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Maintaining a fit body is very important but it’s not easy. People have been trying to do that for years and have tried various methods and have gone to various places. Gyms and health clubs have provided solutions to these problems of people. There are many such gyms and health clubs that can train a person to be physically fit, maybe, for a set period of time and they also have good sophisticated equipment. But only a few add sports to their agenda for training. One such place is the CrossFit gym and let’s find out the extents they’ve gone to enable fitness that can last for a long time and also we can see their price tag from the CrossFit prices.

CrossFit Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 11 January 2022




Unlimited - Month to Month$130.99
Unlimited - 3 Months$120.99
Unlimited - 6 Months$110.49
Unlimited - 12 Months$100.00
Active Military, Police and Fire - Unlimited Month to Month$65.99
Active Military, Police and Fire - Unlimited 3 Months$60.99
Active Military, Police and Fire - Unlimited 6 Months$55.49
Active Military, Police and Fire - Unlimited 12 Months$50.99



Drop In$15.99
Student/Fire,Police,Military drop in$10.99
Personal Training Session$50.99
Yoga Drop-In$10.49


10-Class Pass - $12 per class, 2 months exp.$120.99
10-Class Pass - Student Punch Card$10.99


Yoga for a Month$30.99

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What do they specialize in?

CrossFit gym is one place where they train people for weightlifting in the Olympics along with gymnastics, plyometrics, powerlifting, high intensity interval training, girevoy sports, strongman, calisthenics which is a method of body weight exercises and many others. There are many famous institutions that follow the principles of CrossFit thought they are not centralized. These include places like fire departments, private gyms, law enforcement agencies, military organisations like the Royal Danish Life Guards, some college and school sports teams and even by the Miami Marlins. They operate in 10 regions of fitness and are made to optimize the physical competence in such areas. The 10 regions include cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, balance, strength, agility, power, stamina, speed, coordination, and accuracy. They give good training in these areas though they also charge prices accordingly. These trainings are available for both men and women and they are required to do certain daily workouts called Workouts of the Day or WOD. They happen to charge you some $50 higher than the other gyms but you’ll know why when you hear about their services.

History of CrossFit:

CrossFit Inc. was established in the year 2000 by Lauren Jenai and Greg Glassman. Their first CrossFit gym came about in Seattle, Washington. They expanded to over 13 gyms in 2005 and in the next decade they’ve gone about establishing 13000 throughout the world in around 142 countries with nearly half of them in the US. It’s a branded fitness regimen that has a range of fitness activities and their workouts are both physical philosophy for exercise and a competitive fitness sport. Of all the people who practice the CrossFit way in all the 13000 gyms, there are some very famous coaches who follow this. They are Louie Simmons, John Welbourn, Mike Burgener, Bob Harper and a few other notable coaches. They employ such people and so their training methods seemed to improve over the years and today, they stand as one of the best in the market.

About CrossFit’s:

Actually CrossFit is a fancy looking place with better equipment and facilities than normal gyms and so their prices are a bit higher than the normal ones. But even these prices can leave you reeling. This is because of the CrossFit Community which includes people from almost all walks of life. You can see anybody you practically can think of with each person working for his/her own fitness.

They avail a number of games and they also provide seminars and not just trainings on these sports like gymnastics, running, weightlifting, powerlifting, football and so on. One very great feature of this CrossFit is the CrossFit Games that happen every year since their start in the year 2007. These games call for one to be prepared to face anything and thereby getting identified as the Fittest on Earth. Here the athletes will have to perform certain workouts that they were taught only a few hours ago and also they will face some new and surprising events that were not included in their normal trainings. So to survive this, they have to be ready to face anything. These games include softball throw, rough-water swim, pegboard climb and some more. They have separate divisions for different categories like divisions on gender, co-ed teams, and some Masters and Teenage age groups and so on and here one doesn’t have to waste time planning his schedule as every training plan and schedule is spoon-fed by their friendly staff and you are taught everything with much care and attention thereby making worth everything on the CrossFit prices. So these extra $50 or more is not at all a waste.

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