HuHot Prices 2022

HuHot restaurants are one of the best restaurants to have dinner with family and friends. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will love the innovative food and services at these restaurants. The create-your-own desserts offer is highly popular among kids, they love experimenting with cakes, muffins and icing. The offer is availed on request, you can tell your choices to HuHot chefs and they will create it for you. Similarly, there is another offer, create-your-own meal for people who like things to be done in a specific way. So let the chefs know, how you like your meal and you’ll have it. All this is availed at very reasonable HuHot Prices.

HuHot Prices and Service Menu 2022

The prices at the HuHot restaurants can be referred from the following table.

Last Updated: 2 January 2022



Krab Rangoons (4)$4.49
Krab Rangoons (7)$7.49
Crispy Eggrolls (4)$4.49
Crispy Eggrolls (7)$7.49
Asian Potstickers (4)$4.49
Asian Potstickers (7)$7.49
A Taste Of The Bounty$8.49


Asian Salad$2.49
Garden Salad$8.99
Chicken Teriyaki Salad$8.99

Grill Meal

Weekday Lunch$9.49
Weekend And Holiday Lunch$10.49

Little Warriors


Ages 3 and UnderFree
Ages 4-7$1.99
Ages 8-12$2.49
Chicken Strips$4.49
Macaroni & Cheese$4.49


NY Cheesecake$6.49
Cheesecake Rangoons (4)$4.49
Cheesecake Rangoons (7)$7.49
Sweet Victory S'Mores (Half)$4.49
Sweet Victory S'Mores (Full)$7.49
Khan's Cake$6.49
Molten Muffin$6.49

HuHot Opening Hours

To know about hours of operations at HuHot restaurants, look at the table provided below.

Monday 11AM–9PM
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–9PM
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday 11AM–10PM
Saturday 11AM–10PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM

Specializations of HUHOT

The specialty of HuHot restaurants lies in the innovation that these restaurants practice. They offer the world-class Mongolian Cuisine which is available to be customized. The focus is put more on providing the wonderful dining experience and services than on replicating the Mongolian food items.

Talking intricately about the food menus, you can choose from the appetizers like Coconut Shrimp, Crispy Eggrolls, KrabRangoons, Asian Potstickers, etc. You can even order three appetizers at once under the amazing deals and offers. The fresh salads and soups section includes Chicken Teriyaki Salad, Garden salad, Asian salad, HuHot & Sour soup, Egg drop soup, etc. Under the create-your-own grill meal you can opt. from three options, Weekday Lunch, Dinner Lunch or Weekend & Holiday Lunch. All the three Lunches are served with White Rice and Tortillas. You can choose to add soup and salad to your order. The Lunch Orders aren’t available for take-out options. You’ve to sit in HuHot restaurants and enjoy your customized meal.

There is a separate menu available for kids under the name Little Warrior. The menu consists of food items like Macaroni & Cheese served with fruit cup or French Fries; Chicken Strips also served with fruit cup of French fires. Then, there is Kids Grill Meal available under three different age categories, 3 & under, 4-9, and 10-12. These meals include rice and some drinks.The kids can choose to add salad or soup to their meals but only after 4 p.m. The dessert section includes Khan’s cake, NY Cheesecake, Molten Muffin, Cheesecake Rangoons and Sweet Victory S’Mores. All this is availed under very budget-friendly prices of HuHot.


HuHot restaurants are widely known for serving the delectable Mongolian cuisine. These restaurants are recognized as one of the best restaurants in United States to provide the best food experience and services. It’s been more than 15 years that the company has thrived to provide the innovative services and hospitable dining settings. The business strategies used for expansion are the corporate ownership and the franchising services. The décor of these restaurants is kept very traditional and casual. You will love dining in the comfortable settings where you can customize your meals. The services availed at HuHot restaurants are very unique which you wouldn’t get to see at any other upscale Mongolian restaurant. You can customize your desserts, your grilled meals and enjoy them in the warm ambience of these restaurants. All this is availed at very considerate price of HuHot.

History of HUHOT

HuHot restaurants were found in the year 1999. The founder was the Vap family. At first, the family called their restaurants Mongo’s restaurants, but had to change the name because it was a trademarked one. They decided to change the name and call it HuHot which was Mongolia’s old capital city located in the center. That is how the restaurant got its name, HuHot. With passing years, the restaurants became famous and the company flourished. In the current scenario, the company approximately owns 54 locations in more than 16 states of United States. Most of these locations are in the Midwest region of United States. HuHot restaurants are famous for serving the best stir fry meals. The customers at these restaurants are free to create and customize their own stir fry meals. This style of service gained a lot of recognition and set the HuHot restaurants apart from the crowd. Presently, the HuHot restaurants also offer their customers to create and customize their own desserts under create-your-own dessert scheme. All this is availed at very cost-effective HuHot prices.

HuHot Customer Support

In case of any query or support contact us on the numbers given below

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-406-251-4303

HuHot Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the address given below.

223 East Main Street Missoula, MT 59802
+1 479-445-6688

HuHot Near Me

To know about the nearby HuHot restaurant refer to the map given.

Review of HUHOT

If you had any doubts and needed more information about HuHot prices and the environment of these restaurants, you go through the pros and cons provided below.


The prices of the HuHot restaurants are kept very affordable.

At HuHot restaurants prices you don’t have to lavishly spend money to enjoy the fancy dinner. The decent meals with the tint of innovation are availed at very minimal prices.

The menus provide information about the calorie content in the food items

The world is getting health conscious and HuHot wishes best health to all its customers. Thus, the menus at HuHot restaurants come with the information regarding the calorie content in the dishes.


There are no take-away lunches available.

The grilled meals availed under the create-your-own meal aren’t allowed to be taken to home. You can only enjoy these lunches at the restaurants. Whatever might be the reason behind this, it sometimes can cause inconvenience.

The focus is not on the replication of Mongolian cuisine. There is no promise made for serving the authentic Mongolian food.

At HuHot restaurants you are served with Mongolian cuisine, but the focus is put more on providing a wonderful experience than on the replication of Mongolian Menu. Thus, you may find some of the dishes missing.