Equinox Prices 2022

At a gym like Equinox, you can look forward for having enjoyable exercises. You can book different health services at Equinox depending upon your health requirements. In 45-minute sessions you can build your strength. New cycling studio at Equinox ensures you gain strength in a short time span. Range of activities also includes dancing sessions which energize the training sessions more. Equinox prices may be affordable if you grab the offers in due time.

Equinox Prices and Service Menu 2022

Check out the price of services from the table below

Last Updated: 5 January 2022




Initiation Fee$200.00
Monthly Fee$143.99
Cancellation Fee (1-year contract with 45-days notice required)$214.99


Initiation Fee$200.00
Monthly Fee$195.99
Cancellation Fee (1-year contract with 45-days notice required)$292.99



Initiation Fee$200.00
Annual Fee$1716.99
Cancellation Fee (1-year contract with 45-days notice required)$214.99


Initiation Fee$200.00
Annual Fee$2340.99
Cancellation Fee (1-year contract with 45-days notice required)$292.99

Hours Of Operations

To know about the club timings, you can have a look at the table below

Monday 9AM–8PM
Tuesday 9AM–8PM
Wednesday 9AM–8PM
Thursday 9AM–8PM
Friday 9AM–8PM
Saturday 9AM–3PM
Sunday 9AM–3PM

Specializations of Equinox

If you are looking for a gym, the branch of which can be found worldover, then Equinox is the word for you. This is a nationwide gym with high-end health facilities and equipment enabling promising training regimes. The gyms have the hot tubs, pools saunas and steam rooms. Use the clean eucalyptus towels which are worth the membership you take. Training sessions in the club combine range of activities like Pilates, strength training, kickboxing or a barre class. The gym is considered to be one of the most luxurious fitness centers. Spa facilities offer manicures, eyelash extensions, facials, waxing and so on. Any non-member can also join these services. If you are a member, you can also enjoy a free facial as well. Highly advanced apps are used for booking a class or searching for the clubs. You can also schedule the training session through the app. Enjoy energy-packed meals at the snacks bar to get full charged. Cardio equipment used in the club is highly advanced ones and one can check number of activities including reading news or checking Facebook during workout session. The fitness workout regimes are quite promising and challenging as well. You can get complimentary services for your membership which is quite exciting. This is one of the swankiest clubs in today’s times which also has a nationwide presence. You may need to shell out a bit more money as compared to other clubs and still it is the best in many ways. Each club has some exclusive services which determine their suitability for the customers. If you sign-up 26 hours before with the website, you can still get the amazing offers beforehand. Your each and every session will be kept track of through the identification number which will be provided to you by the firm. Employees in the club will ensure that you are attending your session withouth skipping any of them.

About equinox

This is a world class gym which is having state-of-the-art health and fitness facilities. You can look forward for joining a club which also provides for assessment service for the clients. Your performance will be assessed based upon which your training sessions will be updated. The trainers will also adjudge inclusion of different exercise forms which includes Pilates and strength training. Branches of Equinox are spread in majority of the cities in USA so that you can join the programs. The pricing of services are a bit high still you will get every kind facility that you can imagine. Some of the training sessions will also be given by the eminent health experts. You can also get good knowledge about the kind of diet that would suit you. With so many facilities under one roof, you can truly look forward for joining this gym.

History of equinox

Established in the year 1991 in Manhattan in NewYork, it was founded by Harvey Spevak. This health club employs around 19,000 members and also has the related companies. This fitness company is reverred for the services it offers. This company was established as a subsidiary of The Related companies which was one of the real esate companies in USA. There are 135 locations which have this fitness club. First club was opened in Manhattan in 1991 and this club was purchased by The Related Companies from J.W.Childs Associates and North Castle Partners. It was this fitness club which brought Yoga to USA from Hong Kong. Since its establishment, this fitness club has established many of its branches across the world. The fitness club operates with the help of subsidiaries including Blink Fitness, Equinox, PURE Yoga, SoulCycle, and Yorkville Club. As a part of its expansion plans, Equinox also aims for coming up with luxury hotels in New York City by 2022. The hotel tower plannes is set to have more than 300 rooms and around 20 floors. You can also join the club to get exclusive offers regarding services. Personal training sessions of the club are very inclusive and you can join the programs like cycling, swimming, yoga and Barre. Overall, the training session is very enjoyable which lets you have a complete fitness. The health benefits are quite quick as the training session is a combination of different activities. After completing your initiation form, you will become eligible to get the complimentary equifit as well. Every month, you will get the offers and can continue with club services. Most of the training sessions of Equinox also provide for Pilates, personal training and physical assessment programs. You can also have an access to shop and snacks bar in the club.

Equinox Customer Support

To find support or to talk to customer care, contact on the number mentioned below

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 212.774.6363

Equinox Headquarter Address & Number

To find out the address of the club, have a look at the table below

895 Broadway, New York, NY 10003


Equinox Near Me

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Review of Equinox

Check out how affordable and suitable the equinox services are by reading the pros and cons stated below.


You can use the guest pass of your friend

Get access to elite equipment cardio and strength training

Book a class online

Spa treatments

Amenities are world class

Exclusive offers are revealed in every month

Complimentary pilates session

Purchase the high end products from the store

Fitness assessment

You can find a nearby club branch

Selective training sessions taken by the former Olympians


A bit highly priced membership fee