Fit Body Boot Camp Prices 2022

If you are looking for group health fitness programs, Fit body boot camp is a perfect pick. The programs are designed to ensure you get adequate benefits in quick time. The programs are designed such that you will not have any side-effects too. Therefore, getting enrolled in one of the health and fitness programs of FBBC is a great choice. The programs are affordable therefore Fit body boot camp prices are surely going to be in the budget that you have set.

Fit Body Boot Camp Prices and Service Menu 2022

Check the price of fitness club services from the table below.

Last Updated: 5 January 2022




Initiation Fee$99.49
Monthly Fee$197.49
Cancellation Fee$49.99


Initiation Fee$199.99
Monthly Fee$235.99
Cancellation Fee$99.99



Initiation Fee$99.99
Annual Fee$2364.99
Cancellation Fee$49.99


Initiation Fee$199.99
Annual Fee$2825.99
Cancellation Fee$99.99

Hours Of Operations

To get information about the club timings, check out the table given below.

Specializations of Fit Body Boot Camp

This club is known for its specialised programs called the Afterburn workouts. This is based upon group training which assures high energy. In most of the programs followed by the fit body boot camp, high energy is ensured post-workout. You will not feel burn out as experienced by most of the people in the strenuous sessions. The workout programs are indeed challenging but still the health goals are still achievable comfortably. These programs are designed for fat burn and this can happen by giving just 30 minutes on a daily basis. The programs by the fit body boot camp are high intensity workouts, also known as HIIT. These workouts are quite specialised and ensure you are able to burn your fat. Active rest training program is also a USP of this workout through which fat and calorie can be burnt to a great extent. The program works by ensuring that your body is well toned. In most of the other programs, members feel stressed out after they exercise. This is not the case with the FBBC program. Trainers of the programs are quite well-informed and the programs designed by them ensure that maximum fat is burnt in a short duration. These programs of the club are popular because of the personalization factor. The programs can be customised enough to ensure that you get adequate results. Achieving fitness goals is easier with these training sessions. Even if you are new to fitness programs or are experienced professional, the workouts can be customised easily. Therefore, it is easier to achieve the goals that you have set for shedding your weight.

Major USP of fit body boot camp is that the trainers are highly professional and experienced. For them, your health concerns hold the prime importance. Therefore, you can look forward for the FBBC workouts, as they are famously known, to ensure you gain health in short time span.

About Fit Body Boot Camp

A club which aims to secure your health by providing personal training programs is what the fit body bootcamp is all about. Personal trainers will guide you through the sessions and will keep you highly motivated. The programs are designed to make the training sessions more funfilled and enjoyable. You can burn your fat in a short span of time which is the major USP of the programs designed. To get the best possible results, training programs of this club are modified. It is this customisation factor in the health programs because of which maximum results are gained. Everything in these training sessions will depend upon the fitness level that you have. Therefore, due focus is given on gaining the adequate health results so that no post-exercise burnout is experienced by the clients. Branches of this gym are located all around in USA so you can find a club near you.

History of Fit Body Boot Camp

The locations of this fitness club is spread across far and wide, you can look forward for opening your own franchises as well. Fit Body Boot Camp is based upon a business model which is very different from the rest. Focus of the training sessions carried out in this club is based upon group activity. It is this unique approach which has made this club highly successful. It was in the year 2012, that this fit body boot camp came into being. Since then there is no looking back. From 2012, the branches of this club have become quite widespread and it has become one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world. This fitness club is the brain child of famous health expert Bedros Keuilian who has created this model. The idea on which this workout program is based is promising and is very efficient in transforming health of the members. Creator of the program is iconic in many ways and his popularity is widespread. This health program is designed for providing complete health services to the members. Major USP of the program is that if you don’t get health benefits from the FBBC programs, your money will be returned. It is this money back guarantee that enables you to reach out for better profits. If you don’t gain your health then your money is returned. It is owing to this business model that many people have become the member of this club.

Fit Body Boot Camp Customer Support

For support or to contact the club, call on the numbers given below.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (888) 638-3222

Fit Body Boot Camp Headquarter Address & Number

Reach out to the Headquarter on the address mentioned below.

3161 N Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60657
(888) 638-3222

Fit Body Boot Camp Near Me

You can locate the nearby branches of the club from the map below

Review of Fit Body Boot Camp

If you want to know how suitable it is to invest in the club services then look at the pros and cons of Fit Body Boot Camp club.


You can get up to three free workouts

Sessions can scheduled as per your convenience

Training programs are personalised

Workouts are challenging but enjoyable, you will not get tired

Workout programs are affordable and high quality ones

Workouts are very effective in enabling quick weight loss

You can get personal health consultations

Find the nearest club through the website


You will have to workout in groups which may not be suitable for some