KFC Catering Prices 2022

If chicken is the staple part of your diet, then there is no way that you can escape trying the famous Kentucky Fried chicken, or better called KFC. As the name goes, these restaurants are known for their fired chickens that are cooked to perfection. But, these days the world is moving along the healthier curve, so the fired chicken is replaced by the grilled chicken. The only thing, that is not changed, is the lip smacking flavors along with the finger licking taste. As the tagline of the brand goes, their chicken is never made fast or the easy way.

KFC Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at KFC, refer to the table given below.



Chicken Buffet Meals

Buffet Meal - 30 pc Chicken79.99
Buffet Meal - 50 pc Chicken128.99

KFC Chicken Platters

Platter - 25 pc Chicken39.99
Platter - 50 pc Chicken78.99
Platter - 100 pc Chicken149.99

KFC Extra Crispy Tenders Platters

Platter - 25 Extra Crispy Tenders29.99
Platter - 50 Extra Crispy Tenders58.99
Platter - 100 Extra Crispy Tenders115.99

Hot Wings Platters

Platter - 25 KFC Hot Wings24.99
Platter - 50 KFC Hot Wings44.99
Platter - 75 KFC Hot Wings59.99

KFC Box Meals

Box Meal - 2pc Chicken6.99
Box Meal - 3 Tenders6.99
Box Meal - 3pc Chicken7.99

Homestyle Sides

Large Homestyle Sides Option19.99
Small Homestyle Sides Option12.99
Dozen Biscuits4.99


Sweetened Tea1.99
Unsweetened Tea1.99
1/2 Gallon Lemonade (Regular)3.49
1/2 Gallon Lemonade (Strawberry)3.99


Mini Lemon Cake1.49
Mini Chocolate Cake1.49
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies4.99
Lemon Cake4.99
Chocolate Chip Cake4.99

Last Updated: 1 January 2022

KFC Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at KFC.

Monday 10AM–11PM
Tuesday 10AM–11PM
Wednesday 10AM–11PM
Thursday 10AM–11PM
Friday 10AM–11PM
Saturday 10AM–11PM
Sunday 10AM–11PM

If food comes first, and then comes fitness, then you can still try their fired chicken. While you are here, you must try their Nashville chicken along with coleslaw or mashed potatoes. If you’re running late and don’t have time to wait and relish the chicken tenders, then you must opt for their popcorn nuggets which will never be enough no matter how much you are full. You can save yourself some extra bucks by ordering their generous combos and family meals. All this made available at very considerate KFC Prices.

KFC Phone Number For Customer Support

In case of any query or doubt, just dial up the numbers provided below and get them solved. Are you having any other inconveniences while placing your order? Do you have any suggestion for the particular food item on the menu? Then hurry, just call up.

Facebook Twitter

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1 800-225-5532

KFC Headquarter Address

You can help the KFC to become better and more lip smacking. If you have any suggestions and feedback, then you can contact KFC Headquarters. The line is available 24 by 7, so you don’t need to wait to get your suggestions addressed. The customer reviews and feedbacks are very valuable. This is because the good relations with the customers and the excellent customer service make a good restaurant, an excellent restaurant. If you have any deep concerns, which you think are not addressed appropriately. Then, you can contact KFC Corporate Office headquartersusing the contact details mentioned below.

1900 Colonel Sanders Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40213

KFC Near Me

You can look for the KFC near to your place, using the following map.

About KFC

When we talk about the world’s largest fast food chains, the Kentucky Fried Chicken ranks second. KFC was established in the year 1930. The founder of the chain was Harland Sanders. The first restaurant of the chain was found in North Corbin in Kentucky and thus the name was changed to Kentucky fried Chicken. Within very few years, Colonel Sanders started franchising and the first franchised restaurant of KFC was opened in Salt Lake City of Utah. In the current scenario, the headquarters of the chain are placed in Louisville in Kentucky. The brand has humble backgrounds; initially it was just a roadside restaurant which today is present in more than 123 countries. Presently, there are more than 20, 000 locations all over the world and the number is still increasing. So, keep coming as the slogan of the brand goes you will love the “finger licking” fried chicken because it’s “so good”. All this can be enjoyed at very moderate prices of KFC.

Review of KFC

Going through the reviews is necessary to build a profound perspective about anything. Thus, have a glance on the following pros and cons to know more about the KFC pricesand the customer service.


The brand still practices the same recipe of Mr. Sanders which includes 11 herbs and spices; this lead to the famous twitter revelation of KFC account.

Everything is freshly prepared and breaded with hands to give it a scrumptious look and succulent taste.


The prices of this fast food chain may seem steeper than the other fast food restaurants.

Toknowmore,visittheirofficialwebsite https://www.kfc.com