ILoveKickboxing Prices 2022

ILoveKickboxing or ILKB is the globally acknowledge chain of gym and fitness center that make use of kickboxing and martial arts to promote health and overall fitness. The ILoveKickboxing Gym believe in the fact that kickboxing is the sport that can keep its members active, while stimulating their overall confidence by helping them achieve a new skill and knowledge. The gym focuses on providing full body workout and the ILoveKickboxing Prices are quite reasonable way to enjoy full body workout in the midst of alluring settings.All the training programs and sessions focus on building confidence and promoting weight loss, while members find themselves to lead a life with enhanced cardiovascular health.

ILoveKickboxing Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 10 January 2022



7 Month Commitment

Initiation Fee$149.99
Monthly Fee$149.99
Due Today$298.99

12 Month Commitment

Initiation Fee$125.99
Monthly Fee$125.99
Due Today$250.99

ILoveKickboxing Opening Hours

Monday 6AM–10PM
Tuesday 6AM–10PM
Wednesday 6AM–10PM
Thursday 6AM–10PM
Friday 6AM–10PM
Saturday 6AM–3PM
Sunday 6AM–3PM

ILoveKickboxing Customer Support

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ILoveKickboxing Headquarter Address & Number

1844 Lansdowne Ave. Merrick NY

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What’s Special About ILoveKickboxing?

By paying the Prices of ILoveKickboxing Membership you will get unlimited access to either private class and training sessions or group classes under the supervision of certified trainers. All the training programs and group sessions are offered by qualified trainers and kickboxing remains the basic of all the sessions that help members to become physical strong and increase their overall strength, while promoting healthy weight loss. Not all the classes of kickboxing sessions are conventional follow-the-leader cardio classes that are found in other gyms; instead the members are encouraged to participate in well balanced workouts that combine resistance and cardio training in each 60 minutes class.

The training programs and classes are focused to promote faster and healthier weight loss and faster muscle toning. Not to mention, the members will learn new skills and knowledge about self-defense moves that they can apply in difficult situations. Each group class comprises of 15-30 members, including both advanced students and beginners. It is made necessary for the students to be shape prior to steeping in the group classes for kickboxing. All the training programs are designed in the way to cater the specific needs of each member. The training programs not only train the members about kickboxing, but also make them capable of train their body on their own pace. Besides, training programs and classes, nutritional tips and guidance are also offered to be members during the classes. Members who pay the Prices for ILoveKickboxing membership can also schedule appointment with instructors and trainers to discuss their queries and design customized training programs according to their body needs.

So, if you are serious about burning fat, learn self defense skills, lose weight, improve cardio health and want to look and feel healthy and fit, then join ILKB today by paying the affordable ILoveKickboxing Prices for membership.

More About ILoveKickboxing!

ILoveKickboxing is the largest chain of gym that promotes healthy lifestyle via kickboxing classes. Today, ILoveKickboxing operates in different locations across United States and also have their franchises in other parts of the world. This health and fitness chain distinguishes itself from others by having the certified trainers that are motivated towards educating martial arts and kickboxing to all the members in more efficient way at the minimal Prices of ILoveKickboxing membership.

This is the health and fitness club that focuses on providing world class health and fitness classes to average men and women that aim to perform high intensity workouts without over burdening their bank accounts. The affordable ILoveKickboxing Prices enable the members to get in shape and lose healthy weight, while work towards a healthier lifestyle by meeting new people in health social settings.

History of ILoveKickboxing

The man behind ILoveKickboxing, Michael Parrella started the first mixed martial arts school in the year 1991 and by the year 2009 he started the website called This is a website that specializes in offering kickboxing fitness classes online to all men and women of different ages. By the year 2012, Michael started franchising his brand ILoveKickboxing and since then it has grown and flourished in leaps and bounds. Being the popular fitness club, ILoveKickboxing promotes kickboxing as a way to stay healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle with affordable Prices of ILoveKickboxing Membership.

All the instructors and trainers provide practical advices to members about healthy lifestyle habits, healthy diets that complement the intense kickboxing workouts. So, be the part of this world’s leading kickboxing fitness center by paying the affordable ILoveKickboxing Prices and accessing all the facilities and programs that gym has to offer.