Club Fitness prices 2022

A St. Louis club has garnered lots of attention owing to the specialised health services and equipments being installed in the club. The club focuses upon burning calories in a more watchful way having no side effects at all. The approach adopted by Club Fitness is quite promising as it lets you burn 1000 calories in 60 minutes session. Club has designed the programs such that calories can be burnt upto 48 hours even after your workout has completed. This club is known for adopting an approach of designing a program which is based upon ILIT that is Intensity Level Interval Training. Coaches in the club are well trained for optimising your workout sessions. Therefore, results are promising and you end gaining good health. Best part is that, achieved results in fitness are prolonged and are not shortlived.

Club Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

Price of the services offered by Club Fitness is mentioned in the table below.

Last Updated: 5 January 2022




Enroll Fee$50.00
Processing Fee$20.00
1st Month$10.00
Last Month$10.00
To Start$90.00
Per Month$10.00


Enroll Fee$100.00
Processing Fee$20.00
1st Month$19.49
Last Month$19.49
To Start$159.49
Per Month$19.49



18 Months$379.99

Club Fitness Opening Hours

To know more about the timings and availability of Club Fitness, you can refer to the table below.

Monday 06AM–08.30PM
Tuesday 06AM–08.30PM
Wednesday 06AM–08.30PM
Thursday 06AM–08.30PM
Friday 06AM–7PM
Saturday 06AM–1PM
Sunday 06AM–1PM

Breaking down the barriers in achieving fitness goals is what this club aims at. Club Fitness has become a popular club which boasts of many members who got enrolled over a period of time. The club specialises in many advanced health techniques and is considered to be a forerunner in the same. Health facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art and are universally applicable on all. This club also specialises in providing personalised health services to the people. This feature offered by the club has made it a formidable name in health and fitness field. The clients are given one hour free personal training to train them about the right usage of equipment. The professionals hired by the club as a trainer are certified and dedicated to motivate the members who fail to achieve their health goals. Members are given a sequence of steps which has to be followed to avoid any injury durin exercise. First of all, warm up exercises are carried out for around 5 to 10 minutes. The warm up is done on cardio equipment which uses the machines like the stair climber, bike, treadmill or rower. After the warm up sessions have closed, resistance training is given on the selectorised circuit equipment. Members are motivated to upkeep their strength training which is very helpful in preventing bone loss. Building core strength is considered to be essential by the club that is why strength training is focussed upon. After the above sessions of warming up and strength training end, you will be given a smoothie to regain your energy levels. Proper care is taken of the members who are a part of the club. Every measure taken by the trainers is meant to boost the energy levels and fitness of the members.

About Club Fitness Gym

A fitness club with all the modern facilities, this club was established around 25 years back in St.Louis area. This is an affordable place with sparkling clean facilities and having high-profile clientele who come here to achieve fitness goals. The club staff is very friendly and they ensure that clients get an access to TV and modern health equipment.

The services and membership at Club Fitness prices are affordable and certified staff ensures no injuries are suffered post-exercise. The club has evolved from the low-budget machine to highly advanced machine incorporation in the gym. With numerous branches of the club around, you can easily join the club that is located around you.

History of Club Fitness

Established in the 1992, Club Fitness since then has grown in magnanimous proportions. This club is dedicated solely to the people who are fitness enthusiasts. Tracing the history of this club is very interesting. First club of this franchisee was established in St. Louis and with the aim of providing affordable health services to all. It was the popularity of the club which made its founders to expand its chain. Increasing demand for customer friendly services led to establishing the franchisee of the club at different locations. Initially, this club has the gadgets which were based upon low level of technology. But with advancement in the techniques, technically superior machines were installed in the clubs. This improvement in the machines led to improved health and fitness of the members. The involvement of the technology included incorporation of personal viewing screens or TV. Improvements were adopted not only on the machines but also in case of the health and fitness practices. For instance, Club fitness was the pioneer is employing a training program which involves a heart-rate based course led by a coach. This program became an instant hit with people doe to its innovation. Similarly, numerous other programs were also incorporated into the fitness regime which led to club’s branch expansion. Fitness training is provided in groups but still the guidance is personalised and affordable. This has been the main aim of club to keep its services personal and customised to benefit the clients.

Club Fitness Customer Support

You can contact on the numbers below to get a response to your queries.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 636-928-0968

Club Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

Contact on the address below to get the required information.

7055 Mexico Road Suite 1210, St. Peters Mo 63376

Club Fitness Near Me

You can use the map provided below to locate nearby Club Fitness center.

Review of Club fitness

To understand more about the suitability of the services in Club Fitness, you can reacd the pros and cons below.


You will get an access to highly advanced machine and equipment for weight loss and fitness

You can schedule your classes after 5 minutes even if you are running late for your sessions

No contract membership plans

Memberships are also available on a trial basis

You can join the club at a nearest branch around you


If you are not using the classes in your membership package, the monthly membership package will not roll over. Therefore, you will end up losing your money too.