Empire Cinema Prices 2022

Imagine it’s a holiday- which most of the people daydream about so making it up in your head wouldn’t be a tough task. Anyways, you call your friends to the house and decide to watch a movie together in the comfort of your home. However, there is no good sound quality, even the screen is not quite big enough plus there is always someone knocking on the door. The experience of watching movie is obviously ruined. To help save your day, Empire Cinemas have come to the rescue. How? Well for one, they have designed their theatres so as to give a comfortable watching experience along with good comfy food with no disturbance whatsoever. In case you are wondering about the Empire Cinemas prices, then you probably shouldn’t, since they have kept it reasonably low. So enjoy your movie with Empire!

Empire Cinema Prices and Service Menu 2022

If there is anything that’s really not high then that are the prices of Empire Cinemas. You are definitely really keen on knowing what exactly you have to pay to get such a good service. Just take a quick glance over the pricing list of Empire Cinemas here in this section and choose the options wisely.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022



Adult£5.49 - £8.49
Child (14 years and under)£5.49 - £6.49
Student / Senior (60+)£5.49 - £6.49
Family**£20.49 - £25.49


Adult£6.49 - £8.99
Child (14 years and under)£5.49 - £6.49
Student / Senior (60+)£5.49 - £8.49
Family£20.49 - £25.49


Adult£6.99 - £7.99
Child (14 years and under)£6.99 - £7.99
Student / Senior (60+)£6.99 - £7.99
Family£26.49 - £31.49


Adult£8.49 - £11.49
Child (14 years and under)£6.49 - £7.99
Student / Senior (60+)£6.99 - £9.99
Family£26.49 - £31.49


Adult£3.49 - £5.49
Child (14 years and under)£3.49 - £5.49
Student / Senior (60+)£3.49 - £5.49


Adult£8.99 - £9.49
Child (14 years and under)£6.99 - £6.99
Student / Senior (60+)£6.49 - £6.99
Family£24.49 - £26.49


Adult£11.49 - £12.49
Child (14 years and under)£10.99 - £11.49
Student / Senior (60+)£10.99 - £11.49
Family£42.49 - £45.49


Adult£12.99 - £13.99
Child (14 years and under)£10.99 - £11.99
Student / Senior (60+)£10.99 - £11.99
Family£42.99 - £45.99


Child (14 years and under)£9.99
Student / Senior (60+)£9.99

Empire Cinema Opening Hours

Take a look at this listing to match your schedule with the hours of Empire Cinemas.

Specialization of Empire Cinema

Empire Cinema is a British cinema company that has evolved over the years to become one of the pioneering multiplex chain all across the land of hope and glory aka UK. The country is now home to 13 Empire Cinemas located in various parts of the country to make marvellous movie experience accessible to all. It hosts 124 screens in total and are expanding it continuously. These statistics themselves speak about the success and popularity of Empire Cinemas because it is the public that helps drive the entertainment service company in the industry. Keeping this in mind, prices of Empire Cinemas never repels anyone as they are reasonable enough for the general public.

When it comes to variety of screens, Empire Cinemas is the one to beat. To keep up with ever-changing times, Empire Cinemas have carefully lodged new improved technologies that give good quality sound and good picture quality to the viewers. Apart from standard screens, they have luxury screens, IMAX screens, IMPACT screens as well as 2D box screens. Each of these screens offer one of a kind viewing experience to the cinephiles. There is also a special provision of VIP seatings. In addition to that, the complex is built to be comfortable for differently abled people. The prices of Empire Cinemas for all of this is alright for the masses. So, you see, these folks have made your comfort their business and are proudly doing quite well in it. Since there are multiple screens, there are a lot of options when you need to choose the timings.

The people at Empire Cinemas are huge movie buffs too. To spread their love for good cinema, they have launched a bi-monthly magazine named Escape in association with Showcase. The remarkable part about is that this customer magazine is available at all Empire Cinemas at no cost. It contains movie reviews, ratings, interviews, and competitions for the readers to update them with the knowledge of movies. Aptly named it gives you a chance to escape into the wonderful world of cinema with no efforts. Just pay the prices of Empire Cinemas movies and get a chance to completely indulge in another realm of movies. Don’t forget to grab that magazine you get a chance to visit Empire Cinemas, you just don’t want to miss it.

About Empire Cinemas

One of the most commonly visited multiplex belong to Empire Cinemas, a British Cinema company. It has spread all across the UK with its 13 centres accommodating a whooping 124 screens of distinct variety. Its ultimate beneficiary is Thomas Anderson who is an Irish entrepreneur. The Empire Cinemas has constantly upgrading itself under his guidance which has successfully transformed the way movies are watched at the theaters. Wanting to make unique movie watching experience accessible to all, the prices of Empire Cinemas has never been exuberantly high.

History of Empire Cinemas

The beginning of Empire Cinemas is a humble one. It started functioning in the year 1884 in Leicester Square in London as Empire Theatre. It was a west end variety theatre which was designed by Thomas Verity who was a famous British architect. From there, Empire Cinemas came into existence in the year 2005 by acquiring theatres from Cineworld and Odeon Cinemas. In 2005, Terra Firma planned to merge both UK operations of UCI and Odeon after taking over them. Simultaneously, Cineworld took over UK operations of UGC to merge them into their brand. But it was Empire Cinemas which finally acquired both of the groups and rebranded them all as Empire Cinemas.In such a tight competition, it was Empire Cinema prices that appeared as clear winner which reflects in their services offered. However, Empire sold five of its centres to the Cineworld in the year 2006 including the one at Leicester Square in London for £94 million.

Empire Cinema Customer Support

Whatever the issue may be, the staff at Empire Cinemas are ready to help you. Contact the number provided to get all your issues resolved soon. You will not be disappointed by the service.

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Empire Cinema Headquarter Address & Number

Know the exact location of Empire Cinemas here in this section. Drop in at the Empire Cinemas on the given address whenever you want.

Empire Studios, The Empire, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NA.
44 87 1471

Empire Cinema Near Me

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Review of Empire Cinemas

Still not sure about the services of the Empire Cinemas, then read this review carefully to finally decide on making it your new favorite hangout spot. The Empire Cinemas prices are really low but there are a lot of things that makes this one a star in the world of cinema theatres. However, there are a few issues too that you need to look at to see if they are worth ignoring or not. So, now just go over this list of pros and cons and take a well informed decision without any worry.


The place is huge with good comfy seats

The restroom facilities are always neat and clean

The sound and the screens are excellent

The working staff is super friendly

The food prices are also economical

No boring advertisements are aired


Seat labels are too small to see in the dark

Parking is not free

The place is understaffed so there is a bit of mismanagement sometimes