Fitness First Prices 2022

If you wish to workout less and burnout more then Fitness First club is what you need to look forward to. New physical activities are adopted by the club so that you can come with better health results. This club focuses mainly upon group training activities having three-dimensional movements. It is mainly because of group activities that people have succeeded in achieving far-fetched health benefits. You can get experimental in the gym by trying out different forms of freestyle training techniques. The techniques employed in the club are innovative which includes dumbbells, kettlebells, ViPR, Plyobox and so on. You can look forward for joining the club as Fitness First Prices of services are quite affordable.

Fitness First Prices and Service Menu 2022

To find out about the pricing of services, check out the table below

Last Updated: 4 January 2022




Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$45.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$90.00
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$0.00
3-Month Fee$99.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$0.00
3-Month Fee$199.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$50.00
Annual Fee$360.00
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$100.49
Annual Fee$720.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00

Fitness First Opening Hours

To find out about the club timings, check the table below

Monday 6.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 6.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 6.30AM–11PM
Thursday 6.30AM–11PM
Friday 6.30AM–11PM
Saturday 7AM–9PM
Sunday 7AM–9PM

Specializations of Fitness First

If you are looking forward for some specialised services in health and fitness category then you need to check out for the fitness first club programs. The Team Workouts, cardio machines, personal training and so on are a part of club services. You can also look for Group Fitness classes where you can build up your network as well. Many clubs of the company have a space of around 40,000 sq ft. which provides ample space for workout. This club is also the brain behind organising of International Fitness week. Focus of the workout is solely upon fitness which can be achieved through aerobics which is low impact. Head trainers organise the workshops on a regular basis to ensure losing weight is easier. Technologies used in the services are promising and innovative. These are designed for optimising your stamina to match up with the energy levels required in the workouts. The training regimes are designed as per the requirements of the clients. Annual assessment of the club members is also carried out to check on their health progress. This company is a leader in various segments and this has established it as a forerunner of advanced health services. Focus is upon devising a cardiovascular exercise regime which helps in improving your lifestyle and is safe. Gym is spacious and well-ventilated so you can work out in a relaxed manner. There are highly advanced machines which include the treadmills and steppers. You can also try out the weight equipment and eliptical that are available in every branch of club. Focus is mainly upon group exercises including range of physical activities. With a personal training counter, you can ask out about your health progress and also get some tips. At cardio theatre, you can exercise and listen to music as well. Many new forms of training are given which includes freestyle, group exercise, strength training, freestyle group training, and strength training and so on. You can also get the advantage of 1 to 1 training programs for achieving better strength. Techniques are used which are completely meant for maintaining body strength. You can find new ways for improving your health with consistent practice.

About Fitness First

Started in 1993, this club started its operation from Bournemouth in south England. In more than 15 countries, Fitness First club has around 360 branches. In the coming times, this club intends to expand more by opening new branches. Main focus of this club is promoting the physical activities in groups. Safety of the client is of prime concern and that is why exercises are carried out under the guidance of a trainer. Gradually, many new workout techniques are introduced by the club which includes personal training sessions and classes.

History of Fitness First

This is a private health club which is located in Poole in UK. This club was founded in the year 1993 and is expanded up to 360 locations across 17 countries. This health club was founded by Oren Peleg who also serves as its CEO. This club also serves as a wellness center where many other services are provided. Fitness First club is owned by Oaktree Capital Management. In the initial stages of its operation, the club was served as a small scale fitness center. In 1993, Bournemouth was the first place where this club opened its first branch. Since then, this club has expanded to different locations. Initially, company focussed solely upon improving the health of clients through basic exercise forms. But later on, some innovative programs like encouragment of exisiting skills of the members. With time, many new movements were introduced in regime of the club. Introduction of Medicine Balls and Bosu Balls are quite up-to-the-mark. Those machines are installed in the gym that focuses upon right body movements. The machines at fitness first club are meant to strenghten your core body. This philosophy helped in making the company a very successful entity in health sector. With time, fixed form machines were introduced in the gym which gave better results. New machines in the gym were introduced having touchscreens where you could see videos to guide your workout. The facilities were increased or decreased depending upon the location of the club.

Fitness First Customer Support

To get support, you can call on the number given below in the table

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1300 55 77 99

Fitness First Headquarter Address & Number

You can contact the club on the address given below in the table

Shop 67 197-215 Condamine Street, Balgowlah, NSW, 2093
1300 55 77 99

Fitness First Near Me

You can look forward for finding a nearby branche of Fitness First from the table below

Review of Fitness First

To know about the suitability of the club, you should look into the pros and cons mentioned below.


You can put your membership for hold if you want to have a break in that regard

You don’t need to sign any contract to serve the gym in case you don’t want to

You can cancel your membership with the club in case you don’t require it

You don’t need to pay up extra for the other services unless they are paid


You can freeze your membership with the club only if you are physically unfit on medical grounds. On no other grounds shall the club membership will be truncated.