Johnny Carino’s Prices 2022

If Italian Cuisine is what you’re craving for then you must consider visiting to Jonny Carino’s restaurant. These restaurants not only offer the best Italian dishes but also the non-standard Italian dishes for you to devour upon. Come with friends, family, your partner, or choose to dine alone, you are bound to have a memorable experience of delectable food. The décor and ambiance are set accordingly so that you can enjoy at your fullest. The services of staff at Johnny Carino’s restaurants are very quick and efficient. All this is made available at very considerate Johnny Carino’s prices.

Johnny Carino’s Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Johnny Carino’s restaurants, refer to the table given below.

Last Updated: 2 January 2022



Italian Nachos (medium)$4.99
Italian Nachos (regular)$8.49
Hand-Breaded Calamari (medium)$4.99
Hand-Breaded Calamari (regular)$8.49
Baked Stuffed Mushrooms$8.49
Sicilian Fire Sticks (medium)$4.99
Sicilian Fire Sticks (regular)$8.49
Mozzarella With Marinara$7.49


Pecan-Crusted Chicken$11.99
Classic Chicken Caesar$9.49
Classic Chicken Caesar (with Shrimp & Artichoke)$12.49
Soup & Salad Combo$7.49
Chopped Club$10.99
Italian Wedge$7.49
Italian Wedge (with entree)$3.49
Honey-Pecan Crusted Salmon$12.99
House or Caesar$3.49


Italian Pot Roast$14.99
Italian-Style Baby Backs$13.49
Tuscan Ribeye$18.49
Oak-Grilled New York Strip$17.49
Wood-Roasted Chicken$14.49
Lemon Rosemary Chicken$14.49
Chicken Balsamico$14.49
Chicken Scaloppini$14.49
Chicken Marsala$15.99
Chicken Milano$14.99
Lemon Pepper Salmon$16.99
Shrimp Florentine$16.99
Lobster Ravioli$17.99
Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia$16.99
Shrimp Scampi$16.99


Angel Hair With Artichokes$11.49
Angel Hair With Artichokes (with Chicken)$13.99
Angel Hair With Artichokes (with Shrimp)$15.99
Spicy Shrimp And Chicken$15.49
Baked Cheese Tortelloni$12.49
Smoked Chicken And Jalapeno Ravioli$14.49
Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival$13.49
Spicy Romano Chicken$13.49
Bacon Mac & Cheese$13.49
Create Your Own Pasta$10.49
Create Your Own Pasta (Meat Sauce or Alfredo Sauce)$11.99
Create Your Own Pasta (Chicken or Sausage)$13.99


Homemade 16-Layer Lasagna$12.49
Johnny's Combo$17.99
Chicken Parmesan$14.49
Skilletini (with Shrimp)$17.49
Spaghetti & Handmade Meatballs$12.99
Eggplant Parmesan$13.99


Traditional Margherita$9.49
Three Meat Classic$10.49
Chicken Alfredo$10.49
Create Your Own Pizza$10.49


Chicken Parmesan Panini$9.49
Grilled Chicken Caesar Panini$9.49
Smoked Turkey And Bacon Panini$9.49
Italian Meatball Panini$9.49

Family Platters

Spaghetti & Handmade Meatballs$25.49
Spicy Shrimp and Chicken$32.49
Spicy Romano Chicken$29.49
Skilletini Chicken, Sausage or Combo$30.49
Skilletini Shrimp$34.49
Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival$29.49
Create Your Own Pasta Chicken or Sausage$27.49
Homemade 16-Layer Lasagna$31.49
Chicken Parmesan$30.49
Chicken Milano$30.49
Lemon Rosemary Chicken$30.49

Decadent Desserts

Italian Chocolate Cake$5.49
Lemon Cream Cake$5.49
Mascarpone Bread Pudding$5.49
Turtle Cheesecake$5.49
Sweet Minis$2.99

Lunch Duos

Unlimited soup, salad and fresh baked bread


Soup of the Day$8.99
House Salad$8.99
Caesar Salad$8.99
Italian Wedge$8.99


Chicken Fettuccine$8.99
Spaghetti and Meatballs$8.99
Angel Hair with Artichokes$8.99
Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival$8.99
Any Panini (1/2 portion)$8.99
Create Your Own Pasta$8.99

Lunch Specials

Chicken Parmesan Panini$8.49
Grilled Chicken Caesar Panini$8.49
Smoked Turkey And Bacon Panini$8.49
Italian Meatball Panini$8.49

Lunch Entrees

Spicy Shrimp And Chicken$10.49
Spicy Romano Chicken$9.49
Homemade 16-Layer Lasagna$10.49
Chicken Scaloppini$9.49
Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia$9.49
Homemade Parmigiana (Chicken)$9.49
Homemade Parmigiana (Eggplant)$8.49
Baked Cheese Tortelloni $9.49

Johnny Carino’s Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Johnny Carino’s restaurants.

Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 11AM–11PM
Sunday 11AM–10PM

Specializations of JOHNNY CARINO’S

If you have a notion that Italian food and Italian restaurants are always overpriced, then you’re probably wrong. This is because you can expeericne the delicious Italian food at Johnny Carino’s restaurants at very affordable prices. Talking about the menu in detail, you can build your appetite with various appetizers like Hand-breaded Calamari Bruschetta, Baked Stuffed Mushrooms, Fresh Caprese salad, Italian Nachos served with mozzarella and jalapeños, Mozzarella with marinara, Sautéed Mussels, etc. The salads and soups section includes Classic Chicken Caesar, Pecan-Crusted chicken, Italian Wedge, Honey Pecan Crusted Salmon salad, etc. The sandwiches section consists of Smoked Turkey and Bacon, Crispy Pepperoni Burger, Grilled Chicken Caesar Panini, chicken parmesan etc. The beef and pork section includes Fire Grilled Skirt Steak which is served with garlic butter, oak-grilled New York strips, Italian-style Baby backs served with balsamic BBQ sauce, etc.

The chicken section includes Chicken Milano Chicken Fettuccine, Chicken Balsamico, Chicken Marsala, Lemon Rosemary chicken, chicken scaloppini, etc. The seafood section consists of Seafood fettuccine, Lobster Ravioli, Penne Vodka & Salmon, Shrimp Florentine, Jalapeño Garlic Tilapia, Lemon Pepper Salmon, etc. The benchmark Italian dish called pasta is availed insevral delectable varieties like, Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta, Baked Cheese Tortelloni pasta, Risotto Primavera pasta, spicy shrimp and chicken pasta, potato Gnocchi pasta, etc. The classic dishes availed at Johnny Carino’s include Skilletini, Johnny’s Combo of spaghetti, chicken parmigiana and lasagna, handmade meatballs & spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, chicken parmesan etc.

Talking about the drinks menu, you can choose from Signature Italian drinks like, Italian Sangria, Pomegranate Granita, Premium Margarita, etc. The dessert section includes Turtle Cheesecake, Italian Chocolate cake, Tiramisu, etc. All this is availed at very pocket-fitting prices of Johnny Carino’s.


The Johnny Carino’s restaurants are known to be one of leading Italian restaurants in the United Sates. It’s been more than 50 years and these restaurants are thriving hard to provide best services to their customers. The décor and ambiance of these restaurants is kept very simple and comfortable so that all the dinner plans can be carried out with ease. Whether you want to spend a peaceful evening with your family while eating scrumptious Italian food or you just want to hang you out with bunch of your friends relishing the succulent dishes, Johnny Carino’s restaurants caters all your needs. All this is availed at very budget-fitting price of Johnny Carino’s.


Jonny Carino’s restaurants were established in the year 1968. The first restaurant of the chain was setup in Austin, Texas. With passing years, the chain acquired several restaurants and flourished rapidly. In the current scenario, Fired Up restaurants Concept is the parent company of Johnny Carino’s restaurants. The headquarters of these restaurants are in Austin, Texas. The main motive behind the establishment of these restaurants was to provide exquisite setting for the family dinner plans. Thus, all Johnny Carino’s restaurants have the hospitable environment and comfortable décor which makes them one of the best family restaurants in the United States. You will love the delectable Italian cuisine dishes which are availed at very affordable Johnny Carino’s prices. Presently, Johnny Carino’s restaurants are located in more than 100 locations in United States. The company has also established itself on international basis serving the top-class facilities and unique Italian dishes.

Johnny Carino’s Customer Support

You can reach us on the following numbers, in case of any query.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (512) 263-0800

Johnny Carino’s Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at the address provided below.

13420 Galleria Circle, Building A Suite 250, Austin, Texas 78738
(512) 263-0800

Johnny Carino’s Near Me

You can look for the Johnny Carino’s restaurants near to your place, using the following table.


You can know more about the Johnny Carino’sprice, by reading the pros and cons given below.


The Spicy Romano Chicken pasta, Shrimp Florentine and chicken Milano are among the most ordered food items at Johnny Carino’srestaurants.

You will probably fail the purpose of dining at Johnny Carino’s restaurants, if you don’t get your hands on the Spicy Romano Chicken pasta, Shrimp Florentine and chicken Milano. You can always pep up your food game with the marvelous Signature Italian drinks like Pomegranate Granita, Italian Sangria, etc.

At Johnny Carino’s restaurant you would really appreciate the services availed by the staff. They are very friendly and believe in serving you in best possible ways. Thus, you would always want to come back again.


During peak hours a lot of inconvenience is caused for the customers.

On weekends if no reservations are made, then the customers have to stand in waiting lines waiting for the table. Therefore rush hours can be very hectic; especially when you’re salivating to eat the Italian cuisine, but all you get is disappointment.

There are no gluten-free Italian dishes available at Johnny Carino’s restaurants.

Menus of Johnny Carino’s restaurants have no gluten-free dishes. This can be very troublesome for all the gluten-tolerant people.

  • There is no separate menu availed for kids.

At Johnny Carino’s restaurants there is no separate menu availed for kids. This can cause a lot of hurdle in the family dinner plans with young ones.

There are no nutritional guides availed at Johnny Carino’s restaurants. This can be a turn off for all the health conscious people.