East Side Mario’s Prices 2022

If you’re craving for some premium Italian-American cuisine, then you must hit you nearest East Side Mario’s restaurants. These restaurants provide the authentic flavors of Italy in its delicious dishes. You will be availed with extensive menus of food and drinks which in casual settings which is suitable for types of dinner plans. The ambiance is always kept friendly and laid-back so that you can rest your tired soul while your inner beast devours on the delectable food items. All this is made available at very budget-friendly East Side Mario’s prices.

East Side Mario’s Prices and Service Menu 2022

The prices at the East Side Mario’s restaurants can be referred from the following table.

Last Updated: 4 January 2022



Spaghettini and Meatballs$12.49
Baked Penne Alfredo$12.49
Shaghettini Primavera$12.49
Fetticcine Alfredo$12.49
Baked Penne Bolognese$12.49

Build your Own Pasta for $12.99

Noodle: Penne, Bowtie, Lunguine, Spaghetti, Fetticinne, Penne (GF), Spaghetti (GF)$12.49
Sauce: (All Gluten Friendly) Alfredo, Bolognese, Tomato-Herb, Rose, Primavera, Napoltana, Arrabbiata$12.49
Topping: Mario's Meatballs, Spicy Italian Sausage (GF), Seasoned Chicken Breast (GF), Sauteed Shrimp (GF), Primavera Vegetables (GF)$12.49

Extraordinary Entrees

Riso Italiano$12.49
Sauteed Basa Fillet$12.49
Kung Pao$12.49

Soups and Salads

Italian Wedding Soup$5.99
Roasted Garlic & Tomato Soup$0.549
Garden Salad$9.49
Garden Salad with Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast$13.99
Garden Salad with Sauteed Shrimp$14.99
Caesar Salad$9.99
Caesar Salad with Seasoned Chicken Breast$14.99
Caesar Salad with Sauteed Shrimp$14.99
Grilled Chicken and Caprese Salad$14.49
Tuscan Chicken Salad$14.49


Budda Boomers$5.49
Stuffed Mushroom Caps$9.99
Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip$10.49
Rita Bruschetta$8.49
Chicken Wings$12.99
Mario's Nachos$12.49
Mario's Nachos with Seasoned Chicken Breast$16.49
Crispy Four Cheese Lasagna Wedges$5.49
Mario's Mussels$6.49
Calamari Al Diavolo$10.49


Steak Pizzalola & Gorgonzola$12.49
Steak n' Bacon Caesar$12.49
Piada Carbonana$11.49
Calamari Ali Diavolo$12.99
Pollo, Pesto and Peppers$11.49
Piada Caprese$10.49


Four Meat "Street Mear"$10.49
Spicy Sausage and Peppers$10.49


Budda Burger$11.49
Tuscan Chicken Club$11.49
Mario's Chicken Parm Sammy$12.49

Classic Pizza

Canadian (Regular)$13.99
Canadian (Large)$27.49
Pepperoni (Regular)$12.99
Pepperoni (Large)$25.49
New Yorkiah (Regular)$13.99
New Yorkiah(Large)$27.49
Four Meat (Regular)$15.99
Four Meat (Large)$29.49

Signature Pizza

Spicy Sausage & Peppers (Regular)$14.99
Spicy Sausage & Peppers (Large)$28.49
Chicken Tettrazini (Regular)$15.99
Chicken Tettrazini (Large)$30.99
Calamari Al Diavolo (Regular)$15.99
Calamari Al Diavolo (Large)$30.49

Chef's Creation

Steak, Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola (Regualr)$15.49
Steak, Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola (Large)$31.49
Italiano (Regular)$14.49
Italiano (Large)$28.49
Mediterranean (Regular)$13.49
Mediterranean (Large)$28,99
Dipping Sauces$1.49
Build Your Own Pizza (Regular)$10.99
Build Your Own Pizza (Large)$22.49

Taste of Little Italy

Sausage and Peppers Penne$16.49
Linguine Chicken Tettrazini$17.49
Cheese Cappletti$16.49
Seafood Linguine$18.99
Linguine Chicken Amatriciana$17.99
Firecracker Shrimp Bowtie$17.49
Pesto & Peppers Spaghettini with Goat Cheese$16.49
Scallop Carbonara$19.99
Mario's 16 Layer Lasagna$18.49


Goat Cheese Stuffed Grilled Chicken$18.49
Back Ribs$23.49
Chicken Strips$15.99
Coney Island Fish & Chips$15.49
Hell's Kitchen Chicken$18.49
Mario's Chicken Parmigiana$18.49
Chicken Picatta$19.99
8 oz. New Your Striploin$20.49
Grilled Atlanta Salmon$19.99

Weekend Lunch

Mario's Trio$8.49
Lunch 'Za$9.49
Cheese Cappelletti$11.49
Sausage and Peppers Penne$11.49
Linguine Chicken Tettrazini$11.49


Budda Binger Bites$2.49
Mario's Super Sundae$2.49
Mini Black and White Chocolate Mousse Cake$2.49


Jolly Rancher Slushies$3.49
S'mores Mudslide Shake$3.49
Oreo Cookie Shake$3.49

Kids Eat Big

Pogo and Fries$5.99
Dino Buddies$5.99
Cheese Quesadilla$5.99
Grilled Cheese Soldiers$5.99
Cheese Bowtie Alfredo$5.99
Kids Pizza$5.99
Pasta Made for You$5.99
Mini Mario's Burger$5.99

Little Extras

Carrots, Celery and Orange Wedges$1.99
Side of Tomato & Herb Rice$1.99
Grilled Seasoned Chicken Breast or Kids Meatballs$2.49
Seasonal Vegetables, Mario's Potatoes or Fries$2.49
Garden Side Salad or Caesar Side Salad$3.99

Kids Eat Bigger

Chicken Fingers$10.99
Grilled Chicken & Rice$10.99
10" ZA$10.99
Chicken Parmigiana$10.99
Cheese Cappelletti$10.99
Build Your Own Pasta$10.99
Kids Top Sirloin$10.99

Mario's Chillers

Jolly Rancher$3.99
S'mores Shake$3.99
Bubble Blow Pop$3.99
Root beer Float$3.99
Sparkling Shirley Temple$3.99
Cookie Cream Dream$3.99


Mario's Chicken Parm Sammy$11.49
Budda Burger$9.49
Tuscan Chicken Club$10.49


Steak Pizzaiola & Gorgonzola$11.49
Steak n' Bacon Caesar$11.49
Calamari Al Diavolo$11.49
Piada Carbonara$10.49
Piada Caprese$9.49
Pollo, Pesto & Peppers$10.49


Four Meat "Street Meat"$9.49
Spicy Sausage & Peppers$9.49
Extra Sides$1.99


Cheese Capplletti$9.49
Linguine Chicken Tettrazini$9.49
Linguine Chicken Amatriciana$9.49
Spaghetti and Meatballs$9.49
Spaghetti & Peppers Penne$9.49
Seafood Linguine$9.49
Build Your Own Pasta$9.49

East Side Mario’s Opening Hours

To know about hours of operations at East Side Mario’s restaurants, look at the table provided below.

Monday 7AM–12AM
Tuesday 7AM–12AM
Wednesday 7AM–12AM
Thursday 7AM–12AM
Friday 7AM–12AM
Saturday 7AM–12AM
Sunday 7AM–12AM

Specializations of EAST SIDE MARIO’S

Most of the restaurants under East Side Mario’s are family owned working hard to provide better dining experiences to all its customers. This is because customers are considered the extended family and every possible effort is made to give them a wonderful experience. Whether isis just a casual dinner plan with your family and friends or a special occasion of your birthday or anniversary, the East Side Mario’srestaurants takes care of all.

Talking elaborately about the menus of East Side Mario’s, you can choose from the various starters like Portobello Parmigiana, Bocconcini Fritti, Four Cheese Spinach Dip, Stuffed mushrooms, MargheritaFritta, Zucchini Fritti, Garlic parmesan Chicken Wings, Calamari Al Diavolo, Mario’s Famous Budda Boomer Bread, etc. The soups and salads section includes Roasted Garlic Tomato soup, Italian wedding soup, Caesar salad, super Tuscan chicken salad, garden salad, minestrone soup etc. The classic Italian pasta includes Mario’s stacked and stuffed pizza like, four cheese pizza, four meat pizza, chicken and broccoli pizza, etc.; the classics pizzas like, Quattro Formaggi pizza, the ultimate Canadian pizza, Hawaiian pizza, etc.; Chef’s creation pizzas like, spicy san remo pizza, chicken parm pizza, etc. The East Side Mario’s also avails the gluten free pizzas for the gluten tolerant people. The sandwiches section includes Budda sandwich, Chicken Parm Sammy, Mario’s Magnificient Veal Sammy, the club sandwich, crispy Portobello Parm Sammy, etc. The entrees section includes Mario’s Chicken Parmigiana, veal Parmigiana, chicken strips, Portobello Parmigiana, StriploinMarsala, RisoItaliano etc.

Talking about the drinks menu, the most ordered drinks at East Side Mario’s are Raspberry Blush, Fruit pitchers, stone fruit, strawberry lemonade, Caesar Al Diavolo, Venice Bar Peach Bellini, etc. You can also combine your meals with premium coffee, milk, juice and soft drinks. All this made available at very efficient prices of East Side Mario’s.


The East Side Mario’s restaurants are known for their classic Italian-American cuisine, thus they are also marketed under the tagline, “A taste of little Italy.” After a lot of hustle and bustle in the business sector, the company has flourished to be one of the famous Canadian chains of restaurants which are dedicated to casual dining. The provision of franchise to several operators in Canada and United States is considered as one of the successful marketing strategies of East Side Mario’s. Ever since the establishment of the company the restaurants are constantly revamped as per the changing crowds and their demands. As soon as you’ll enter one of the East Side Mario’s restaurant you will experience the warm aura of Italy, your senses will be captured by the aroma coming from Italian-American dishes. At these restaurants every possible effort is made to create a memorable dining experience for the customers. All this is availed at very cost-effective price of East Side Mario’s.


East Side Mario’s restaurants were found in the year 1987. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Aventura Mall, Miami. The motive behind establishment of these restaurants was to bring the authentic flavors of Italy in the kitchens. Thus the restaurants ever since their establishment, have strived hard to serve the delectable food items for which Italy is known across the world. In addition to the scrumptious food items, East Side Mario’s are famous for their hospitable services and warm décor. All this is made available at very considerate East Side Mario’s prices. Currently the restaurants are owned by the Prime restaurants company. Under which the chain owns approximately 85 locations across Canada and United States.

East Side Mario’s Customer Support

In case of any query or support contact us on the numbers given below

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (1-844) 332-1022

East Side Mario’s Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the address given below.

East Side Mario’s Mississauga, Ontario
(1-844) 332-1022

East Side Mario’s Near Me

To know about the nearby East Side Mario’s restaurant refer to the map given.


In order to learn a bit more about East Side Mario’s prices and the settings of the restaurntas, you can go through the pros and cons provided below.


The food has a good Italia-American standard.

The food served at East Side Mario’s restaurant always thrives to maintain the high standards of the Italian-American food.

At East Side Mario’s take out services are available

There is a separate menu available in regard to the take out services. Now you can still enjoy the Italian-American cuisine even if you don’t have time to dine at restaurants.

The East Side Mario’s restaurants provide the gluten free dishes.

East Side Mario’s restaurants cater the needs of everyone. Thus Gluten-free food items are available for all the gluten-tolerant people

The nutritional guides are available at East Side Mario’s restaurants for all the diet-conscious people

If you are a diet or health conscious person, then you can ask for the nutrition guides at East Side Mario’s restaurants. This will help you in knowing about the nutritional content of each food items.


The peak hours at East Side Mario’s restaurants can be major spoilers for a peaceful evening.

During peak hours there is usually a lot of waiting till the order is served, even the restaurants will be so packed that one has to wait in lines if the seats aren’t reserved in-advance.