Edwards Tickets Prices 2022

The people who are born in 21st century would not have heard about the Edward theatre because since 2002 Edwards theatres are owned by the Regal Group of Entertainment. If you want to experience movie at theatres equipped with all the modern technology and a slight touch of hometown look, then Edwards Theatres is what you’ve been looking for. Talking about the plus factor, the Edwards Tickets prices are very easy on pockets.

Edwards Tickets Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices of tickets, offers, and other discounts look at the table given below.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022



Children (<11 years)$9.70 - $11.99
Adults$12.70 - $15.49
Seniors (60+)$9.70 - $12.49
Student Discount0% - 15%
Military Discount0% - 20%


Children (<11 years)$9.70 - $11.99
Adults$11.20 - $12.99
Seniors (60+)$9.70 - $12.49


Children (<11 years)$12.25 - $15.49
Adults$15.25 - $18.99
Seniors (60+)$12.15 - $15.99


Children (<11 years)$12.25 - $15.49
Adults$12.75 - $16.49
Seniors (60+)$12.15 - $15.99


Children (<11 years)$14.25 - $16.49
Adults$17.75 - $19.99
Seniors (60+)$14.75 - $16.99


Children (<11 years)$14.25 - $16.49
Adults$15.25 - $17.99
Seniors (60+)$14.75 - $16.99


Children (<11 years)$16.25 - $18.99
Adults$19.25 - $22.49
Seniors (60+)$16.25 - $19.49


Children (<11 years)$16.25 - $18.99
Adults$17.00 - $19.99
Seniors (60+)$16.25 - $19.49


Children (<11 years)$12.75 - $14.99
Adults$14.50 - $18.49
Seniors (60+)$12.75 - $15.49


Children (<11 years)$15.75 - $18.49
Adults$18.50 - $21.49
Seniors (60+)$15.75 - $18.99

Edwards Tickets Opening Hours

To know the hours of operations, you can look at the table given below.

Specializations of EDWARDS TICKET

In the 20th century Edwards Theatres had made their hallmark in the world of movie experiencing, and they continue to do the same in the 21st century just under a different name called Regal Entertainment Group. Since the Edwards group has always believed in making the experience of watching movie better, their theaters come with all the facilities to achieve so. Their auditoriums have modern seating arrangement which is modern styled. This seating style always helps in providing the grander view of the screen. The seats come with the thick foam which is very comfortable to sit upon. The dimensions of the seats are bigger than the normal seats and the legroom is very spacious. Plus, you don’t have to fight over the space on the armrest because they are of good width. From projection of the images to the sound system quality everything is in accordance to the latest technology. Not all but few Edwards Theatres have IMAX screens and the digital 3D screens to amplify the goodness of your movie experience

Apart from the movie, Edwards Theatres pays special importance to the movie staple which is just not restricted to the popcorns and the soft drinks. At Edwards you’ll get a full menu of food and drinks. In addition to all these facilities Edwards Theatres make you avail these facilities at special discounts and concession offers, so that the prices of Edwards Tickets will always be comfortable for you.


If you live in California and are a millennial then you would know all about Edwards Theaters. Currently running under the name of Regal Entertainment Group, Edwards Cinema has always been running fast in the race of fulfilling your movie appetite. In the current scenario, the brand name doesn’t exist but the facilities do, which have been made better with the time, so that the price of Edwards Ticket would not seem unreasonable to you.


Edwards Cinemas had its roots back in the year 1930 when William James Edwards Jr. bought the first theatre in California and gave it a family name. Since then Edwards Theatres were owned by the Edwards’ family for approximately 70 years. It had its headquarters in the Newport Beach, California. The company gained huge fame across the whole California because of its very reasonable Edwards ticket prices. The venture of the company started and it continued expanding, even in the year of major Depression, Edwards’ group didn’t back out and made purchases which turned out be very prosperous for them. They expanded their chain across various locations like, Orange County, etc. Everything was going good, decades by decades went by and the company only saw prosperity. In the year 1996, the company bought a megaplex which had 21 screens and the human capacity of 6,000. The company also didn’t lose their hands over the technology sphere. Their ultimate movie theatre featured IMAX and 3D technology, which was included in many other theaters of the Edwards’ chain. In the year 1997, the company owned around 550+ screens at 90 locations when Edward passed away. After the death of James Edward Jr. his son, James Edwards III overtook the business which didn’t turn out to be good for the Edwards’ family future. James made plans to further expand the chain of theaters which made the company sink in the huge debts. In the 21st century the company was in absolute bankruptcy, therefore it was bought by Philip Anschutz with two other bankrupted chains, Regal Cinemas and United Artist theatres. In the current scenario, Edwards Theatres are known by the name of Regal Entertainment group which also includes the other two chains.

Edwards Theatres Customer Support

Reach us on the following numbers for any query and support.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1 (877) 835-5734

Edwards Theatres Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at our headquarters on the address given below.

7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee 37918
1 (865) 922-1123

Edwards Theatres Near Me

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Be fair to yourself by making a fair judgment, read the following pros and cons about the Edward Ticket prices.


Great ticketing prices and amazing selection of movies

At Edwards Theatre movies aren’t just picked randomly, instead they are chosen with great care in accordance to the trend and taste of the viewers. Plus, the price of the tickets would never disappoint you, as they are always revised and kept reasonable.

Great service by the staff

The staff at Edwards Theatre will always attend to you very attentively and will serve you needs. They are very polite and have a friendly demeanor; so that you can ask any question and all your queries will be solved.

RPX screens take movie experience to another level.

The RPX screens are so massive that it takes movie experiencing to whole new level, accompanied with the best sound system, the total experience is so good.

Top notch quality of food.

At Edwards Theatre the movie staple is just not limited to the popcorns, here you’ll get to eat a lot more than popcorns and drink a lot more than just the soft drinks. Edwards serve you with an extensive menu to choose from, which will further enhance your enjoyment.

The combination of modernity with royalty.

The seats itself at the Edwards Theatre are enough to make you feel royal. These theatres are equipped with all the modernity but belonging to the 20th century, you’ll get the aura of royalty and old-town when you watch your favorite movie at one of the Edwards Theatres.


The prices of 3D screens are quite steep

When it comes to quality, Edwards Theatre don’t compromise, with the growing market, the prices may seems at times steep to some people.

There are no recliners

At many Edwards Theatre there are no recliners, where you could set you seats at various angles to have the best view of the big screen which is pretty upsetting.