinemas were established to completely transform the face of movie experiencing in Canada. The seating style at Landmark Cinemas is described by 3R(s), that is, Reserve, Recline, and Relax. It’s pretty evident that all you’ve to do is to reserve your seats at the theatre through online or offline interface. Then, all you need to do is come take your recliner and recline it as per your suitability and just relax by immersing yourself in the marvelous movie experience at Landmark Cinemas. The whole concept is about providing the disruption free environment on the cost-effective basis. To attain this, the seats here are reserved with no extra charges. Have you heard of the beverage-dispenser where comes with more than 150 options at few touches? Well, you can see one at the Landmark Cinemas which has Coca-Cola Freestyle. This machine comes with more than 150 options of drinks which also includes 90+ caffeine-free drinks and 70 low calorie or no calorie drinks. There is even a lever provided for the number of ice cubes. After all, the Landmark Cinemas strives to please you. All this availed at affordable prices of Landmark Cinemas.

In case you were wondering is that all? Then, no there is more. At Landmark Cinemas you get to enjoy your movie in different forms, IMAX, RealD 3D, XTREME experience and EXTRA experience. You will forget Dolby Atmos, when you opt to watch movie with XTREME experience. The sound system used are Barco Auro 11.1 which will astonish for the unique quality of sound, you will feel as if the scenes were being shot in front of you as you will hear sound coming from all sides. Another added feature at Landmark Cinemas is the assisted devices for the visually impaired people and the hearing impaired people. These assisted devices include the descriptive video service and the closed captioning device.


Landmark is a private owned company which presently owns 45 theaters across the whole Canada, standing second at the position. The headquarters of the company are in Calgary, Alberta. Ontario and Yukon Territory are the other areas where Landmark Theatres operates. The company is truly devoted to the enhancement of the movie experiencing that too under very minimal prices of Landmark Cinemas. That’s why these cinemas serve as the real treat to all the movie maniacs.


Landmark Cinemas were found in the year 1965 as the single screen theatre. In the current scenario, Landmark has marked itself as the second largest theatrical chain in Canada. Through the course of the year, the landmark Cinemas had been acquiring cinemas and expanding its empire in Canada, for example, in the year 1984 Landmark Cinemas purchased the Odean theatres and in the year 2013 Landmark Cinemas purchased all the cinemas under Empire Theatres. The company has always been on pinnacle in terms of the advancement of the technology. IMAX screens were installed in the Landmark Theatres years ago and now almost all the locations of Landmark Cinemas are equipped with IMAX. Besides the IMAX screens, the Landmark Cinemas also has the Xtreme screens and its own massive screen under the name Extra Experience. All these facilities are made available under the very considerate Landmark Cinemas prices.

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Landmark Cinema Headquarter Address & Number

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Suite 100, 14505 Bannister Rd SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2X 3J3
1 (403) 262-4255

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Diet Raspberry Coke is only available at Landmark Cinemas.

The Freestyle Coca-Cola dispenser at Landmark Cinema dispenses over 150 drinks which include many customized drinks also available in less sugar, no sugar and no caffeine form. You will love to choose from such wide variety, plus you will not be getting these customized drinks anywhere else, for example the Diet Raspberry Coke. This is the specialty of Landmark Cinemas to serve the customers of all types having different tastes.

The movie deals are such blessings.

A movie maniac will be blessed in true sense at Landmark Cinemas with amazing deals and discount offers. Like, Movie Twosome on Wednesdays under which 2 people will get tow medium drinks at the dispenser and largepopcorn with a refill and a candy;summer movie ten pack; morning movies; etc.

The new recliners chairs are just not simple recliners, they are unique.

The recliners at the Landmark Cinemas comes with extra leg room space, the leather is of plush quality which makes them so comfy that you can literally sleep there.

The staff is very courteous and attentive.

The staff at the Landmark Cinemas will always be friendly to you and they will solve all you queries very politely. Plus, they would always be very attentive to you and serve you at their best.


The Atom app of Landmarks sometimes experiences a hiatus.

Sometimes, due to break-down of servers the ticketing app of the landmark Cinemas, Atom may suffer from a hiatus and cause a lot of inconvenience.