Hoyts Ticket Prices 2022

Now-a-days people not only enjoy a movie, but also all the other facilities that make the movie on large screen even more attractive. There are such incredible features that will help in making you experience the grandeur of big budget movies. Then there are special effects of the movies that are nicely portrayed on the big screen of new and advanced theatres. Right from the cosy environment to the extravagant screen and the best sound system, everything are brought together to make watching the movies a real visual treat for the audiences. Besides all these, the facilities for kids and disabled have also taken movie theatres a notch higher. One such extravagant movie theatre is the Hoyts cinema where you can avail movie seats at the best Hoyts ticket prices.

Hoyts Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

Check below for the detailed list of pricing table so that you can book the tickets as per your budget.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022



Adults$21.00 - $21.99
Student / Concession$17.50 - $18.49
Family (3)$42.49
Family (4)$52.49


Student / Concession$13.49


Children$18.50 - $19.99
Adults$23.50 - $25.49
Seniors$15.50 - $16.99
Student / Concession$20.00 - $22.49


Children$15.50 - $16.99
Adults$15.50 - $16.99
Seniors$15.50 - $16.99
Student / Concession$15.50 - $16.99


Children$36.00 - $40.49
Adults$36.00 - $40.49
Seniors$36.00 - $40.49
Student / Concession$36.00 - $40.49


Children$30.00 - $32.49
Adults$30.00 - $32.49
Seniors$30.00 - $32.49
Student / Concession$30.00 - $32.49


Children$18.00 - $19.49
Adults$23.00 - $24.99
Student / Concession$19.00 - $21.49


Student / Concession$16.49


Student / Concession$27.95

Hoyts Ticket Opening Hours

Hours of operation for this movie theatre have been mentioned below and you can get there for buying tickets as per the timing mentioned.

Monday 10AM–09PM
Tuesday 10AM–09PM
Wednesday 10AM–09PM
Thursday 10AM–09PM
Friday 10AM–09PM
Saturday 10AM–09PM
Sunday 10AM–09PM

Specialization of Hoyts

Hoyts have some really overwhelming movie theatres. They have different types of screens and thus provide an array of unique dimensions to experience movies on large screen. One such feature is theirextra-large screen which would make you feel so that you are in the movie. The quality of the image is such treat to eyes that you would want to touch them. The Xtremescreen they posses give all the special effects and drama of the movies a sharp insight and clear loud occurrence to the audiences. Every single part of the movies in this screen can be enjoyed to the fullest and are sure to trigger your senses.

After a strenuous day of work, these movie theatres with recliners can provide you with comfort that can remove your tiredness and will leave you with the feeling of satisfaction. Nothing can be as amazing as this one and thus these halls often get house full during the weekends. Costs of Hoyts tickets for both the halls are not that expensive.

Another best part of the movie theatre is the Dolby environment that you can get through the movie. Here you can feel the sound coming from all the directions and thus giving you the clarity of the dialogues. Moreover if you are watching an action movie, the sound system will make you tremble with the powerful action sounds just beside your ears. Prices of Hoyts are best of its kind and hence you can see lots of people throughout the week irrespective of the releases.

About Hoyts

It would not be wrong to say that Hoyts cinemas are the optimization of luxury which provides some really implausible features. Here you can enjoy absolute luxuryat the reasonable prices of Hoyts ticket. The theatre is best while watching a movie both in terms of amenities which are comfortable and foods which are delicious. Nothing can really get in parallel to this experience. Besides offering fine foods, they provide a range of drinks to choose from while the movie is on. This part of the luxurious movie theatre also provides you with a relaxing environment away from the crowd. This is absolutely suitable to watch movies on special dates with your loved ones.

History of Hoyts

From the very launch of Hoyts Cinema, it has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world and is now considered as one of the principal corporations of the entertainment. From its very developmental phase, this company has given employment to thousands of people those who completed their high school and also to those who have got experience in accounts and IT. The movie theatre has been in this industry throughout different locations of Australia and New Zealand. Hoyts ticket prices are also prepared in a way so that people can enjoy maximum number of films.

Hoyts Theatre Customer Support

Customer care executives are always there over the phone to answer all your queries and you will find the phone number of them mentioned below.

Facebook Twitter Contact Form

SUPPORT TEAM: 1300 656 893

Hoyts Theatre Headquarter Address & Number

Headquarter address of Hoyts is mentioned here.

Level 50 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Hoyts Theatre Near Me

  • From the maps and directions mentioned here, you can easily find the Hoyts movie theatre which is near to you.

Review of Hoyts

Hoyts ticket prices are really manageable and you can choose the best suitable price from their prising list. They provide the availability of bar and the comfort of lounge while entering the luxury part of their theatre. Nothing can match up their experience and expertise in providing the finest possible movie experience. The recliners are easy to handle with table options to keep you food beside while watching the movie. You can avail the facility of purchasing or ordering food right from your seats. The ultra relaxing seats are there so that you can never feel any sort of uneasiness throughout the long hours of lengthy movies.

Not to skip the 3D movie experience is absolutely thrilling and out of the space. The actions and every effect of the movies can be felt entirely. The special effects and sounds or the movements of animals or the war within the movies, at every now and then you will feel yourself totally indulged in this ecstasy.

Pros of Hoyts:

Extremely comfortable seats and pleasurable environment.

The foods they provide are hot and fresh.

They have the best digital sound ever.

They have some great online facility to book the tickets whenever and wherever you want.

The recliner part of the movie theatres are the best as it provides ample legroom.

The environment is not too hot or too cold, it is just perfect and soothing.

Popcorns and soft drinks are often available within the complimentary part.

Cons are:

The tickets to the luxury halls are a bit over priced.

The prices and offers are available at the venue itself and not before that.