Hollywood Tans Prices 2022

Initially known as Hollywood Tans Group LLC, the Hollywood Tans is the renowned chain of salon franchise that boasts the expertise in indoor tanning. This tanning salon franchise primarily emphasizes on superior quality customer service and believes in using high quality equipments and professional grade products for ultimate results in tanning in the midst of beautiful indoor settings. Initially, the Hollywood Tans was known to be very one-dimensional salon, gradually it has earned the reputation as a hard-working, versatile enterprise offering world class tanning services at affordable Hollywood Tans Prices.

Hollywood Tans Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 13 January 2022



HT42 (1 Tan)$8.99
HT42 (5 Tans)$32.49
HT42 (10 Tans)$5649
HT42 (20 Tans)$80.49
HT54 (1 Tan)$13.49
HT54 (5 Tans)$52.49
HT54 (10 Tans)$91.49
HT54 (20 Tans)$130.49
HT60 (1 Tan)$17.99
HT60 (5 Tans)$68.99
HT60 (10 Tans)$119.99
HT60 (20 Tans)$170.99
High Pressure (1 Tan)$22.99
High Pressure (5 Tans)$88.99
High Pressure (10 Tans)$154.99
High Pressure (20 Tans)$220.99
Premier (1 Tan)$27.99
Premier (5 Tans)$108.49
Premier (10 Tans)$189.49
Premier (20 Tans)$270.49


HT42 (2 Weeks)$19.99
HT42 (1 Month)$39.49
HT42 (3 Months)$99.49
HT42 (6 Months)$149.49
HT42 (1 Year)$249.49
HT52 (2 Weeks)$29.99
HT52 (1 Month)$59.49
HT52 (3 Months)$156.49
HT52 (6 Months)$234.49
HT52 (1 Year)$390.49
HT60 (2 Weeks)$39.99
HT60 (1 Month)$79.99
HT60 (3 Months)$196.99
HT60 (6 Months)$294.99
HT60 (1 Year)$490.99
High Pressure (2 Weeks)$49.99
High Pressure (1 Month)$99.99
High Pressure (3 Months)$236.49
High Pressure (6 Months)$354.49
High Pressure (1 Year)$590.49
Premier (2 Weeks)$59.99
Premier (1 Month)$119.99
Premier (3 Months)$276.99
Premier (6 Months)$414.99
Premier (1 Year)$690.99


1 Tan$25.99
5 Tans$105.99
10 Tans$185.99
20 Tans$330.49



High Pressure$58.49

Hollywood Tans Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–9PM
Sunday 10AM–6PM

Hollywood Tans Customer Support

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Hollywood Tans Headquarter Address & Number

11 Enterprise Ct, Sewell NJ 08080
(856) 716-2150

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Specialty of Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Tans is the indoor tanning salon that specializes in offering a wide range of tanning services at indoor settings. All the salon franchise’s prime attraction is their stand-up tanning beds rather than the laying-in variants. All tanning services offered at the salons does not include any UV lighting products. The signature tanning service at the salon is the Instant Tan which is backed by Mystic Tan, which is a spray that moisturizes the body with superior quality moisturizers combined with premium grade bronzers to offer the customers with natural looking and smooth tan in matter of seconds and the interesting thing is that the Prices of Hollywood Tans services are very nominal to the pockets of the customers.

Customers also have the option for Fast Tan that offer longer lasting effects in the HT High Pressure Booth. Customers are required to pay 2-3 monthly visits to retain their tan. The booth make use of a filter that block outs the UV rays responsible for accelerating the skin’s exfoliation and also makes the tan to last longer. The maximum stand time for this tanning service is between 11 and 15 minutes, which greatly depend on the High Pressure Booth you have opted for.

HT60 is another signature style tanning service offered at the salons of Hollywood Tans. It is the ultimate 8-minute tanning service and the fastest amongst the booths that give you the smoother and even base tan in just 3-4 minutes. The tan will build up with safest 2 percent of UV rays. Another great tanning service if HT54 which is the best 10-minutes tan with stand time less than 10 minutes. It offers customers with awe-inspiring tan in just 4-5 sessions. HT42 is great value tan service that gives the customers with “off the beach” tan experience in just 5-6 sessions and the Prices of Hollywood Tans services is very affordable that make their services worthwhile indeed.

About Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Tans no longer require any introduction as it is the first of its kind tanning salon offering a wide range of tanning services at Prices that everyone can afford. Formerly known as Hollywood Tans Group LLC, it is the chain of tan salon that specializes in the tanning services offered in the midst of beautiful indoor settings. Under the supervision of its CEO and president Lewis Shender, the Hollywood Tans managed to established itself into more flexible and versatile tanning salon chain that provide compressive tanning services on the stand-up tanning beds instead of lying-in varieties and all at affordable Hollywood Tans Prices.

History of Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Tans was established with the primary aim to offer its customers with world class tanning services and it was operated as compliance-oriented and highly structured model. But after the hire of its CEO and President Lewis Shender, the company started to emerge as the most versatile and flexible tanning salon chain that stopped running the business as “One Size Fit All” operation.

Today, the salon chain has links with many celebs that act as their catchy tan bassdors. These Celebes also act as the spokesperson for the company and also attracts gangs of new customers for the salon. From offering tanning service on stand-up tanning beds to signature style HT 60 and high pressure tanning services, the tanning salon has flourished in leaps and bounds over the years. It is known for its quality services offered at affordable Hollywood Tans Prices. Moreover, the salon chain also specialize indoor tanning products that include the proprietary blend of lotion including the moisturizers, bronzers and shower gels to help the customers maintain base tan in its even tone.