LA Fitness Prices 2022


Wondered what makes you require the real person you would want to be? Multitudes of thoughts dump into your heads suggesting you to get it this or that way. Well, of all that you’ve tried, the body building concept stays prominent in the list. And this is what almost every guy wants to have. Girlfriends love to want to persuade their men to get the body of a man. There is no denying that a man would want his muscles look great to him. You could get the highest and the most advanced methods of training, just as you figured you would look at the LA Fitness. Are you worried about the prices? The LA Fitness Prices are too reasonable to sound true given the results and the guarantee. LA Fitness is rated among the top most gyming brands all around the world.

LA Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 11 January 2022




Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$29.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$34.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$99.99
Annual Fee$359.59
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$99.99
Annual Fee$419.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00

LA Fitness Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–06PM
Tuesday 9AM–06PM
Wednesday 9AM–06PM
Thursday 9AM–06PM
Friday 9AM–06PM
Saturday 9AM–06PM
Sunday 9AM–06PM


Prices of LA Fitness are just great that offers you lot more than you pay and why would anyone not want these offerings. The company services, from the memberships being lifetime to the concessions if you brought your family members in to the advantages you could avail if you got a lifetime membership. The long list of professional and scientifically proven nutritional products all for those aspiring to enlarge muscles, to maintain the shape of the body, to prepare their body for an act or for a sport. You’ve got professional and well certified trainers working hard to get you the best training programmes you could ever get. Getting deeper into the article, we shall know about what exactly the LA fitness chain of globally acclaimed company get you the most and why you would choose working out at the LA Fitness.

About Company:

In an industry wherein you get nothing but competitions from counterparts, the LA Fitness has steadily managed to increase its presence to give its customers the much needed value to life: Good Health.

  • Membership Deals (Recommended):

Fortunately, you’ve got a wide variety of deals with the LA Fitness which is why you might definitely want to take the full advantage of it. Not only that, there are few gyms that offer you coupon codes to get you pay less than you are paying and LA Fitness is one among those. Prices of LA Fitness is money-worth which will give you no chance of complaining on the same. Check out the deals below:

  • 3-day workout pass (for free):

Wait, did I make a mistake? No, it is free. ‘Free’ is a word that I love the most. Even if I was super rich something if was free, I’d love it and I am sure that you too love it. Unlike most other gyms that offer you a 1-day free workout, LA Fitness has brought itself to a new level offering you a full 3-day workout opportunity for free.

  • Initiation fee:

When you are the first person to join the gym you be required to pay an initiation fee of about $99 as a one-time fee and then you would just need to pay $29.95 monthly. Now if a family member of yours join, there is no initiation fee needed to be paid, which I guess is a deal enough to not give it a second thought.

  • 47% off:

Need a discount of a stunning 47%, there goes the coupon for that hell of a discount.

  • 10 Dollars off:

You could get a $10 off with this coupon.

These are those deals I could get for you lately may be not. I suggest that you check for the deal if they have expired or not so that you don’t find the inconveniency in that circumstance. Make sure you could be able to get the maximum advantage of the deal lest it should get wasted.

LA Fitness Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 949-255-7200

LA Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

2600 Michelson Dr Ste 300, Irvine, California 92612-6536
(909) 392-1063

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Benefits through LA Fitness:

For any work you take on hand, you do need some amount of motivation and that requires a sportsmanship in it. The fitness activities, the diet plans along with supplements, the leagues, tournaments and events happening on regular basis stay accountable for the much needed motivation you require. LA Fitness Prices gives you like never before. Below are a few of the many benefits you get:

  • Personal Training:

There are a handful of us who opt for a personal trainer. This facility exclusively just for those people. You get a cardio-vascular exercise, Wight training and Diet control plans with this.

  • Mobile Membership Card:

The conventional method of producing your Identity at the entry is gone. The Mobile Membership Card makes it convenient. And if you were to go to another gym location elsewhere, you could produce that too.

  • Basketball Court:

With workout, you also get a chance to play your favourite sport, Basketball. Remember you’ve got no hidden cost for that, which I guess is a reason enough to go for.

  • Swimming Pool:

You can avail the facility of swimming pool. Learning to swim along with workouts is not a bad idea.


The LA Fitness was founded in the year 1984 by Louis Welch, as the CEO and the co-founder Chin Yi. The first fitness club was started in Los Angeles, California. The expanding of the company was underrated given the quality of the clubs and the gym equipments it possessed. It was in the year 1995 that the company designed its first prototypal club with Cardio equipments, free w eights, Group exercise rooms, swimming pools, basket ball club and racquet ball in it. Since then with the grace it has kept expanding its territory in and around the US. LA Fitness prices have increased with the expansion of the company’s business but this is also to be known that there is a great money value in it given the quality of the nutritional products and the equipments. It has already planed its presence in the world too. To get the most exciting deals use the link to our official website,