La Tan Prices 2022

If you are the newest fan of indoor tanning and cannot help but rave about its flawless results, we introduce you to L.A.Tan, your newest destination for all your tanning fantasies. The tanning salon surprises you with some of its outstanding glows to give you that perfect shining body without having to undergo the side effects of harmful ultra violet rays of sun. With a new offer on the menu every day, La Tan prices are another thing that will wow you!

La Tan Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 13 January 2022




Platinum II$39.49
Platinum III$59.49
Platinum IV$99.99
Versaspa I (4 Free Versaspa Sessions)$39.49
Versaspa II (7 Free Versaspa Sessions)$59.49



Level I$0.99
Level II$1.99
Level III$1.99
Level IV$3.99


Level I$0.99
Level II$1.99
Level III$1.99
Level IV$2.99
Level V$2.99



Level I$26.49
Level II$30.49
Level III$35.49


Full Body$45.49
Legs Only$20.49
Face Only$15.49

La Tan Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–7PM
Sunday 9AM–5PM

La Tan Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 815-464-9310

La Tan Headquarter Address & Number

3775 W. Arthur Ave. Lincolnwood, IL 60712

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La Tan Special Services

Besides the special prices of La Tan, the salon has several unique tanning services to offer like the spray tans which are one of the quickest methods to get a cosmetic tan that is flawless, safe and easy. The use of sun beds is the other popular method of tanning undertaken here.

  1. Spray Tans: The spray tans are one of the sunless methods of getting a quick and a flawless tan. Since it is sunless, the method is safe, free of any ultra violet rays of the sun and has no side effects. Different spray tan services are available here at some of the most competitive prices. They are:
  • Versa Pro
  • Versa Spa
  • Autobronzer
  • Mystic Tan
  • Custom Air Brushing

These are categorized differently based on the different technology used and the difference in results achieved. The various skin treatments available at La Tan are nourishing for the skin and affordably priced. While some of them are anti-aging and ph balancing, others are shimmer treatments that can completely transform your body.

All the treatments come with a set of precautions that help in the pre and post treatment care. These often include avoiding the use of lotion and deodorants and wearing loose and dark colored clothes at the time of treatment. The tips for after care include avoiding swimming and making efforts to keep the skin hydrated.

  1. Sunbed Tanning: This method of tanning includes the use of tanning beds and some stand-up equipment that feature functions like aromatherapy, cooling fans, high pressure tanners for the face and the shoulders. In some cases, the sun beds also include spa features. The prices for every level of tanning are different.

Special Offers

There are special offers for everyday of the week. Get a spray tan on Monday priced at $10, Tan level I, II and III for $5 on Tuesday, a cocktail tan (a combination of sun tan and spray tan) on Thursday for $20, hydration treatment on Saturday for $15 and the VIP members can upgrade to any level of bed for a price of mere $5.

About L.A.TAN, the company

La Tan, the company is owned by Nick Patel who is currently its CEO and has taken its care since 2001, while the company was originally established in the early 90s. With a modest start with only 4 stores, the company now has some 130 stores running successfully across different locations in 4 different states. All the different La tan stores are well connected via computer interface that allows its clients to enjoy the tanning services conveniently anywhere across the 130 stores.

La Tan’s leap from 4 to 130 stores is a clear sign that the tanning salon chain is growing rapidly and doing a brisk business. The skin care professionals working here are well-trained, highly professional and certified to do their job. At these stores, you are sure to find complete skin care solutions at special La Tan prices. At every salon of La Tan, you will find five different levels of tanning to match your individual skin tone. The products used at the salon include top quality lotions that help the clients achieve a tan that is faster, deeper and long lasting. Apart from the impeccable services at some outstanding prices, the customers get personalized consultation and then a customized package depending on their unique skin type.

Do not forget to check out to find a salon that is nearest to you or join their email club or the text club to get a free tan. Know more about the benefits of getting a La Tan membership which includes discounted products, easy upgrades and convenient payments.