Hairmasters Prices 2022

If you are a newbie in the town and you’re looking for a trustable salon, where you can walk right in and the expert would just know your needs and wishes, then you must immediately head to your nearby Hairmasters salon. These salons are known for their exceptionally good staff members who have been working there for several years. The customers tends to establish good and strong bonds with these experts and thus this is the reason why that they tend to come back again and again to get treated in the same way by that very expert. The motive of Hairmasters salons is to make every customer satisfied and provide the services that they have been searching since ever but were not able to get so. The best part is that you can enjoy all this at very considerate Hairmasters prices.

Hairmasters Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Hairmasters salons, refer to the table given below.

Last Updated: 4 January 2022



Blow Dry Curl$45.00
Extension (First)$20.00
Extension (after First)$10.00

Hairmasters Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Hairmasters salons.

Monday 9AM–7PM
Tuesday 9AM–7PM
Wednesday 9AM–7PM
Thursday 9AM–7PM
Friday 9AM–7PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday 10AM–5PM

Specializations ofHAIRMASTERS PRICES

As the name goes, Hairmasters salons are known for being the master in the hair salon industry. The brand is the part of Registered Corporation which is known to own various other famous brands. You will love Hairmasters salons for the very basic reason that is their astounding customer service and relations. You just need to come once and try and later you’re bound to come back again. The staff members appointed here are so polite and docile. They are every friendly in nature and you’ll always find them up for a chitchat. Consulting the experts at Hairmasters salons for the hair problems is like asking some friend for the solution. You will develop such good bonds that when you want to try new hairstyle, you will be very comfortable in considering the expert’s opinions and suggestions. Being friendly doesn’t mean that the experts would stop showing their expertise in such friendly environment. You will always find them very proficient and dedicated to their work.

Talking about the services, you get to choose from all the classic services like perming, shampooing, conditioning, etc. You are free to ask about the products that are used on your head and your hair is treated with. You can even buy these products from here, so that you can take care of yourself at home too in luxurious fashion. You can enjoy all these services at very moderate prices of Hairmasters salons.


Hairmasters salons are spread across the various states of US like Iowa, British Columbia, Alabama, Nevada, South Carolina, Georgia, Ontario, California, Washington, Florida, Nebraska, Georgia, Michigan, Idaho, etc. You can hop right in for all the basic services like haircut, shampooing, coloring, conditioning, etc. You can even get an appointment fixed if you want to have an extensive hair care and styling routine done. The experts at Hairmasters salons understand all your needs and will suggest you accordingly. You can avail all this at very reasonable price of Hairmasters.


Hairmasters salons are owned and operated by the Registered Corporation. Registered Corporation has a well-established name in the industry of hair styling and hair care. It owns many famous brands like Cost Cutters, Mastercuts, etc. Being a part of Registered Corporation Hairmasters salons has already established their image and proved their presence in the cut-throat competition among brands. In the current scenario, the brand owns more than 348 locations in approximately 36 states of United States. The reason behind their magnificent expansion is their amazing service and reliable customer relations. The staff recruited at Hairmasters salons are very proficient and has great customer retention skills. The recruitment process is quite tedious; the friendly and interactive stylists in the town are picked. Customers always tend to come back because of the great services and excellent interactions they had with their staff. One can teach the staff to gain certain skill sets through various training programs, but the skills to establish the friendly atmosphere around the customer and make one feel at home is difficult to teach. This comes with experience and personal interactions. So walk in at any of Hairmasters salons to get your appearance enhanced and also socialize a bit with the people around. You can enjoy all this at very pocket-friendly Hairmasters prices.

Phone Number For Customer Support

You can reach us on the following numbers, in case of any query.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 800-345-7811

Headquarter Address

You can also contact us at the address provided below.

3120 Balfour Rd Ste C, Balfour Center, Brentwood, CA 94513
+1 800-345-7811

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The reviews are quite necessary in order to learn about the salons, especially the hair salons. Thus, gothrough the below given pros and cons in order to know about all the negative and positive aspects of Hairmasters prices and the efficiency of the staff members there.


If you are looking for a salon who would give you best services in regards to your hair, nail, skin; then Hairmasters salon is the best destination to stop by.

It is family salon, so come alone or with your family, you are bound to have a good time.

The experts and the other staff members appointed at the Hairmasters salons are well-versed with their jobs. They know how to make a style-statement which will make you want to come back again. Plus, they are very friendly and interactive, so you can establish good bonds with them to consult them later just like you get advices from your best friends.

The Phoebe’s Gift shop at Hairmasters salon is the best place to visit if you want to buy your closed ones some hair nourishing products as gifts.


During weekends the customers might encounter the rush hours. It becomes inconvenient if the one has not got appointment in advance. Thus, they end up waiting for a while. This can turn out to be very dissatisfactory when one has to go on an instant date or party.