Firehouse Subs Prices 2022

If submarines sandwiches and salads are your thing, then Firehouse subs restaurants will be your favorite crashing place. As the name of the restaurants goes, you will find all sorts of subs here, hot subs, cold subs, with plethora of choices to choose from. These restaurants are not-your-typical-subway; you will see the difference when you will visit one. The décor of these restaurants is themed around Firefighting. A small tribute has been paid to the firefighting services by making people acknowledge about its history and origin. This is done through the pictures and antique displays. The ambience and the environment of these restaurants are maintained very casual and warm. It is the perfect place to grab a delicious meal with family on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Firehouse Subs Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Firehouse Subs, refer to the table given below.


Hot Specialty Subs

Hook & Ladder®Medium5.99
Hook & Ladder®Large8.39
Firehouse Meatball™Medium5.99
Firehouse Meatball™Large8.39
Firehouse Pepperoni Meatball™Medium6.89
Firehouse Pepperoni Meatball™Large9.39
Sweet & Spicy MeatballMedium5.89
Sweet & Spicy MeatballLarge8.39
New York Steamer®Medium5.99
New York Steamer®Large8.49
Firehouse Steak & Cheese®Medium6.19
Firehouse Steak & Cheese®Large8.69
Club on a Sub™Medium6.29
Club on a Sub™Large8.79
Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar BrisketMedium6.99
Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar BrisketLarge9.49
Firehouse Hero®Medium6.39
Firehouse Hero®Large8.89
Turkey Bacon RanchMedium6.29
Turkey Bacon RanchLarge8.79

Hot Subs

Smoked Turkey BreastMedium5.99
Smoked Turkey BreastLarge8.39
Honey HamMedium5.99
Honey HamLarge8.39
Corned Beef BrisketMedium5.99
Corned Beef BrisketLarge8.39
Premium Roast BeefMedium5.99
Premium Roast BeefLarge8.39
Grilled Chicken BreastMedium6.29
Grilled Chicken BreastLarge8.79

Cold Subs

Momma•s Chicken SaladMedium6.29
Momma•s Chicken SaladLarge8.79
Tuna SaladMedium5.99
Tuna SaladLarge8.49

Under 500 Calories Subs

Sriracha Beef™5.79
Hook & Ladder Light™5.49
Turkey Salsa Verde™5.79
Capt. Sorensen•s Datil Pepper Grilled Chicken™5.79
Turkey & Cranberry™5.79
Momma•s Homemade Chicken Salad™5.79

Under 500 Calories Salads

Firehouse Salad™5.29
Firehouse Salad™ with Meat (Turkey Breast, Grilled Chicken or Honey Ham)7.29
Italian with Grilled Chicken Salad™7.29
Hook & Ladder Salad™7.29
Momma•s Homemade Chicken Salad™7.29


Fountain DrinkSmall1.69
Fountain DrinkMedium1.89
Fountain DrinkLarge2.14
Soft DrinkBottled1.89
Vitamin WaterBottled1.89
Dasani WaterBottled1.89


Slaw Side1.09
Firehouse ChiliBowl3.89
Fire Hydrant Hot SauceBottle5.99
Cookie1 Pc.0.85
Cookies2 Pc.1.25

Kids• Combo

Includes 12 oz Drink, Kid Dessert & Fire Hat

Kids Grilled Cheese4.09
Kids Honey Ham4.09
Kids Turkey Breast4.09
Kids Meatball4.09


Includes Medium Drink

Chip ComboMedium2.39
Chip ComboLarge2.64
Cookie ComboMedium2.39
Cookie ComboLarge2.64
Brownie ComboMedium2.89
Brownie ComboLarge3.29

Catering Platters

Standard Platter39.99
Deluxe Platter44.99
Half Platter: Subs & Snacks27.99
Half Platter: Subs & Salad32.99

Catering Salads

Catering Salad27.99
Deluxe Salad37.99

Catering Dessert Platter

Cookies Platter24 Pc.18.99
Brownies Platter24 Pc.22.99
Combination Platter24 Pc.20.99

Catering Drink

Lemonade1 Gallon4.49
Sweet Tea1 Gallon4.49
Unsweet Tea1 Gallon4.49
Cherry Lime-Aid1 Gallon5.99
Bottled Beverages10 Pc.10

Catering Box Lunches

Lieutenant Includes Medium Sub, Chips, Pickle & Cookie. Rookie Includes Medium Sub, Chips & Pickle.

Catering Box Lunches – Lieutenant6.69
Catering Box Lunches – Lieutenant Deluxe6.99
Catering Box Lunches – Rookie5.99
Catering Box Lunches – Rookie Deluxe6.29

Last Updated: 2 January 2022

Firehouse Subs Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Firehouse Subs.

Monday 10.30AM–9PM
Tuesday 10.30AM–9PM
Wednesday 10.30AM–9PM
Thursday 10.30AM–9PM
Friday 10.30AM–10PM
Saturday 10.30AM–10PM
Sunday 10.30AM–9PM

The menu of these restaurants is also build around the firefighting theme. The name of various food items are inspired from the same. If you visit here, then you must try their Firehouse Hero sub which is bound to bring tears of joy when they please your taste buds. The submarines sandwiches are must to try; these are loaded with the generous amount of cheese, mayonnaise, meat and bread in a fashion that it would not be more than 500 calories. So come, eat healthy delicacies at very affordable Firehouse Subs prices.

Firehouse Subs Phone Number For Customer Support

Is there any hindrance between your love for subs and to enjoy them? Are you having any inconveniences at Firehouse Subs? If so, then you can contact Firehouse Subs customer representatives via following mentioned numbers. You can know more about their services and prices and get all your queries solved.

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Firehouse Subs Headquarter Address

Do you have any major grievances against the services offered by the Firehouse subs? If so, then you can contact the Firehouse Subs Corporate Office headquarters and report it. All your queries and issues will be looked into closely and solved immediately.

3400 Kori Road Jacksonville FL 32257
(904) 886-8300

You can also use the following numbers and contact information, to address your issues at Firehouse Subs Headquarters. The aim to provide all these contact details is to keep you at comfort. Now, you don’t have to struggle with various websites looking for information. You can seek any information, whether it is about the Firehouse Subs franchise or about the inconvenient prices at the restaurants, just dial up the number.

Firehouse Subs Near Me

You can look for the Firehouse Subs near to your place, using the following map.


The firehouse restaurants were established in the year 1994. The founders were Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Jacksonville in Florida. The ambience and the environment of these restaurants are developed around the firefighting theme because the founders were a part of family who was actively engaged in firefighting services. Thus, these brothers put their entrepreneurial background to use and opened the famous Firehouse Subs chain. Within very few years, the expansion of the chain started along the southwest and northeast regions of United States and very soon, the whole Central US was covered. Presently, the headquarters of the chains are placed in Jacksonville in Florida. Besides US, Firehouse Subs restaurants are also famous in Canada, especially Ontario. In the current scenario, the chain owns more than 900 locations only in United States. The major locations include New Jersey, Texas, South Dakota, California, Georgia, New York, etc. You can enjoy all the amazing subs and great services at very reasonable prices of Firehouse Subs.


In order to earn valuable insights about the Firehouse Subs prices and services, go through the following reviews. These reviews will help you in building the perspective and evaluate both sides of the coin.


A good restaurant is always recognized by the good customer service. At Firehouse restaurants you will find amazing staff that would always look after all your queries and requirements. Plus, they are very humble and docile

The Kid’s menu is appropriately designed.


The dessert section doesn’t include many choices. It only has basic dishes like brownies and cookies, which can be a bit disappointing at times.