Island Sun Tanning Prices 2022

Tanning services at beach is undoubtedly good, in fact very good, but there is something that no one can overlook when their tan comes from an island trip. With Island Sun Tanning you are guaranteed to experience the environment, settings and atmosphere just similar to that of an actual island which is definitely hard to distinguish after a visit to the salon. From high end tanning to modern tanning and booths to beds which uses the high pressure bronzing techniques with 10 times UVA, every service offered at Island Sun Tanning are extremely successful and effective and don’t burn you or offer you a sun spot. The best part is that the Island Sun Tanning Prices are kept to the nominal to make it approachable for all who want to experience an island tan.

Island Sun Tanning Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 13 January 2022



Spray Tan Session$35.49
Monthly Spray Tan Plan$10.99
Monthly Spray Tan Session$8.99


Bed Tanning Session$37.99
Monthly Bed Tanning Plan$40.99

Island Sun Tanning Opening Hours

Monday 10.30AM–9PM
Tuesday 10.30AM–9PM
Wednesday 10.30AM–9PM
Thursday 10.30AM–9PM
Friday 10.30AM–9PM
Saturday 10.30AM–7PM
Sunday 10.30AM–5PM

Island Sun Tanning Customer Support

In case of any query or support, you can reach us on the following numbers.

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Island Sun Tanning Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us on the address provided below.

6540 Millennium Ste 130, Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 327-9292

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What’s Island Sun Tanning Specialty?

The specialty of Island Sun Tanning salon is that it houses the world class infrared body wraps that accelerates weight loss by detoxifying the skin, while relieving the muscle soreness and arthritis. These wraps are specifically designed to burn about 1200-1400 calories per treatment. It also enhances skin tone and texture, while reducing cellulite and pain in muscles and joints. Overall, Island Sun Tanning’s wraps improve your system and skin and the Prices of Island Sun Tanning services is the primary catch which is very nominal.

The tanning with infrared body wraps include a sudatonic infrared system that comprises a barrier cream to make the sweating almost impossible and this also promotes perspiration via your body to amplify the resting metabolism of the body after the session is over. This body wrap also enhances the function of immune, circulatory systems and cardiovascular systems.

It also specializes in Red Light Therapy that boosts the production of collagen in skin and this eliminates the ugly appearance of wrinkles and aging effects. It increases the suppleness and firmness of your skin and restores your skin health at large. The red light therapy safely reduces the symptoms of aging and it never requires recovery process or downtime.

Classic tanning is another signature tanning service offered at the salons of Island Sun Tanning that enhances the base tan. It involves controlled UV exposure which is beneficial for the body and supports in producing Vitamin D which is crucial for calcium absorption. Teeth Whitening is another service offered at the salons and the Prices of Island Sun Tanning teeth whitening service is also very affordable. The Norvell Auto Revolution includes the trademarked iNTELiSPRAY which is clinically designed with in-built xLaTan.

About Island Sun Tanning

Island Sun Tanning is local tanning salon that was established in the year 1987. The salon first started its operation with the aim to offer world class tanning services to the locales of South Jersey. Gradually, the salon became the highly established and popular tanning service provide that specializes in offering island style tanning services in the midst of atmosphere, settings and environment that is just similar to that of an island and after a visit to this salon it would be harder for the customers to distinguish it from an island. The tanning salon has beautiful settings and décor that will enhance your overall tanning experience and the Prices of Island Sun Tanning is kept nominal to make the services approachable for people from all walks of life. So, come experience the superior quality tanning services at the midst of island like environment and all at affordable pricing that everyone can afford.

History of Island Sun Tanning

Locally operated and owned, Island Sun Tanning was established in the year 1987 and the first salon started offering leading tanning services to the locales of South Jersey. For over two decades, the salon has been consistently offering world class tanning services to the locales and it is known for its signature style tanning offered in the midst of inland like environment. The tanning beds, high pressure booths and the products cost much lesser compared to its counterparts. But every service offered at the salon today surpasses one’s expectation in all means.

Island Sun Tanning always top the priority list of individuals who want to experience island like tanning services at very affordable Island Sun Tanning Prices.