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Hollywood Nails, the name that sketch an image in mind of glamour, glitz and flawlessly groomed ladies, isn’t it! This is what Hollywood Nails exactly specializes in, from pampering the hands and feet with dedicated care and top of the line products to beauty treatments. With dedication in using only quality beauty products and extreme sanitation processes, Hollywood Nails assure all its customers that they are being treated by the experience and quality controlled nail technicians with innovative procedures and products. The team at Hollywood Nails focuses on creativity, innovations and upgrading their technologies and techniques for optimal customer satisfaction, while keeping the Hollywood Nails Prices affordable for all. With over 13 years of experience in the business, Hollywood Nails still strive to offer stronger customer satisfaction and takes the pride on building personal relations with clients.

Hollywood Nails Salon Prices & Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 16 January 2022



Regular Acrylic New Set$30.49
Regular Acrylic Fill$20.49
Solar Nail New Set$45.49
Regular Gel Powder New Set$35.49
Regular Gel Powder Fill$25.49
Gel Liquid New Set$55.49
Gel Liquid Fill$37.49
Pink and White Acrylic New Set$45.49
Pink and White Gel Powder New Set$48.99
Pink and White Gel Liquid New Set$65.99
Back-Fill Acrylic (Pink and White)$35.99
Back-Fill Gel Powder (Pink and White)$40.99
Back-Fill Gel Liquid (Pink and White)$45.99
French Tips with Acrylic New Set$30.99
French Tips with Gel Powder New Set$35.49
French Tips with Gel Liquid New Set$40.49
Design Tips with Acrylic New Set$35.49
Design Tips with Gel Powder New Set$40.49
Design Tips with Gel Liquid New Set$55.49
Color / Glitter Powder with Acrylic New Set$40.49
Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Powder New Set$45.49
Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Liquid New Set$65.49
Back-Fill Color / Glitter Powder$35.49
Two Color / Glitter Powder New Set$55.49


Nail Repair – Acrylic (each)$3.99
Nail Repair – Gel Powder (each)$5.99
Nail Repair – Gel Liquid (each)$7.99
Gel Glass Top Coat$5.99
Take Off$15.99
Nail Art (1)$3.99
Nail Art (2)$5.99
Nail Art (10)$15.49


Restore My Nails$18.49
Exotic Mango Manicure$23.49
Apple Martini Manicure$28.49
Hollywood•s Gentlemen•s Manicure$30.49
Hollywood•s Organic Manicure$35.49
Heavenly Hollywood Manicure$45.49
Microdermabrasion Hand Treatment$55.49
Hollywood Princess / Prince Manicure (For Children Aged 10 and Younger)$12.49


French Tips$6.49
Polish Change$6.49
Polish Change in French Tips$10.99
Warm Paraffin Treatment$8.99
Sugar Scrub (Non-Organic)$7.99
Mud Mask$10.49
Organic Sugar Scrub (Orange or Lavender)$10.49
Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask$8.49
Shine Buff$5.49
Nail Art$10.49


Renew My Feet$25.49
Exotic Mango Spa Pedicure$35.49
Apple Martini Spa Pedicure$47.49
Hollywood•s Gentlemen•s Spa Pedicure$55.49
Hollywood•s Organic Spa Pedicure$55.49
Kona Coffee Bean Spa Pedicure$60.49
Microdermabrasion Foot Treatment$65.49
Heavenly Hollywood Spa Pedicure$70.49
Hollywood•s Princess / Prince Spa Pedicure$25.49


French Tips$8.49
Polish Change$12.99
Polish Change in French Tips$15.99
Sugar Scrub (Non-Organic)$10.99
Organic Sugar Scrub (Orange or Lavender)$12.99
Mud Mask$12.99
Warm Paraffin Treatment$12.99
Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask$10.99
Callus Elimination$5.99
Shine Buffing$5.99
Foot Reflexology Massage$10.99
Volcanic-Stone Massage$7.99
Nail Art$5.99


Brow Shaping$15.99
Upper Lip$10.99
Sides of Face$28.99
Full Face$40.99
Half Arms$25.99
Full Arms$40.49
Half Leg$35.49
Full Leg$60.49
Full Leg, Feet, and Toes$80.49


Upper Lip$13.49
Brow Tweezing$20.49
Sides of Face$20.49
Full Face$65.49
Brow Reshaping by Tweezers$28.99


Revive My Skin$55.99
Hollywood•s Teen Facial$70.99
Sensational Aromatherapy Facial$95.99
Fountain of Youth Facial$125.49
Hollywood•s Gentlemen•s Facial$75.49
Hollywood•s Organic Signature Facial$100.49
Hollywood•s Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Food Facial$110.49
Hollywood•s Back Facial$90.49
Microdermabrasion Treatment$100.49
Glycolic Facial$100.49


Décolleté Treatment (20 Minutes)$20.49
Revitalizing Eye Treatment$15.49
Contour or Calming Mask (Approximately 20 Minutes)$20.49
Organic Dr. Alkaitis Mask$25.49
Organic Dr. Alkaitis Eye Treatment$25.99
Hydrating Treatment for Hands (10 Minutes)$12.99
Hydrating Treatment for Feet (10 Minutes)$17.99


Body Polish (50 Minutes)$80.99
Hollywood•s Exclusive Grape Seed Body Treatment (50 Minutes)$95.99
Microderm Body Scrub (50 Minutes)$150.99
Mineral Mud Wrap (50 Minutes)$100.99
Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap (50 Minutes)$110.99
Hollywood•s Seaweed Body Peel (60 Minutes)$120.99
Hollywood•s Cellulite Wrap (55 Minutes)$110.99
Hollywood•s Cellulite Wrap (6 Treatments Special)$620.99
Heavenly Organic Body Treatment (60 Minutes)$130.99


Refresher Mini-Massage (20 Minutes)$25.99
Swedish Massage (30 Minutes)$40.99
Swedish Massage (60 Minutes)$60.99
Swedish Massage (90 Minutes)$90.99
Swedish Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$306.99
Deep Tissue Massage (30 Minutes)$45.99
Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes)$75.99
Deep Tissue Massage (90 Minutes)$100.99
Deep Tissue Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$405.99
Relaxing Stone Massage (60 Minutes)$75.99
Relaxing Stone Massage (90 Minutes)$100.49
Relaxing Stone Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$405.49
Acupressure Chair Massage (30 Minutes)$45.49
Acupressure Chair Massage (60 Minutes)$85.49
Hollywood Day Spa•s Massages (30 Minutes)$75.00
Hollywood Day Spa•s Massages (60 Minutes)$100.00


Full Set (Includes First Refill)$200.00
Partial Set$75.00
Lash Refill$45.00
Lash Refill (Package of Five)$200.00
60-Minute Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage During Application$45.00
Brow Tint$15.00
Lash Tint$20.49
Brow and Lash Tint$30.99
Lash Perm$20.99


Everyday Makeup$30.99
Makeup Lesson$45.99
Bridal Makeup$75.99


Lip Liner$425.00
Full Lip with Liner$595.00
Beauty Mark$75.00

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Hollywood Nails Near Me

Hollywood Nails is known for its luxurious and up-scale nails and spa salon that have modern and contemporary like ambiance designed specifically to help customers re-balance themselves from the stresses of everyday life and offer them with the opportunity to rediscover their own beauty inside out. Using the latest talent, technologies and techniques, the team of nail technicians at Hollywood Nails offer exquisite and relaxing manicure and pedicure services of your choice and make your nails look gorgeous which you will be proud to show off. For brides to be to bridesmaid and other individuals too, their manicure and pedicures are done by professionals at Hollywood Nails at very cheap rates.

Hollywood Nails also specializes in offering comprehensive waxing to both females and males. They take pride for making the entire waxing experience as painless, smooth and easy as possible. Different packages and affordable prices of Hollywood Nails services are offered to meet the unique demands and diverse occasion needs of customers. Apart from basic packages, other specialized packages are offered including the refreshment packages for enjoyment of the customers while being served and treated by the nail technicians at the salon. The salons also specialize in offering fantastic facial packages that address the skin concerns of customers, while enhancing their overall appearance when they step-up from the salons with final touch-ups. So, give your feet and hands the much needed manicure and pedicure treatment at the best nail salons of spa of USA.

About Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails Hollywood Nails is the paradise of relaxation and calmness that promotes beauty, comfort, well being and health. The priority of Hollywood Nails is to offer client-focused services using high quality products, above all else, Grade A sanitation Standards. Hollywood Nails focuses on bringing in the latest and advanced technologies in beauty care and make use of brands that are of repute within the industry. The salons specialize in offering comprehensive range of manicure, pedicure, waxing and facial treatments to both males and females. All the services are offered at the salons by licensed manicurists and nail technicians using top technologies, world class products and services that help clients feel great and look their best when they step-out of the salons with their best experience. Hollywood Nails offers services that are very competitive and starts from just $3 for nail repairing services to $14 for advanced manicure and pedicure services.

Since Hollywood Nails don’t have their official website, you can Google their name to find the nearest salons close to your area and know the Prices of Hollywood Nails services before making an appointment with the nail technicians at Hollywood Nails.

History of Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails ventured into the nail salon business a decade ago and since after its conception, the salons has been serving the unique needs of customers with quality services at affordable prices. The salon has a proven track record with large number satisfied customers across the nation. Hollywood Nails strive to offer its customers full range of nail care and nail treatment services in hygiene and healthiest conditions to guarantee happiness and safety of the customers.

Come experience the best in class nail services and treatment with affordable Hollywood Nails Prices ranging from merely $3 to $14, depending upon the services opted for.