Corepower Yoga Prices 2022

Introduce yourself to the world of magical yoga that also packs up with it a purposeful and powerful workout, here at Corepower Yoga. Whether you are new to Yoga or already a loyal fan of the practice and whatever your reason to practice yoga is, you will experience yoga fitness here like nowhere else. From the foundations of yoga practice to the intense workouts, combined with the healing principles of Ayurveda, you can get everything and that too at some of the most promising Corepower Yoga Prices.

Corepower Yoga Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 10 January 2022



Monthly Fee$155.99
First Month Only$84.99


Single Class$23.99
5 Classes$105.99
10 Classes$195.99
20 Classes$345.99
1-Month Unlimited$200.00
3-Month Unlimited$479.99



Monthly Fee$125.00
First Month Only$84.99


Single Class$18.99
10 Classes$155.99

Corepower Yoga Opening Hours

Monday 6AM–10PM
Tuesday 6AM–10PM
Wednesday 6AM–10PM
Thursday 6AM–10PM
Friday 6AM–10PM
Saturday 6AM–10PM
Sunday 6AM–10PM

Corepower Yoga Customer Support

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Corepower Yoga Headquarter Address & Number

3001 Brighton Blvd, Suite 269, Denver, CO 80216

Corepower Yoga Near Me

Besides some of the most reasonable prices of Corepower Yoga, what you get here is some of the most uniquely designed programs for different yogis, depending on their requirements and lifestyle.

Different Programs offered at Corepower Yoga

  1. Boot Camp (2-week program)

The two week Boot Camp program is more a program to discover yourself and your fitness levels. It enrolls a limited number of participants (27 in number) so that the trainers can pay individual attention to every yogi and his goals for the Boot Camp program as well. The program deals in the foundation of yoga together with high intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training circuits and there is much more to be expected from the program like the fitness challenges, nutrition videos and much more. Moderately priced at $399, if a yogi has already completed any other program at Corepower Yoga or Yoga teacher training, he also gets an additional 10% off on this offer price.

  1. Yogi Training (4-week program)

Learn more about yoga postures, alignments and adjustments on and off your yoga mat in this 4 week program called yogi training. A dedicated yoga instructor is always there by your side to help you realize your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You get a command on your yoga postures and learn to incorporate all the teachings of yoga in your day to day life as well. A personal approach and one to one guidance and feedback makes you much more confident and aware in the practice. The program is competitively priced at $639 and has an additional 10% off on offer for yogis who have already completed another program at Corepower yoga or a teacher training for Yoga.

  1. Wellness Cleanse (21-day program)

Genuinely priced at $469, this 21 day cleansing program is bound to leave you rejuvenated after the reboot of your system. The program makes use of the healing principles of Ayurveda that help you to detoxify, cleanse, and reduce stress and inflammation. The experts will help you with nutritional guidance to make healthy choices of foods that fit your health and lifestyle, learn about alternative medicine and its effective use in the day to day life.

  1. Retreats

You get to experience pure yogic bliss for a week with some of the most experienced yoga instructors. They help you with some of the most intense workouts physically and calming mentally. Get a chance to delve deeper into the yoga practices and sharpen your skills into the practice. Get a chance to connect with some likeminded yogis and share your experiences.

About the Company

At Corepower, the mission is to design a workout that is not just body changing but life changing as well. Corepower has a network of around 160 yoga studios with the yoga instructors that are dedicated and highly experienced. Whether you are new to yoga practice or have years of association with the practice, at Corepower you will get an experience you must have never experienced before.

The studio is modern both in amenities and its design. They are sleek and beautifully designed, above par than most of the others in the industry. They are equipped with every possible amenity that an individual might require before, during and after the class from private locker, vanities and showers. All the rooms in the studio are climate controlled and make use of the latest technology that efficiently heats the rooms and maintains their levels of humidity. The goal is to improve the standards of the student’s life whether they are inside the studio or outside it. The company also takes up the social responsibilities like water and energy conservation in the designing of its yoga studios.

You can learn more about Corepower Yoga, their mission, programs, schedules, training sessions and different events, all at their official website