Crunch Fitness Prices 2022

Fitness is an attribute that many people long for and is a very tough task though. But the arrival of gyms and health cubs have made this much easier than it was before. Nowadays, people can go to these places and work on building their physical fitness. But not all gyms and health clubs are very appealing and most of the gyms do not have good equipment or trainers and staff who care about the fitness of their client. Today, we’ll see about a fitness chain that defies all these and works towards the happiness of its clients. This is the Crunch Fitness chain. We’ll see how this fare up here from the Crunch fitness prices. Their method of pricing is economical.

Crunch Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 11 January 2022




Enrollment Fee$9.49
Monthly Fee$9.49
Annual Fee (Pro-Rated)$9.99


Enrollment Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$19.49
Annual Fee (Pro-Rated)$9.99


Enrollment Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$24.49
Annual Fee (Pro-Rated)$9.99

Crunch Fitness Opening Hours

Where do they specialize in?

They include training programmes like Cyked Yoga Cycling, Hip Hop aerobics, Co-ed Action Wrestling and so on which are the areas that they specialize in. Members can attend classes for yoga, zumba, anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga, body sculpt and many more. The workouts with fun proved effective and they became known for theirNo Judgemental philosophy.Crunch Fitness’ creativity was the key to its popularity even though it was a small business. As Crunch was started without much facilities like air conditioning or even locker rooms, it’s main aim was to make the workout classes fun which called for creative fitness instructors who could achieve this effectively. So fun guaranteed, people poured in to try their methods and today they even have air conditioning facilities, state of the art equipment and other world class facilities that serve around 200,000 members along with increased income as the price goes up with fun. Their minimum charge is around $10.

History of Crunch Fitness:

Crunch fitness is an American fitness club chain founded in the year 1989 by Doug Levine in New York City’s East Village. They were of humble origins in a basement level studio for aerobics. They used some clever skills in marketing and became very popular. They also had unusual workout sessions that enhanced their popularity. Then 2001 saw them being sold over to Bally Total Fitness for a whooping sum of $90 million. They now have around 500,000 members in the USA, Puerto Rico and Australia after New Evolution Ventures and Angelo Gordon took over as co-owners. They have their headquarters in New York with Keith Worts as their current CEO. They released their online workout extension in the January of 2014 called Crunch Live. Australia’s Sydney has got 4 Crunch gyms there. They have both franchise locations called Crunch Essentials and corporately owned locations throughout the US and Australia.

About Crunch Fitness:

A member at Crunch’s can make use of all their equipment and facilities like the free weights, cardio and any machinery they want to try out. And the average membership charge priceis so cheap that it goes to a mere $18 depending on where you are. There are many different classes and programmes designed to meet your body requirements. You can also use their private showers, saunas, number lock systems and many more basic facilities too. Such things will nevercome to you in lower prices. You can even have access to their other branches in that area if you are a member. Their staff are so friendly and can help you with many other activities. These are the pricing at Crunch Fitness’ and they can be seen from the following Crunch Fitness prices.

Crunch Fitness Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-888-227-8624

Crunch Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

AGT Crunch Acquisition LLC, 22 W. 19th St., Fl. 4, New York, NY 10011 USA

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On a monthly basis:


  • Enrolment Fee – $9.95
  • Monthly Fee – $9.95
  • Annual Fee (Pro-Rated) – $9.75


  • Enrolment Fee) – $0.00
  • Monthly Fee – $19.95
  • Annual Fee (Pro-Rated) – $9.75


  • Enrolment Fee – $0.00
  • Monthly Fee – $24.95
  • Annual Fee (Pro-Rated) – $9.75

These are the prices at the Crunch Fitness’. But these may not be fully correct as there may be some hike in the pricesas days go by.

For more details on Crunch Fitness their official website is available.