Cineplex Concession Prices 2022

Cineplex is one those movie theatres that offer a large variety of services. They have not only clubbed movies with food but have added another fun element into it and that is a unique gaming experience that you can play with other movie goers. Best of all you could win a lot of prizes for it and get concession on the Cineplex prices. Super friendly environment, amazing food , motion enabled seats all of it to make movies even more indulging. Cineplex has added another dimension to the way people enjoy movies. The memories made there is one you will cherish forever.

Cineplex Concession Prices and Service Menu 2022

If there is anything that’s really less then that are just the prices of Cineplex and nothing else. You are definitely really keen on knowing what exactly you have to pay to get such a good service. No worries, just take a quick glance over the pricing list of Cineplex here in this section and select the movies that you want to watch.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022



Popcorn (Small)$5.50 - $6.49
Popcorn (Medium)$6.00 - $6.99
Popcorn (Large)$6.50 - $7.49
Add Butter$0.75 - $1.49


Candy (any size)$4.00 - $4.99


Nachos$5.75 - $6.49
Hot Dog$3.50 - $4.49
Hot Dog & Nachos$6.75 - $7.49


Soft Drinks (Small)$4.00 - $4.99
Soft Drinks (Medium)$4.50 - $5.49
Soft Drinks (Large)$5.00 - $5.99
Bottled Drink$3.50 - $4.49
Dasani$3.00 - $3.99


1 Large Popcorn + 1 Large Drink + Candy$17.00 - $18.99
2 Regular Popcorn + 2 Regular Drinks + Candy$25.50 - $27.99
1 Large Popcorn + 2 Regular Drinks + Candy$19.50 - $20.99
1 Regular Popcorn + Dasani + Candy$15.50 - $17.49
1 Regular Popcorn + 1 Regular Drink + Candy$16.50 - $18.49
1 Large Drink + 1 Hotdog & Nachos$11.50 - $12.99
Kid's Combo (popcorn + drink + candy)$7.50 - $9.99


Cocktails$7.50 - $8.49
Martinis$9.50 - $10.49
Beer (glass)$6.50 - $8.99
Beer (pitcher)$19.00 - $22.49
Beer (bottle)$6.00 - $8.49
Burgers + Mains$12.49 - $14.49
Salads$13.49 - $15.49
Appetizers (poutine, cirspy dills, jalapeno poppers)$6.99 - $8.49

Cineplex Concession Opening Hours

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Specialization of Cineplex Concession

Cineplex like any other movie theatre is dedicated to providing immersive movie experience with scrumptious food but they score a 100 in the section called innovation. The Cineplex is in true sense an original innovator in the movie theatre business. Everyday at Cineplex promises to bring you something unique. The experience at Cineplex is jam-packed with movie experience, in-theatre dining, and best of all, gaming. Incorporating some of its innovations, Cineplex has created some of the its own successful brands for entertainment like UltraAVX, Brady Starburst and eateries like OutTakes. Even though the brand they have become is top notch, the prices of Cineplex is just about right for everyone to be able to afford.

Cineplex have quite a lot of theatre chains under their belt. Cineplex Cinemas, Famous Players, Galaxy are just a few of them. Cinema Entertainment offers variety with the different kind of screens such as 56 VIP Cinemas Screens, 41 D-Box Screens and 109 large format screens. They also have a total of 23 IMAX screens which are one of the most premium screens. D-Box screens are one of a kind screens which have motion enabled seats that gives users a very indulging and amazing movie experience. UltraAVX is one of the innovations that is created by Cineplex which employs the use of Dolby sounds and extra wide seats with rocking backs. VIP cinema screens are only for adults that offer in-theatre dining along with a range of beverages for the patrons.

At Cineplex, even tiny little things are taken care of which is reflected in the variety of services that they offer. Stars and Strollers is one of those initiatives which offers baby friendly environment like low volume, change tables, bottle warmers and cute stroller parking so that you all can enjoy as one family without your little ones getting disturbed at the movies. For all the gamers out there, whole movie theatre becomes an arcade. Enjoy an interactive gaming experience by using your smartphone and answer trivia , play games with other moviegoers and make memories that you will cherish a lifetime. Not just that you could win prizes, foods, drinks and a lot of SCENE points that you could use to get a concession on the prices of Cineplex tickets too along with other benefits.

About Cineplex

Cineplex is one of the top companies based in Canada in the entertainment and media sector. They have established themselves not only in Movie theatre business but also in food service and gaming sectors. It has now become Canada’s largest and most innovative distributors of films. It proudly hosts over 75 million movie guests every year in its 164 theatres and over 1,640 screens throughout the country. Not just this, they have successfully expanded themselves into digital commerce business along with alternative programming and amusement solutions. An online gaming portal for passionate gamers all over the world is also hosted by the people at Cineplex. They have a dedicated team of about 13,000 people all across Canada and the US. They periodically reward their patrons with numerous gifts, vouchers, and discounts on the prices of Cineplex with the help of SCENE which is the largest royalty programme in the entertainment sector of Canada.

History of Cineplex

The journey of Cineplex began in the year 1912 couple of years before the World War I. It all started with Adolph Zukor when he formed the Famous Players Film Corporation which he later merged with another company and named it Famous Players-Lasky Corp. Then in the year 1979 Cinplex Odeon Corp was born by Nathan Taylor and Garth Drabinsky. They opened up their first multiplex and named it Cineplex in Toronto, Ontario. From thereon, they kept expanding in Canda and later in US and Europe. Just before the beginning of 21st century, in the year 1999, two former executives of Cineplex Odeon Corporation Stever Brown and Ellis Brown established a new company called Galaxy Entertainment which was also a movie theatre venture. In 2003, Cinplex undergoes another merger with Galaxy Entertainment. Then with another big move they had a few series of mergers and with that Cineplex became truly national for the very first time.

Pricing Table

If there is anything that’s really less then that are just the prices of Cineplex and nothing else. You are definitely really keen on knowing what exactly you have to pay to get such a good service. No worries, just take a quick glance over the pricing list of Cineplex here in this section and select the movies that you want to watch.

Cineplex Concession Customer Support

Contact the mentioned number to get all your issues resolved soon if you encounter any at Cineplex. They have a super friendly customer support staff always at your service.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-333-0061

Toll-Free: 1-844-870-1112

Cineplex Concession Headquarter Address & Number

Know the exact location of the headquarter of Cineplex here in this section.

102 Atlantic Ave. Toronto ON M6K 1X9

Cineplex Concession Near Me

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Review of Cineplex

Still not sure about Cineplex services, then read this review carefully to make an informed decision. The prices of Cineplex is really low but there are a lot of things that makes this one a star in movie theatre business. However, there might be a few issues too that you need to look at to see if they are worth ignoring or not. So, now just go over this list of pros and cons and take a well informed decision without any worry.


Trained and amiable staff is always at your service

Robust variety in terms of screens in theatres

Mind Blowing seats with reclining option.

Nice and clean facility

Fully air conditioned facility


Some facilities are available for premium members only

The handicap section is a bit costly.

Food is a little expensive