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Darque Tan Logo A tan is as crucial as anything when it comes to aesthetic. For those who believe that tan is the important need throughout the year, finding the right destination is quite difficult. The matter of fact is that not everyone resides close to beaches to get sun kissed tan and sun is not always out during all the seasons in a year. It is undeniable that extreme exposure to sunlight can have bad effects on your skin. However, it doesn’t mean that getting a specialized tan round the year is impossible. Darque Tan brings to you the specialized and world class tanning services and spa services, all at affordable Darque Tan prices. From Ultra-Violet Tanning to Sunless Tanning and Spa services, Darque Tan specializes in all beauty services that you would require to keep up your skin.

Darque Tan Salon Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 14 January 2022




Level 1 Only$18.99
Levels 1, 2, and 3 Standup$28.99
All Beds$58.99
All Access$98.99
Add Unlimited Spray Tanning to a UV-Only Membership$40.49


Spray Tan Session$34.49
Tanning Bed Session$10.49

Darque Tan Opening Hours

Monday 8AM–10PM
Tuesday 8AM–10PM
Wednesday 8AM–10PM
Thursday 8AM–10PM
Friday 8AM–10PM
Saturday 10AM–8PM
Sunday 10AM–6PM

Darque Tan Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-888-958-2663

Darque Tan Headquarter Address & Number

7625 Golden Triangle Dr Ste M, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3700
(952) 941-5001

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Specialty of Darque Tan

Darque Tan takes the pride for having the largest customer base that are more than satisfied with the services and variety offered by Darque Tan. The salon of Darque Tan takes cleanliness and hygiene as crucial and serious as anything else. The beauty center specializes in two signature tan services: UV Tan and Sunless Tan.

The UV tanning comprises of classic tanning with incorporation of UV light bulbs. The methods also include stand-up UV machine and tanning beds that are used during the services. The beds range from level one to level five tanning and the stand-up UV machine is at level three. Clients have the options to choose the beds as per their needs.

Each level of beds offers different degrees of tanning and varying tanning times. Clients can choose for level one and two machines that take around 20 minutes. People who need a tan for lesser time can go for the levels three to 5 machines that hardly take 12-15 minutes. Spray tanning is another signature service of Darque Tan which is usually offered to people who need something faster and prefer sunless treatment. The process involves implementation of spray on tanning solutions. Darque Tan not just only offer services with one type of machine, but they may use of 3 diverse machines to suit the needs of customers and the prices of Darque Tan services are very affordable for customers.

Mystic Man is the trusted sunless tanning machine used within the industry and Versa Spa is the latest and advanced spray tanning machine that does more than just offering tanning servicers. Apart from tanning, the machine can benefit the clients by hydrating the fine lines, while achieving the airbrush look and all at great tanning prices of Darque Tan.

About Darque Tan

Darque Tan Darque Tan is the advanced and highly preferred tanning salon that is known for its classic and revolutionary tanning and spa services. It was established with the aim to offer classic tanning services and sunless tan services to customers at very nominal Prices for tanning services. Today, the salon has emerged to be the largest amongst all 5-Star chains and aims to be the leading service provider when it comes to luxury tanning services.

With unparalleled services and conversation, Darque Tan salon has managed to mark its standing amongst the leading tanning salons and it believes to maintain long term relationships with its clientele. Today Darque Tan has emerged to be the tanning salon for elite class people for its excellent services at affordable Darque Tan prices that everyone can afford. Anyone paying a visit to this salon can expect unpatrolled services and enjoy amazing tanning experience under the supervision of professional specialists and experts.

History of Darque Tan

Darque Tan is no longer just a chain of tanning salon, instead it has emerged to be the leading luxury tanning salon with 5-Star ratings. It was established with the basic aim to offer world class tanning and spa services to people at minimal and affordable prices for Darque Tan services. But, today the salon holds the 5-star rating and offer best in class tanning and spa services at very minimal prices. It is the aim and mission of Darque Tan salon to become the world leader in tanning business and develop long term relationships with customers.

So, get the sunless or UV tanning by paying a visit at Darque Tan salon and enjoy the expert services at affordable Darque Tan prices.