Emagine Ticket Prices 2022

Watching movies on big screen can always be a remarkable experience. On top of that if you watch a new released blockbuster on a screen which is not only big but all provides the best possible facilities related to picture quality and latest sound system, then it can become a movie to cherish. With Emagine Cinema and their budgeted prices, they can easily make space for people of different category to enjoy the same level of entertainment. Emagine Ticket Prices are affordable and if you buy advance tickets for the movies, you will get a lot of seating choices to choose from. They also have reward points as well as offers and discounts which are available during various festive seasons. You will always get updates on the latest and upcoming movies and hence can easily buy your tickets accordingly.

Emagine Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

For more information on the ticket prices you can refer to the pricing table mentioned below.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022



Children (ages 2-11)$6.50 - $8.49
Adults (ages 12 & up)$9.50 - $11.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$7.50 - $8.49


Children (ages 2-11)$5.00 - $6.49
Adults (ages 12 & up)$5.00 - $6.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$5.00 - $6.49


Children (ages 2-11)$9.00 - $10.99
Adults (ages 12 & up)$12.00 - $13.99
Seniors (ages 55+)$10.00 - $11.99


Children (ages 2-11)$7.95 - $8.99
Adults (ages 12 & up)$7.95 - $8.99
Seniors (ages 55+)$7.95 - $8.99


Children (ages 2-11)$11.45 - $12.49
Adults (ages 12 & up)$14.45 - $14.99
Seniors (ages 55+)$12.45 - $13.49


Children (ages 2-11)$8.45 - $9.99
Adults (ages 12 & up)$8.00 - $9.99
Seniors (ages 55+)$8.00 - $9.99


Children (ages 2-11)$8.50 - $12.49
Adults (ages 12 & up)$12.00 - $14.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$9.50 - $13.49


Children (ages 2-11)$7.00 - $8.49
Adults (ages 12 & up)$7.00 - $8.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$7.49 - $8.49

Emagine Ticket Opening Hours

If you want to know more about their hours of operation see the details mentioned below for more information.

Specialization of Emagine

Watching movie at Emagine is surely a great experience. They not only have some of the big screens but also have the finest infrastructure that makes it worthy to watch films here. It is one of the luxurious theatres that are operational in the Mid-west. They are more concerned on providing movie experience which is unique and unparalleled. They provide best customer services and thus facilitate a more relaxing environment for those who come to watch films in their theatres. Other than this, they provide lip-smacking gourmet snacks during the movie hours. The seats within the movie theatres are well designed into power recliners besides other sort of high-end services like valet parking. They make it sure that all those customers who come to watch movies may get the best movie experience in their theatres so that next time the footfall for new releases may increase.

Emagine is the pioneer in introducing digital cinema on each screen available under this company. They were first in installing a digital projector for a unique movie experience. Every movie services they have are really awesome in terms of money that a person will spend to watch a film in their theatre. They are very particular in providing the best possible services and amnesties to their customers as they do not want to lose the already high percentage of customer base.

The interior of the theatre halls are well maintained and they do their best to make it absolutely clean and hygienic. Hence it attracts customers those who want to come with their kids. Prices of Emagine tickets will make you avail the best discounts for new releases if you stay updated about their promotional offers.

About Emagine

One can easily buy movie tickets from Emagine at their kiosks as well as from the box office. Prices of Emagine tickets are veryinexpensive and this allows one to enjoy good movies that too at a reasonable rate. More information about their upcoming events is there over the website. There are promotional passes with some fixed restrictions as well. They have this unique feature of “special engagement” where the customers can enjoy their movies in so called lavish style. But you need to show your ticket to the available manager to know the exact features of this offer.

History of Emagine

With the commencement of this Emagine, they provided some extraordinary feature of experiencing movie. Gradually they opened their other branches at 18 different locations. All the halls are located in different places of Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. In the year 1997, their very first digital projector was introduced in Birch Run Emagine. Emagine ticket prices for the movie goers were made reasonable from the very beginning of their movie theatres and hence they really get the chance to serve so many customers at their different locations.

Emagine Theatre Customer Support

If you have any query related to the tickets and their prices, you can easily contact their customer support executives on the given phone number.

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Emagine Theatre Headquarter Address & Number

If you want to know the headquarter address, kindly check it below.

209 Hamilton Row, Birmingham, MI 48009

Emagine Theatre Near Me

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Review of Emagine Theatre

Besides Emagine ticket prices which are way far reasonable in comparison to other multiplexes, one can enjoy the goodness of fine movies at their theatres. You can contact them for latest events besides the movies. They are strong in applying the theatre policies without a loophole. They also maintain high safety and security regulations in order to avoid all sorts of mishaps. The most amazing feature is their summer movie series for kids which are absolutely free. There are different schedules available of such movies for the kids. The parents can easily let them enjoy their films without getting worried as they must have never ever experienced something like this before. The Emagine has grown its own reputation for the selection of their well designed services which are meant purely for their customers.

Pros of Emagine:

Great seats and relaxing couches available within the theatres.

Best movie screen with larger than life experience.

Best digital sound and soothing surrounding sound makes it pleasant for the years.

Various locations to explore.

Luxurious amenities to enjoy.

Too many gourmet foods to enjoy during the shows.

Amenities for kids and infants are available.

Special screening for the kids during events and festivals at different time of the year.

Cons of Emagine:

A bit too crowded at the best locations during good movies.

Not all services are efficiently maintained in all the locations of the theatre.

Some amenities are missing at time in some of the theatres.

Due to large footfall, the hall for the next show timings cannot be cleaned completely.