Holiday Hair Prices 2022

Just like you, your hair also needs a vacation from the every day’s dirt and pollution. Your hair needs this holiday in order to get rid of your regular hairstyle and try something new and different. If you are a stern believer of such philosophy, then you must instantly go and try your nearby Holiday Hair salons. The experts here are just like clairvoyant who would know what would look best on you based on your face shape and hair texture. Thus, if you are looking forward to give yourself a makeover, then Holiday Hair salons will nicely help you out. You can tell the stylists about the kind of style you want, the whimsical cuts, the edgy bob-cut, etc. All your demands and wishes will be fulfilled. If you are an indecisive person, then you can wait and let the stylists show their skills. The services offered by the staff will make you come back again and again. You can enjoy all this at very reasonable Holiday Hair prices.

Holiday Hair Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Holiday Hair salons, refer to the table given below.

Last Updated: 4 January 2022



Shampoo, Cut & Style20
Kid's Haircut (12 and Under)12
Haircut with Color or Perm10
Color (Includes Style Only)45
Highlights (Includes Style Only)55
Perms (Include Style Only)50
Shampoo & Style12
Specialty Style20
Facial Waxing10
Appointment Charge5


Shampoo, Cut & Style22
Kid's Haircut (12 and Under)14
Haircut with Color or Perm10
Color (Includes Style Only)47
Highlights (Includes Style Only)57
Perms (Include Style Only)52
Shampoo & Style14
Specialty Style22
Facial Waxing10
Appointment Charge5

Holiday Hair Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Holiday Hair salons.

Monday 9AM–7.30PM
Tuesday 9AM–7.30PM
Wednesday 9AM–7.30PM
Thursday 9AM–7.30PM
Friday 9AM–7.30PM
Saturday 9AM–7.30PM
Sunday 9AM–7.30PM

Specializations ofHOLIDAY HAIR PRICES

As the name of the salon goes, Holiday Hair salons were made to provide a nice and good holiday to your hair. Presently, Holiday Hair salon works to please the busy women who don’t get time to take care of themselves. These salons offer advance services in order to engage such crowd and keep their customers satisfied. The staff appointed here has in-depth knowledge of all the latest trending hair styling techniques, products, styles, etc. The training of the staff at holiday Hair salon is very different from the other salons. Here the staff members are instructed to view hair from all aspects, the texture, the facial features, the face cut, skin color; they keep everything in frame before deciding the kind of style that would look good on the customer. The hair texture, whether you have straight hair or curly hair, or wavy hair, or frizzy hair determines the kind of hair tools that would be used in order to avoid hair fall. The hair texture also helps in determining the appropriate length of hair that would look amazing. A good hairstylist keeps all these things in check. Also the facial shape tells the kind of cuts and bangs that would go on your face. For example a round face should not have a hairstyle that will make it look even rounder, same goes for the oval face. Thus, a good salon is good because of the good stylists who literally give you an amazing crown to wear. You can enjoy all this at very pocket-friendly prices of Holiday Hair.


If personalized service is your thing, then you must visit to Holiday Hair salon for your hair beauty regimes. The experts appointed here are well trained to give you an amazing experience where you can relax yourself while experts do their job. You can go for facial waxing, perms, haircuts, bang trims, conditioning treatments, etc. The best part of all this is that you can enjoy every single thing at very moderate price of Holiday Hair.


Holiday Hair Salons were established almost 35 years ago. The founder was Ray Holland. The first salon was opened in Pennsylvania. Within very few years after establishment the Holiday Hair salon gained a lot of popularity and various centers were opened across the length and breadth of United States. In the current scenario, there are almost 153 locations owned by Holiday Hair salons. These salons are also the part of Registered Corporation as franchised salons. Registered Corporation is a very well known in the hair care industry; in fact, it is kind of the giant focal point in this sphere. You will love visiting Holiday hair salon for your weekend’s hair regime. You will be surprised to find all the famous brands of hair products here, from styling to care products, for example Sexy hair, TIGI, Redken, Matrix, American Crew, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian, etc. Moreover, the staffs appointed at Holiday Hair salons are very efficient. They have a great experience and amazing skills. They would know what style would look best on you and what would go with your hair texture. You can enjoy all this at very affordable Holiday Hair prices.

Holiday Hair Phone Number For Customer Support

You can reach us on the following numbers, in case of any query.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 800-345-7811

Holiday Hair Headquarter Address

You can also contact us at the address provided below.

2802 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214, Kerns, Southeast Portland

Holiday Hair Near Me

You can look for the Holiday Hair Salons near to your place, using the following map.


To know a lot more about the Holiday Hair prices, the staff, and the services provided by them, you can go through the reviews about Holiday Hair salon.


Establishing a routine is a good way of living a life, but at times you don’t feel like doing the same regular things again and again. Therefore, you look forward to doing something delightfully new. When it comes to your hair, Holiday Hair salons tend to fulfill all your delightful wishes.

You can go for the perming, hair coloring, shampooing and conditioning, haircuts, etc. From the most traditional haircuts to the most aggressively modern haircuts, the stylists and experts at Holiday Hair salons know them all.

The staff appointed at Holiday Hair salon is very docile and polite. You will love interacting with them which will make you want to come back again.


Holiday Hair salon is not a family salon; it mostly caters the needs of women. Thus, there are not many services which are offered for men except few like Beard trimming, etc. This can be inconvenient at times when the whole family is out for their beauty regime.

The services like tanning are not offered by the Holiday Hair salon.