Cko Kickboxing Prices 2022

If kickboxing is something that you’re passionate about, then Cko Kickboxing is for you. Cko Kickboxing centers are known for making the kickboxing exciting and health-oriented. Thus, even if you are not a kickboxing fanatic, but are still somehow a health fanatic; you will love Cko kickboxing. Cko is an abbreviated form of Central Kickboxing Organization. From very ancient times, Kickboxing was considered as the most well reputed form of martial arts. The founders of Cko have this stern belief that kickboxing is far more beneficial than other martial arts forms. This is because kickboxing helps in reducing the weight and burning the fat very effectively and rapidly. So, go get yourself the Cko membership and see yourself transforming into a fit person in very short duration. You can enjoy all this at very lucrative Cko kickboxing prices.

Cko Kickboxing Prices and Service Menu 2022

If you are searching for pricing list for Cko Kickboxing, then this section will help you a lot with the same. You will find a complete overview of prices of Cko Kickboxing in this section here so go on and read it before you pay at any Cko center.

Last Updated: 3 January 2022




Initiation Fee$49.99
Monthly Fee$89.49
Cancellation Fee$199.99


Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$159.49
Cancellation Fee$399.99



Initiation Fee$49.49
Annual Fee$1079.49
Cancellation Fee$199.99


Initiation Fee$99.49
Annual Fee$1907.49
Cancellation Fee$399.49

Cko Kickboxing Opening Hours

If you want to know whether the working hours of Cko Kickboxing Prices match your schedule? Read this time table for Cko Kickboxing Prices to know more.

Monday 5.30AM–10PM
Tuesday 5.30AM–10PM
Wednesday 5.30AM–10PM
Thursday 5.30AM–10PM
Friday 5.30AM–8PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Sunday 9AM–6PM


Whenever you hear the name Cko Kickboxing, know that it means something related to high intensive workout. The sole imagery that comes to your mind should be people kicking, punching the big and heavy bags. The fitness professionals at Cko Kickboxing will guide you in every step; they would not just leave you with those heavy bags until you get pro at tearing such bags. They will understand your body type and stamina and will recommend the most favorable workout routine to you. Gradually, the intensity of the exercises and workout will be increased as per your progress and endurance.

If you have tried all the ways of losing weight, like dieting, cardio exercises, etc. and still can’t see any positive results; then worry not because Cko kickboxing will rescue you. By the founders, by the experts, by the members of the Cko, kickboxing is recommended as the most effective way of burning fat and thus losing weight. Thus, without wasting any further time you should go and get yourself the Cko Kickboxing membership. The membership is available in different forms with different benefits.You can enjoy all this at very budget-friendly prices of Cko Kickboxing.


It’s been almost two decades that Cko Kickboxing has been continuing to make the people fit. All the Cko centers are perfect for those who are passionate about Kickboxing or just want to stay fit in exciting ways. Here, the fitness professionals teachyou different techniques that help you in burning the ridiculous fat away and thus giving you the desirable fit body. If you are an impatient person and thus want to see the results faster, Cko Kickboxing is the place for you. These centers are known for their rapid results that help in toning and shaping the body faster than any other cardio or workout. You can enjoy all this at very moderate price of Cko Kickboxing.


Cko Kickboxing was started in the year 1997. The founder was Joseph Andreula. The first Cko kickboxing center was opened in Hoboken in New Jersey. Joseph had always been a kickboxing enthusiast, thus at Cko kickboxing he put all his talent and passion and developed new styles of workouts. Many kickboxing fanatics got their interest hooked in these new forms of workouts and thus, Cko kickboxing prospered in a very short while. With passing years, the Cko Kickboxing center didn’t just remain as the holy place for kick boxers; instead it became one of the famous health organizations. After setting its feet firmly in Hoboken, Cko kickboxing advanced to various other places in states like New York, New Jersey, etc. In the current scenario, the Cko Kickboxing owns approximately 40 centers in the United States. You will absolutely love Cko kickboxing health centers for their amazing workout sessions and classes. You can get yourself the monthly or yearly membership here and enjoy various other benefits at Cko. All this is made available at very affordable Cko Kickboxing Prices.

Phone Number For Customer Support

In case you have any issues with the services provided by Cko Kickboxing centers, you can contact them on the below mentioned customer support number to get your issue resolved quickly.

Facebook Twitter

CUSTOMER SERVICE: (201) 963-7774

Headquarter Address

You can contact Cko Kickboxing centers and clubs using the address below.

400 North 48th Street, Suite C7, Lincoln, Nebraska

Near Me

You can search for the nearest Cko Kickboxing center by using the map below.


If you are planning to review Cko Kickboxing Prices and could not find anything worthwhile over the internet, then we are here to give you an actual insight about being a member of its gym and fitness centers. Every place has its own pros and cons, thus Cko Kickboxing centers are no exceptions. We have carefully listed down all the factors you need to consider so that you can make a well informed choice.


The most famous and garnered workout designed by Joseph, the founder of Cko Kickboxing, was known by the name, “Take it to the Max”. This workout was highly intensive in nature and kickboxing enthusiasts loved it and still continue to love it.

The longer the period of membership, the higher are the benefits. The membership will help you in setting up the routine and will avoid you from giving up. The Cko Kickboxing members enjoy the strict guidance of the fitness experts.

Cko claims to take away your 1,200 calories that too in only one hour of workout.The fitness professionals working here have in-depth knowledge of all the crucial fat burning exercises.


The difference between short term memberships like for a month and long-them memberships is very minimal at Cko Kickboxing. It is clearly a technique to make customer take long-term memberships.