Gold’s Gym Prices 2022

If you are a fitness freak and love spending hours at gym for healthy physique, the definitely you are familiar with the Gold’s Gym Prices. Gold’s Gym is the oldest and globally popular chain of gyms headquartered in US and operates in different parts of the world. The prices of the memberships vary, but all registered members are authorized to access a variety of exercising equipments, training programs and group exercising sessions at the gym locations that are offered by the certified personal trainers and instructors. It is endorsed by many celebrities and they favor Gold’s Gym just because of their rich expertise and reputation in the fitness industry. It serves both male and female members across the locations of the gyms and sets a record by registering over 3.5 million memberships across the world.

Gold’s Gym Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 10 January 2022




Initiation Fee$25.99
Monthly Fee$25.99
Cancellation Fee$89.99


Initiation Fee$55.99
Monthly Fee$34.99
Cancellation Fee$89.45



Initiation Fee$25.00
Annual Fee$198.45
Cancellation Fee$89.45


Initiation Fee$55.00
Annual Fee$348.99
Cancellation Fee$89.45

Gold’s Gym Opening Hours

Monday 5AM–12AM
Tuesday 5AM–12AM
Wednesday 5AM–12AM
Thursday 5AM–12AM
Friday 5AM–12AM
Saturday 7AM–8PM
Sunday 8AM–8PM

Gold’s Gym Customer Support

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Gold’s Gym Headquarter Address & Number

Golds Gym 4001 Maple Ave. Ste. 200 Dallas, TX 75219

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The Specialty of Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has been consistently flourishing since its conception and they keep updating all their gym locations with modern equipments to cater the specific needs of the members. Besides, cardio and strength training equipments, all the gym locations specialize in a variety of exercise programs including endurance training, Pilates, group cycling, mixed martial arts, Zumba and Yoga among others. All the gym locations are equipped with certified and skilled instructors and trainers who will address all your unique needs in fitness. You can browse the Prices of Gold’s Gym membership and avail one to access all the facilities and programs that the gym has to offer.

There are different programs that are designed to help gym goers get started like workout builder, where all important data about your body is taken and based on the information personalized workout plan is designed. The gyms have different workout and fitness tools to give you the boost required for improved fitness. The fitness center has different amenities for the members like Cardio Cinema where members can stream movies while working at the gym and this is the great way to prevent getting bored while performing the reps and workouts. There are no additional Prices for Gold’s Gym amenities as everything is included in the membership.

All the Gold’s Gyms specialize in “Group Exercise Studio” which is the temperature controlled environment specifically designed for Les Mills, Zumba and Mind and Body sessions. This type of sessions are performed on the specially constructed floors in the midst of soothing environments and sophisticated sound systems and above all the sessions are supervised thoroughly by the gym instructors and trainers. All the locations of Gold’s Gym provide the kids with safest areas where they can play and involve in different friendly activities, while their parents are performing their regular workouts at the gym. There are no extra Prices for Gold’s Gym facilities available for kids.

About Gold’s Gym!

It was the month of August in 1965 when the first Gold’s Gym was established by Joe Gold in the Venice Beach of California and the most prestigious clients of the gym was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper and soon due to its reputation it has flourished and emerged to be the Mecca of bodybuilding and the ultimate destination for the bodybuilding community. Gradually, the gym chain has expanded their operations in different parts of the world and operates over 700 locations in USA itself and 20 countries with over 3.5 million members and still growing. It has emerged to be a brand in body building community and the name of Gold’s Gym is also used by several products including fitness equipments and gears. The Gold’s Gym Prices for membership are also affordable compared to the reputation, services and programs offered by the gym locations across the world.

History Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym was established by Joe Gold in the year 1965 and soon after conception it earned a solid reputation in the bodybuilding community with members like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was also featured in movie Pumping Iron in 1977 that raised public awareness that it is not only focused on bodybuilding, but also offer other gym sessions.

Joe sold the brand of Gold’s Gym to TRT Holding in 1970 after which it flourished in leaps and bound and today operates in over 700 locations in USA and in over 60 countries worldwide and serving the members with affordable Gold’s Gym Prices.