Famous Dave’s Catering Prices 2022

When it comes to some splendid barbecue ventures, Famous Dave’s Prices know their way up and down the barbecue savory lane. The 1993 set-up barbecue restaurant chain has been known to be a legend in barbecue industry. Whether its chicken, ribs or beef brisket, you won’t find yourself at any loss here. From the regularly picked up Classic cheese burger to the insanely smoked up Award Winning Ribs, Prices of Famous Dave’s has something in store for all kind of munchies out there! And the Lil’ Wilbur Meals for the tiny tots are just adorably packed with wholesome choice of Tender and juicy ribs, cheese burgers and barbecue chicken. And the cherry on top, this section has a specially prepared Mac & Cheese with ice cream sundaes. Don’t worry, you can surely pick up a bite or two from them!

Famous Dave’s Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Famous Dave’s, refer to the table given below.


Starters & Salads

Buffalo or Barbecue Chicken Wings Platter (20-24 wings)18.99
Buffalo or Barbecue Chicken Wings Platter (50-60 wings)42.99
Vegetable and Dip (serves 20-25)35.99
Fresh Fruit Platter (serves 20-25)49.99
Mixed Green or Caesar Salad (serves 8-10)17.49
Mixed Green or Caesar Salad (serves 16-20)32.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (serves 8-10)24.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (serves 16-20)49.99
Dave's Sassy Barbeque Salad (serves 8-10)24.99
Dave's Sassy Barbeque Salad (serves 16-20)49.99

A La Carte

St. Luis-Style Spareribs$21.99/slab
Baby Back Ribs (serves 2-3)$21.99/slab
Southside Rib Tips (serves 2-3)$9.49/lb
Hot Link Sausage (serves 4)$10.99/lb
Georgia Chopped Pork (serves 4)$12.99/lb
Texas Beef Brisket (serves 4)$17.69/lb
Barbeque Pulled Chicken (serves 4)$15.49/lb
County-Roasted Chicken (serves 3-4)$13.99/whole
Barbeque Chicken (serves 3-4)$13.99/whole


Wilbur Beans, Garlic Red-Skin Mashed Potatoes, Potato Salad, Creamy Coleslaw, Dave's Cheese Mac & Cheese (serves 6-8)$8.99/quart
Corn Bread Muffins (6)5.99
Corn Bread Muffins (12)10.49
Buns (6)2.99
Buns (12)4.99
BBQ Sauce: Rich & Sassy, Devil's Spit, Sweet & Zesty, Texas Pit, Mustard$2.99/each

Barbeque Specialities

Barbeque Sandwich (1 side)6.99
Barbeque Sandwich (2 side)7.99
Barbeque Sandwich (3 side)8.99
Sandwich-N-More (1 side)8.99
Sandwich-N-More (2 side)9.99
Sandwich-N-More (3 side)10.99
Two Meat Combo (1 side)8.99
Two Meat Combo (2 side)9.99
Two Meat Combo (3 side)10.99
Rib-N-Meat Combo (1 side)10.99
Rib-N-Meat Combo (2 side)11.99
Rib-N-Meat Combo (3 side)12.99
Three Meat Combo (1 side)11.49
Three Meat Combo (2 side)12.49
Three Meat Combo (3 side)13.49

Homemade Desserts

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie$13.49/dozen
Hot Fudge Kahlua Brownie (half pan)32.99
Hot Fudge Kahlua Brownie (full pan)64.99
Dave's Famous Bread Pudding (half fan)32.99
Dave's Famous Bread Pudding (full fan)64.99


Bottled Water or Bottled Soda$1.79/each
Fresh-Brewed Tea, Sweet Tea or Lemonade$5.99/gallon

Last Updated: 1 January 2022

Famous Dave’s Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Famous Dave’s.

Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 11AM–11PM
Sunday 11AM–10PM

The most popular pack at Famous Dave’s Prices goes by the name of All American BBQ Feast which has St. Louis-Style Spareribs, Georgia Chopped Pork, Country Roasted Chicken, Texas Beef Brisket, Famous Fries or Creamy Coleslaw, Corn, Wilbur Beans , Corn Bread Muffins, everything served in family style on garbage can lid! Yes, you read it correctly. Legend has it that, the founder-Dave Anderson served his gatherers on clean garbage can lids as the platters were never enough to serve the overwhelming barbecue crazy crowd. The tradition has its roots till date!

Famous Dave’s Phone Number For Customer Support

To express your gratification or to suggest a change or just to pick a rib, visit the franchise’s official site and reach out to their customer service portal.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-962-4935

Hurry! Place your valuable feedback and who knows, you might even be rewarded!

Famous Dave’s Headquarter Address

12701 Whitewater Drive, Suite 200, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343

Tracing its roots back to one of the most politically acclaimed cities of US, the Famous Dave’s Corporate Office Headquarters stands high in Minnetonka, Minneapolis, US. The company oversees all its crucial initiatives and policies through this humble abode.

The Famous Dave’s Headquarters found its base in Minneapolis following a critical remark about one of its site, in Linden Hills, which was titled as ‘old fashioned roadside BBQ shack’. Thus, Minnetonka won the crown for the corporate office run.

They can be reached through corporate customer service call or email or simply visit their official website.

Famous Dave’s Near Me

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About Famous Dave’s Prices:

The founder of this awesome barbecue chain, Dave Anderson is known as the BBQ encyclopedia for his enthusiastic never ending quest to refine the barbecue piquancy to give us all an out of the world experience. The long hours of hickory-smoked ribs with the exemplary seasoning of custom blend spices are guilty of giving your each bite that spotless authentic barbecue pang. Their loaded menu of appetizers, famous feasts and award winning ribs will make you go Hallelujah for a long, long time!

The Baby Back N’ Meat Combo has been known to make people go week on their knees when it comes to those juicy and tender baby back ribs. And French fries with Mac &Cheese on its side would make you think of this place every hour of the day. To top it all, the lip-smacking barbecue sauces, most popular being Pineapple Rage, Devil’s Spit and Buffalo would never disappoint you at any point. They are known to add that extra side-kick in your much beloved barbecue feast.


Adding famous before any name doesn’t make it a popular choice but Dave Anderson and his team has owned up to this name since the last 25 years courtesy to their commitment to redefining the barbecue leisure. And heaven knows it, that they have emerged as the best in delivering a relishing barbecue experiences. Despite being up and running through just 200 outlets, Prices of Famous Dave’s have managed to become a one stop hub when we think of a barbecue meal. Let’s have a look at their pros and cons:


Surplus food items and siders with impeccable sauce choices

Hickory log smoked ribs- authentic barbecue experience


Slow customer service

Well that’s all from us, folks! Log on to their official website https://famousdavesbbqco.com/ to get in touch and to check out the latest deals and offers.