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Enjoy the Branded Nail Salon Experience with Great Dashing Diva Prices

Dashing Diva is the ultimate nail pampering salon located in New York with some of the best and creative nail specialists that are equipped and well versed to perform modern day nail design trends and tricks. Since Dashing Diva has successfully secured its place amongst the top leaders within the industry, all nail experts are crowding the salon locations to become the part of this industry leader, not only for its image and personal care services but also for personal growth. From getting your nails and hands done by some of the experienced specialists to body waxing and massaging, all can be experienced at the salons with great Dashing Diva prices.

Dashing Diva Nail Salon Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 15 January 2022



Lounge Manicure$12.49
Spoiled Lounge Manicure$22.49
All-Out Lounge Manicure$35.49
Polish Change$8.99
French Manicure Add On$4.99
Gel Add On$18.49


Lounge Pedicure$23.99
Spoiled Lounge Pedicure$43.99
All-Out Lounge Pedicure$60.49
Polish Change$12.49
French Pedicure Add On$4.99
Gel Add On$20.99


Gel Polish$28.99
Gel Polish with Nail Guard$38.99
French Gel Add On$10.99
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay$35.99
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay (Single Finger Application or Design)$5.99
Permanent UV Overlay$70.49
Permanent UV with Extensions$80.49
Permanent UV Fill-In$45.49
Permanent French$15.49


Full Arm$3299
Half Arm$20.99
Under Arm$12.99
Full Leg$38.99
Half Leg$24.99
Bikini & Leg$55.49


Virtual Nails and Glamgel (Traditional, French, Metallic)$35.49




Chair Massage (10 Minutes)$12.99

Dashing Diva Nail Salon Opening Hours

Monday 9.30AM–8.30PM
Tuesday 9.30AM–8.30PM
Wednesday 9.30AM–8.30PM
Thursday 9.30AM–9.30PM
Friday 9.30AM–9.30PM
Saturday 9.30AM–9.30PM
Sunday 10AM–8PM

Dashing Diva Nail Salon Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1.866.665.3482

Dashing Diva Nail Salon Headquarter Address & Number

3914 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361, United States

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The Dashing Diva Specialty!

Dashing Diva takes the pride for bringing the highest level of technical expertise, greater hygiene in salons and optimal customer experience. All the salons sprawling across USA and abroad consistently bring to you their cutting-edge and exclusive services and products while offering its customers with pleasant and relaxing ambiance. Today, Dashing Diva has become the one stop store for all your nails and hand care needs. From nail extension to manicures and pedicures to full body waxing and massaging, they specialize in all type of nail and foot care services with affordable pricing list. Their services are not just only restricted to adult females, instead they have expanded their horizons by offering nail care and hand care services to kids below8 years and the Prices of Dashing Diva services are kept approachable for all.

At Dashing Diva, the specialists are trained to be extra cautious while offering services to ensure peace of mind and safety of the customers. All the specialists practice best hygiene and sanitation processes to offer you best in class services. Besides nail pampering, the specialists also offer face and body massaging and facials. Manicures and pedicures are offered in conjunction with exfoliation, massage and aromatherapy. All the salons specialize in offering 10-minute chair massage, heavenly foot massage and 30 minutes of reflexology, all at a great Dashing Diva Prices.

Nail extensions are offered with silk wraps and waxing of full body, face, eyebrows and lips, semi-Brazilian, underarm, bikini, full leg, shoulders, back and cheeks are offered. All the salon locations make use of special heat-sterilization method called autocalving for mental implantations and this ensure highest level of hygiene while offering services to customers. The specialists make use of branded nail lacquers that make the pedicures and manicures to last longer and high quality signature scrubs, lotions and special treatments are offered that works best.

About Dashing Diva!

Dashing Diva Established in the year 2003, Dashing Diva has managed to develop its simple nail care business into enterprise with varied salons sprawling across USA and abroad. In a bid to maintain friendly ambiance and reputation in the market, all the salons of Dashing Diva offer fresh definition and meaning for exceptional services. Each salon location of Dashing Diva is closely monitored to project a friendly ambiance which is not only fun filled, but relaxing too. Without any self-emulation and hype, customers visiting the salons can notice company’s detailed attention towards hygiene and sanitation.

Dashing Diva started its first salon in the heart of New York City and gradually its can turned into a globally acclaimed enterprise with 30 stores on 3 continents and several salons across USA. The Prices of Dashing Diva Services, excellent customer services and quick service beauty treatments have made it the leader within the industry.

History of Dashing Diva

Mt. John Chang is the man behind the establishment of Dashing Diva in 2003. He owns the world’s largest artificial nails manufacturing company with a plant in Port Washington, New York. In the year 2003, Dashing Diva opened the door of their first nail salon. With exemplary services and creative innovations, Dashing Diva has re-invented their nail salon experience and expanded their stores to 3 continents with over 30 stores. All the services are offered by specialists in the field and the Prices of Dashing Diva services are kept nominal for all.

So, come pay a visit to the world best nail salon in New York and enjoy the best pampering of nails at great Dashing Diva Prices.