Joe’s Crab Shack Prices 2022

Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants are for those people who love beaches and seafood. Most of theserestaurants are located near the beach and serve the scrumptious seafood dishes. The décor and the ambiance at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants are kept very vibrant just like liveliness of the beach. The music and the laid-back environment are like the cherry on the top. These restaurants are very much family oriented. Thus, you can plan to have a marvelous dinner with your family or friends on weekends or you can swim solo and have a great experience. The service availed by the staff are very efficient and hospitable. All this is availed at very reasonable Joe’s Crab Shack prices.

Joe’s Crab Shack Prices and Service Menu 2022

In order to learn more about the prices of Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants, look at the table as follows.

Last Updated: 2 January 2022


Get Started

Bucket Of Shrimp (12)$8.49
Bucket Of Shrimp (18)$11.49
New England Clam Chowder (Cup)$3.99
New England Clam Chowder (Bowl)$5.99
Soup Of The Day (Cup)$3.99
Soup Of The Day (Bowl)$5.99
Mozzarella Stick$7.99
Crazy Good Crab Dip$9.49
Double Dip$8.99
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms$8.99
Crab Nachos$10.99
Garlicky Mussels$9.99
Clam Strips$8.49
Great Balls Of Fire$7.49
Crispy Calamari$7.49
Classic Sampler$11.99


Crab Cake Chipotle Caesar$11.99
Dixie Chicken Salad$11.99
Caesar with Grilled Chicken$10.99
Caesar with Grilled Shrimp$10.99
House Or Caesar Side Salad$2.99


Lunch (Mon. to Fri. 11am - 3pm)

Bottomless Soup & Salad$6.49
Fish & Chips$7.99
Chicken Club Sandwich$7.49
Dixie Chicken Salad$9.49
Coconut Shrimp$9.99

Main Catch

Cedar Roasted Salmon$16.49
Maui Mahi$14.49
Redfish 'N Lobster$18.49
Crab Cake Dinner$17.49
The Shore Grill$18.88
Southern Style Catfish$13.99
Main Grill$24.49

Handbreaded Fried Platters Combos

Fish & Chips$11.49
Fish & Shrimp$12.49
Shrimp & Calamari$12.49
Double Shrimp (New!)$14.99


Crispy Catch$13.99
Go Shrimpin'$15.99
Seaside Platter$16.99
East Coast Platter$17.49
Reel Big Catch$21.99


Joe's Classic Steampot$23.49
Sub Dungeness$3.49
Steampot For 2$40.49
Sunset Fire Grilled$23.49
Steampot For 2$40.49
Samuel Adams Steampot$25.99
Arctic Bay Steampot$29.99
The Orleans$20.49
The Ragin' Cajun$26.99
The Bean Town Bake$39.49
The KJ Steampot$25.99

Bucket Of Crab


Snow Crab (1/4lbs.)$22.99
Queen Crab (1/4lbs.)$25.99
Jumbo Bairdi Crab (rare catch)$26.99
King Crab$29.49
Pacific Dungenes Crab$30.49
Antarctic King Crab$27.99
Crab Daddy Feast$29.49
Lobster Daddy Feast$30.49


Joe's Famous BBQ, Simply Steamed, Spicy Boil, Fire Grilled, Chesapeake Style, Garlic Herb

On The Run

Chicken Club Sandwich$9.99
Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger$9.99
Crab Cake Sandwich$10.99
Blackened Mahi Tacos$11.99
Joe's Surf 'N Turf Burger$10.99

Shrimp & Lots Of It

Grilled Malibu Shrimp$14.99
Shrimp Pasta Alfredo$14.99
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp$13.49
Jumbo Coconut Shrimp$14.99
Popcorn Shrimp$11.99
Southern Stuffed Shrimp$14.99

Out Of Water

Ribeye (12oz.)$22.49
Steak Frites (New!) - 8oz.$14.49
Island Steak & Shrimp (New!) - 8oz.$19.99
Homestyle Chicken Tenders$11.49
Cheese Chicken$14.99

Surf Sides

Twice Baked Potato Cakes$2.99
French Fries$2.99
Crab Dirty Rice$2.99
Seasonal Vegetables$2.99
Fresh Ear of Corn$2.99
Homemade Onion Strings$2.99

Joe’s Crab Shack Opening Hours

To know more about the hours of operations at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants, use the table as follows.

Monday 11AM–12AM
Tuesday 11AM–12AM
Wednesday 11AM–12AM
Thursday 11AM–12AM
Friday 11AM–02AM
Saturday 11AM–02AM
Sunday 11AM–12AM

Specializations of JOE’S CRAB SHACK

The specialty of Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants is that they are family-oriented restaurants because they have something for everyone in the house. For example Patios for mothers, arcades for kids and the laid-back décor with delectable crabs for Fathers.

Talking elaborately about the menu, you can choose from appetizers like Mozzarella sticks, Crab Nachos, Crispy Calamari, Bucket of Shrimp with 8 or 12 pieces, Garlicky Mussels, Classic Sampler, Crab Dip, Great Balls of fire, Voodoo Chicken Bites, etc. The soups and salads section consists of Lobster Bisque, Caesar salad with Crab cake, New England clam chowder, Caesar salad with Shrimp chipotle or grilled chicken, etc. The bucket of Crabs is availed under 6 categories, Queen Crab, Crab Daddy Feast, Snow Crab, Lobster Daddy Fear, Pacific Dungeness Crab, and King Crab. All these buckets are served with potatoes and ear of corn and can be flavored on request with BBQ Dry Rub, Garlic Herb, Old Bay Style, Simply Steamed, Cajun Seasoning, etc.

The special shrimp dishes include Crispy Jumbo shrimp, Southern stuffed shrimp, Jumbo Coconut shrimp, and Shrimp pasta Alfredo. The mainland dishes consist of Home-style Chicken Tender served with Coleslaw and fries; rib eye served with baked potato cake, corn and hushpuppies; Island shrimp & steak, etc. The handhelds section includes Blackened Mahi Tacos served with Tortilla chips; crab cakes sandwich served with onion strings, Beer battered shrimp served with fries, Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger with onion strings or fries, chicken club sandwich, etc. The side dishes include twice baked potato cake, French fries, home-made onion strings, seasonal vegetables, French fires, crab dirty rice, hushpuppies, coleslaw, etc. The deserts section includes Key lime pie, Campfire S’mores, Crabby Apple Crumble, and Sea Turtle Sundae. All this is availed at very cost-effective prices of Joe’s Crab Shack.


It’s been more than 25 years and Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants are still in the race of providing the best seafood to the people. Don’t be disillusioned by the name, you‘ll get almost everything at these restaurants. In addition to crabs you get lobster, shrimp, fish, etc. The chain is presently under the Ignite Restaurant Groups. The décor in these restaurants are maintained very comfortable and casual so that you can peacefully enjoy your food. The sound of music and noise are kept within the tolerable limits. There are arcade areas and green patios which are ideal for all sorts of social hang-out plans. You can enjoy and experience all this at not-so-pocket-burning price of Joe’s Crab Shack.


Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants were found in the year 1991. The first restaurant of the chain was started in Houston. Very soon, the restaurant became famous for its incredible seafood dishes. Thus, the business was expanded to various locations. The headquarters of the company are in Houston, Texas. The Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant was acquired by Laundry’s Restaurants in the year 1994. With passing years, the chin grew gradually and expanded in Dallas and Houston. The business mainly flourished due to the premium quality of food availed at budget-friendly Joe’s Crab Shackprices. In the year 2006, the entire chain was purchased by J.H. Whitney & Company. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 138 locations in approximately 35 states of United States, for example Ohio, Missouri, Maryland, Kansas, South Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, Utah, Indiana, Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, New York, etc. The company is known by the name Ignite restaurant group because it also owns other restaurant chains like, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Brickhouse Tavern, etc.

Joe’s Crab Shack Customer Support

If you have any query or need any support, contact us on the number as follows.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (713) 366-7500

Joe’s Crab Shack Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the address given below.

9900 Westpark Dr Ste 300, Houston, TX 77063
(713) 366-7500

Joe’s Crab Shack Near Me

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In order to have complete information about the Joe’s Crab Shack prices and environment of these restaurants, have a glance at the pros and cons given below.


You get a lot more than the crabs and seafood at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants

The menu of Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants contains wide array of dishes and is not only restricted to crabs or seafood like lobster, shrimp, fish, etc. You are also availed with out-of-the water food items. For example, Chicken tenders, cheesy chicken, rib eye steak, steak fries, etc.

The staff is so humble and efficient.

Other than the delectable food items, you will also appreciate the services availed by the staff at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants. They are very humble and efficient when it comes to serving the customers. They will always be on their heels and serve you in the best ways possible.

The hygiene and ambient music are other attractive features of Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants.


At Joe’s Crab Shack,there is no information provided in regards to the calorie content of the food. This can be a spoiler for the health conscious people who are bound to take a fixed amount of calories in a day.