Event Cinemas Prices 2022

If you happen to be living in Australia, there is no chance that you must have not heard about the Event cinemas. These cinemas have a lot of history and happen to be a part of lot of theatrical chains through purchasing, liquidations and acquisitions. In the current scenario, Event Cinemas are a part of the Australian theatres and swear to serve the best in the movie experiencing. Just like Village cinemas, Event Cinemas also deals in the luxury of movie watching. The facilities provided here are very unique and commendable. Though, the prices of the Event Cinemas may seem somewhat steep; but once you watch a movie there, you will find the prices very reasonable.

Event Cinemas Prices and Service Menu 2022

Refer to the following table to know about the prices and offers available at Event Cinemas.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022

Ticket TypeTuesdayWed – Mon
Adult$12.50 $18.50
Child / Senior$12.50$13s
Student / Beneficiary$12.50$16.50
Family Pass for 3-$36
Family Pass for 4-$50


Child / Senior$16.50*$17*
Student / Beneficiary$16.50*$20.50*
Family Pass for 3**-$48*
Family Pass for 4**-$66*




Ticket TypeMon-Sun
Child / Senior$21.50
Student / Beneficiary$25.50
Family Pass for 3**$63
Family Pass for 4**$86

Event Cinemas Opening Hours

To know about the hours of operations at Event Cinemas, refer to the following table

Monday 9AM–10PM
Tuesday 9AM–10PM
Wednesday 9AM–10PM
Thursday 9AM–10PM
Friday 9AM–10PM
Saturday 9AM–10PM
Sunday 9AM–10PM

Specializations ofEVENT CINEMAS

Like Village Cinemas, Event cinemas also provide facilities like Gold class. Just with different food menus and unique facilities. Under gold class the best part is the in-seat service, where you don’t even need to turn your head around to summon someone; instead all you have to do is to press a button which will call upon a waiter to attend you. So, relax at your super comfortable seats made of deluxe leathers and enjoy the movie. Under Gold class, the seats are very limited and having the capacity of 30-40 people. This is so that you don’t have to wait in line in case of rush hours. The limited seats available preventthe entire heck. Obviously, a good movie experience is just not restricted to the good seating arrangement or quality of seat, there is a lot more to cater. Event Cinemas cater all the needs and facilities from food to the selection of movie, just everything. Gourmet food along with customized martinis is served to adults. The Movies exhibited at Event cinemas are chosen very meticulously keeping in mind the demands and taste of the crowd. All these movies are displayed on the V-max screens which are same as the Village Cinemas’ screens and Hoytts’ cinemas extreme screens. These V-max screens are the IMAX version of the Australian theatres which are 20mm thin. V-max accompanied to the ear-treating sound quality serves as the major fun of movie watching. All this is made available at quite high, nonetheless still reasonable prices of Event Cinemas.


Being one of the most well-known cinemas in Australia, Event cinemas are part of the Australian theatres along with the Village Cinemas. Most of the Event Cinemas are accumulated in the region of Queensland and New South Wales which forms approximately 75% of the Event Cinemas. Therefore, Event cinemas mostly target the Australian crowd that’s why the content of the movie and the facilities are provided accordingly. Plus, the price of Event Cinemas is kept quite reasonable suiting almost everyone. Movie quality provided at the Event Cinemas ranges from VMAX to Gold class atmos and also VMAX atmos. So, that you get nothing less than the luxury of movie experiencing.


Event Cinema was the name given to the Greater Union Cinemas in the year 2009. The greater Cinemas were found in early 1930s. It was merged into and split from various established theatrical chains during the course of years. It had been a part of chains like Hoytts, now it is a part of Australian theatres which also owns Village Cinemas. In the current scenario, Event cinemas owns approximately 50 movie theatres most of them are located in shopping centers which comes as the added bonus to attract customers. In spite of being a part of many controversies, the Event cinemas continue to serve and provide premium movie experiences. All this is made available at the Event Cinemas prices which are very considerate and reasonable.

Event Cinemas Customer Support

In case of any query or support, you can contact us on the below mentioned numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0739 064 600
Corporate EVENTS: 0739 064 655

Event Cinemas Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the following address.

Head Office Level 20, 227 Elizabeth St, Sydney New South Wales 2000, Sydney
(02) 9373 6600

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Be sure about the Event Cinema prices by going through the pros and cons given below.


The VMAX Atmos movies are so good

The feel of the IMAX that too under the pocket-fitting prices of Event Cinemas, what more can a movie enthusiast possibly ask for? The VMAX is the own personal version of IMAX of Australian theatres and the movie watching experience is just incredible.

Gourmet food at Gold class is such a delicacy

Since the adjective used is gourmet, so the food served at Gold class would never disappoint you. All you need do is spending little extra and experience movies like never before.

The push button to summon a service is so unique and so perfect.

If you’re one of those lazy people who want all the things at a press of single button, then Event cinemas isa perfect place for you. Here, in gold class you are provided with a button, just press the button and get the desired service. You don’t even need to turn your head or stand up from you ultra-comfy, plush seats; all you got to do is press the button and you will be served courteously.

The staff at Event Cinemas is so considerate and gallant

At even cinemas, you will get a staff that will always deal with you very politely, they will always at their heels to serve you. Their attentive and courteous nature is bound to make your day and you would always want to come back again.


The small empire of the Event Cinemas doesn’t avail their facility everywhere.

With most of Events Cinemas concentrated in the New South Wales and Queensland, you probably only can experience watching movie at theatres of Event Cinema, if you live somewhere near or are flying there in near future.

Prices of Gold class atmos are quite high.