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If time is stopping you from staying fit, then worry not because Focus T25 program was invented for busy people like you. Instead of working out at gym for an hour or more, you can cut some time at home and follow the Focus T25 program. The workout and the exercise embedded in these programs squeeze one hour workout in to 25 minutes workout. This is also known by the name called Fitness Interval Training. It helps in building the endurance, resilience, and enhances your physique by toning your body structure. So, get going and buy the Focus T25 membership which is available in three installments or single installment. This membership is availed at very considerate Focus T25 prices.

Focus T25 Prices and Service Menu 2022

In case you are still not sure about getting theFocus T25 membership, here is the table of prices to set your mindset.

Last Updated: 3 January 2022



3 Payments$39.45
1 Payments$119.45



1 Payments$19.45

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Specializations of FOCUS T25 PRICES

As the name goes, Focus T25 program is a fitness program that keeps the person focused on his fitness without spending much time. Unlike its other cousin programs like Asylum, Insanity, Focus T25 program was developed to workout smartly without investing much time. You don’t need to spend time travelling to the gym and coming back, when you can have the same physique at home without wasting extra hours in commuting or working out.

This program is comprised of total three phases, known by the names Phase 1 Alpha, Phase 2 Beta, and Phase 3 Gamma. Talking separately about all three phases, the first phase is for total 30 days and includes five basic workouts. Being the first phase, it is also called the introductory phase. The workouts included in this phase are for burning the fat especially in the mid-section area and legs. Namely these workouts are, Cardio, Abs intervals, Lower Focus, Speed 1.0, and Total body circuit. The second phase is also not an intensive phase. This also lasts long for total 30 days and include 5 workouts. The workouts in Beta Phase are more intensive than the workouts in the alpha phase. After building the agility for 30 days in alpha phase, one can smoothly exercise the beta phase. The gamma phase is the most intensive and difficult phase. It is the most challenging out of three and consists of workouts like Pyramid. Thus, start now by taking the first step towards fitness and get yourself the membership at very affordable prices of Focus T25.


Focus T25 programs is currently one of the famous workout programs among the people who have busy schedules to follow. You just need to devote like 25 minutes to 20 minutes. Initially, the workout designed is very basic and gradually the intensity of the program increases. The program is phased into three levels, each of which lasts long for 30 days. If you are a regular member, you can avail yourself with various discounts on the membership. Thus, get yourself the membership at very reasonable price of Focus T25.

History of FOCUS T25 PRICES

Focus T25 is a fitness program which was developed by Shaun T. Shaun is well known in the health and fitness industry for creating insanely intensive and amazing programs like Asylum, Insanity, etc. Talking about the Focus T25 program, it is not solely created for the gym or fitness fanatic people. Instead, this program was created for people who have busy schedule and don’t get time to stay fit. It is the smart way of working out rather than the intense and hard way of working out. When Focus T25 is called smart, it doesn’t mean that it is not hard. You still have to work out and tone down your fat. This is possible through the Fitness Interval Training, abbreviated as Fit. You focus on one set of muscles and keep working out, until and unless you feel the burn, then you move on to next group of muscles without any interval. This program not only helps in building the physique but also saves your time. You can enjoy all these services and order the membership at very budget-friendly Focus T25 prices.

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Review of FOCUS T25 PRICES

In order to have an informed choice, there are few things which you need to examine before getting a membership so that at the end you are satisfied with your choice. Here are the things that you might like to know about the Focus T25 Prices. Go through the pros and cons given below in order to develop a balanced perspective and insights.


If you are encountering a busy life and are unable to cut some slack for your health, then Focus T25 is best for you. You don’t need to spend 1 hour at the gym, when you can get the same results in 20 to 25 minutes at home. After all, there is nothing better than saving yourself some time and investing it in some other spheres of your life, like spending with your family, etc.

The rest periods are eliminated in this type of training and the person has to continuously engage himself in the intensive workout for full 25 minutes. All this helps in building the resilience and endurance of the body slowly and gradually.


There are people who give up easily and can’t work out alone and thus needs a space like gym. For such people, Focus T25 may not be an ideal program. Because, this program is only meant for people with unwavering focus.

Under Focus T25 program, most of the workouts are traditional which are twisted to be made intensive. If you are used to working out on the fitness equipment, then you might take while to get used to this program. It can be inconvenient at times.