Frontera Prices 2022

If you’re looking for some Mexican restaurant to enjoy some delectable Mexican dishes, then your quest ends at Frontera restaurants. The Frontera restaurants thrive to serves the best Mexican cuisine food in the Mexican themed restaurants. You’ll absolutely love the décor and ambiance of the restaurants for its vibrancy. The environment is set very casual so that any sort of dinner plans, whether it is friendly or business, can be carried out. All this is made available at very fair Frontera prices.

Frontera Prices and Service Menu 2022

To learn more about the prices at Frontera restaurants, refer to the following at table.

Last Updated: 4 January 2022


Appetizers & Nachos

Mercado Fruit Bowl$5.49
Taquitos Mexicali$8.49
Frontera Cheese Dip (Regular)$4.99
Frontera Cheese Dip (Extra Large)$9.49
Ultimate Cheese Dip$11.49
Homestyle Guacamole$8.49
Tostaditas De Carnitas$8.49
Shrimp Cocktail$10.49
Traditional Ceviche$8.49
Tropical Ceviche$9.49
Grilled Corn On The Cob (One)$3.49
Grilled Corn On The Cob (Two)$5.49
Fajitas Nachos (Chicken)$11.49
Fajitas Nachos (Steak)$12.49
Nachos (Cheese)$5.49
Nachos (Chicken or Beef)$7.49
Nachos Supremos$10.49

Soups & Salads

Xochitl Soup (Cup)$2.49
Xochitl Soup (Bowl)$5.49
Frontera Chili (Cup)$2.49
Frontera Chili (Bowl)$5.49
Sopa De Fideo (Cup)$2.49
Sopa De Fideo (Bowl)$5.49
Chicken Citrus Salad$10.49
Crazy Taco$7.49
Crazy Taco (Grilled Chicken)$9.99
Crazy Taco (Fajita Steak)$10.49

Mex-Mex Seafood

Fried Tilapia (Mojarra)$13.49
Light Fish Veracruz$10.49
Citrus Salmon$12.49

Mex-Mex Chicken

Pollo Ranchero$10.49
Parrilla Grilled Chicken (14 oz.)$13.49
Light Chicken Wrap$7.49
Tropical Chicken Breast$7.49
Milanesa De Pollo$10.49
Chilaquiles (Red or Green)$9.49

Mex-Mex Grill

Steak Zamora$14.49
Carne Asada$14.49
Tampiquena Steak$15.49
Plato Norteno$15.49
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$15.49
T-Bone Steak$16.49
Carnitas Michoacan$11.49
Steak Panela$11.49


Chicken Enchiladas (3) Red, Green, Mole, or Mixed$8.49
Flautas (4)$10.49
Chimichanga (Grilled Chicken)$12.49
Chimichanga (Fajita Steak)$13.49
Poblano Peppers (2)$10.49
Enchilada Stack$8.49


Burrito Califas$9.49
Seafood Burrito$11.49
Cheesto Burrito$5.49
Burrito Supreme$6.49
Burrito Al Carbon$11.49
Veggie Burrito$9.49
Veggie Wrap$7.49


Carne Asada$8.49


Fajita Quesadilla (Chicken)$11.49
Fajita Quesadilla (Steak)$12.49
Chicken or Beef$6.49
Spinach Quesadilla$8.49


Baja Shrimp Tacos (3)$9.49
Ensenada Fish Tacos (3)$11.49
Street Tacos (6)$12.49
Tacos De Alambre (4)$13.49
Tacos De Alambre (4) Add Chihuahua Cheese$15.49
Tacos Al Pastor (4)$11.49
Tacos Al Pastor (4) Add Chihuahua Cheese$13.49
Hard Shell Taco (3)$5.49
Soft Tacos$6.99
Tacos De Brisket (4)$11.49
Tacos De Asada (4)$12.49
Make Your Own (2 Items plus Rice or Beans)$7.49
Make Your Own (3 Items plus Rice or Beans)$9.49


Chicken and Steak$13.49
Chicken and Shrimp$14.49
Steak and Shrimp$14.49
For Two$23.49
My Frontera Fajitas (Grilled Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp)$15.49
For Two$28.49
Veggie Fajitas$10.49

Burgers & Sandwiches

Torta De Milanesa$9.49
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$8.49
Frontera Burger$8.49

Lunch Time (11:00 am to 3:00 pm)

Luncheon Fajitas (Chicken)$9.49
Luncheon Fajitas (Steak)$10.49
Burrito Supreme$5.49
Crazy Taco $6.49
Crazy Taco (Grilled Chicken)$8.49
Crazy Taco (Fajita Steak)$9.49
Pollo Ranchero$7.49
Tacos Al Pastor (4)$8.49
Nachos Supremos$7.49
Huevos Rancheros$6.49
Huevos Con Chorizo$6.49
Huevos A La Mexicana$6.49
My Quesadilla$6.49
El Paso$5.49
Numero Uno$5.49
Numero Dos$5.49

$4.99 Lunch Specials

Numero Tres$4.49
Order of Enchiladas$4.49
Order of Tacos$4.49
Cheese Nachos$4.49
Bean Nachos$4.49
Rio Grande$4.49
Super Speedy$4.49
Tastada Special$4.49

Frontera Opening Hours

You can know more about the hours of operations at Fronterarestaurants by looking at the following table.

Monday 11AM–10.30PM
Tuesday 11AM–10.30PM
Wednesday 11AM–10.30PM
Thursday 11AM–10.30PM
Friday 11AM–10.30PM
Saturday 11AM–10.30PM
Sunday 111AM–10PM

Specializations of FRONTERA

The Frontera restaurants specialize in providing the best experience in casual dining. The menu is basically Mexican oriented, yet several classic American dishes are also available. Talking about the menu in detail, you can choose from the appetizers and nachos like, Frontera Wings with fries, Nachos supreme, Frontera cheese dip, nachos with chicken or beef, grilled corn on the Cobb, Nachos with Jalapeno and sour cream, Fajitas nachos, etc. The soups and salad available at Frontera include Xochitl soup, crazy taco with grilled chicken, Mixteca salads. The favorite Mexican dishes include, Tamales Zapopan, Poblano Pepper, Chimichanga with Fajita Steak or Grilled chicken, Chicken Enchiladas, Enchilada Stack, Flautas, etc. The lunch menu which is available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. includes My Quesadilla, Burrito supreme, Calexico, Luncheon Fajitas, Nogales, Tijuana, Tacos Al Pastor, Pollo Ranchero, etc. The other Mexican dishes available at Frontera includes Quesadillas like, Brisket Quesadillas, Fajitas Steak or Chicken Quesadillas, Cheese Quesadillas, Spinach quesadillas, Chicken or beef Quesadillas, etc.; Burritos like Cheesto Burrito, Strip Burritos, Seafood burritos, burrito supreme, Crazy burro, Burrito Al Carbon, etc.; the Mexican seafood includes Shrimp cocktail, Fried Tilapia, Ceviche in Tropical and traditional style, Vallarta Mango fish, etc. The Grilled food items include Tampiquena steak, steak, Pollo ranchero, Jalisco style Steak, Carne Asada, Steak Panela, CarnitasMichoacán, etc. Tacos and Fajitas are the most ordered food items at Frontera, these include Tacos Al Pastor Vampiro Tacos Tacos De Asada, Tacos De Brisket Soft Tacos, Tacos Al Pasto with Chihuahua Cheese, Baja Shrimp Tacos, etc.; Steak Fajitas, Veggie Fajitas, Steak and Shrimp fajitas, Chicken and steak Fajitas, etc. All this are made available at very cost-effective prices of Frontera.

Another thing that you’d absolutely adore at Frontera is the services of the staff. The staff appointed at Frontera is very docile and efficient. They will always be present to attend you. Your queries would never go unheard; all your problems would be addressed very efficiently. The staff has extensive knowledge about each and every dish on the menu, in case of any confusion regarding the orders you can ask them. They will tell you about the most ordered dishes, the special dishes, the must-try dishes and the deals of the day. They strive really hard to make your day by availing you with the best possible services.


The Fronterarestaurants are famous for serving the world-class Mexican cuisine across the United States. Over a period the chain has been rewarded with several awards and recognition. For example, the best casual dining restaurant by International Herald Tribune in 1994; Outstanding Restaurant Award by James Beard Foundation in 2007. In addition to the exquisite Mexican cuisine dishes, the Frontera restaurants also serve the dynamic dining environment which is set very sophisticated for sorts of dinner plans. All this is availed at very reasonable price of Frontera.

History of FRONTERA

Frontera restaurants were found in the year 1987 by Rick Bayless. The motive behind establishment of the chain was to reinvent the Mexican flavors in food items. The first restaurant of Frontera Grill chain was opened in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The prosperity of the chain lies in the combined efforts of Rick Bayless and his wife. They worked very hard to bring out the innovative aura in their restaurants. The vibrancy of Mexico kitchens were maintained in all the Frontera restaurants. This is done by painting the walls of restaurants with rich Mexican art. Almost all the Frontera restaurants play Mariachi music in which you can relish the spicy chilies, tangy tomatillos and black bean dishes. All this is made available at very fair Frontera prices.

Frontera Customer Support

In case of any query or support you can contact us on the following numbers

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (770) 860 8922

Frontera Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us on the address given below.

2150 Boggs Rd Suite 500, Duluth, Georgia, GA 30096
(770) 860 8922

Frontera Near Me

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Review of FRONTERA

In order to have fair perspective before developing any insight about the Frontera Prices and the environment of its restaurants, go through the pros and cons mentioned as follows.


The Mexican entrees available with the premium beer is the perfect combination for dinner

You can choose from the wide range of Mexican entrees with couple of beers and then proceed to the Mexican main course. From the great selection of drinks to the extensive Mexican food menu everything is delectable and scrumptious.

The service of the staff at Frontera restaurants is very efficient.

You’ll find the staff appointed at Frontera as very docile and efficient. They are quick with the services, plus have a very friendly behaviour.


Major inconvenience is caused during the rush hours, especially when no reservations are being made.

During the rush hours at Frontera restaurants which usually occurs at weekend, it is necessary to make reservation beforehand. This is so because the walk-in clients have to wait for long to get a table and thus can suffer from a lot of inconvenience.

Most of the times the table is not available, thus the customers have to drink at the bar.

During the peak hours, the one has to wait for 30 minutes to 50 minutes to get a table.In such scenarios people most of the times choose to drink at the bar.