Cinemark Ticket Prices 2022

Cinemark theatre is a public company with headquarters located in Plano, Texas. In 21st century the company is the leader in the exhibition industry of motion pictures. It is one of the first theatres which introduced the stadium styled seating in the theatres which was not readily accepted for a while, but then after lot of hustle and bustle, it was settled and we can see that it’s still prevalent in most of the theatres across the world. Talking about the Cinemark ticket prices, you’ll found them very reasonable for all the facilities the theatre offers.

Cinemark Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

Refer to the table given below to know the prices of the latest movies.

Last Updated: 12 January 2022



Children (<12 years)$6.99 - $10.99
Adults (ages 13 & up)$12.49 - $13.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$6.49 - $9.49


Children (<12 years)$5.49 - $10.99
Adults (ages 13 & up)$9.49 - $10.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$5.49 - $9.49


Children (<12 years)$7.99 - $11.99
Adults (ages 13 & up)$10.49 - $15.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$7.99 - 10.99


Children (<12 years)$6.99 - $10.99
Adults (ages 13 & up)$10.49 - $14.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$6.99 - $10.99


Children (<12 years)$7.49 - $11.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$13.99 - $14.49
Seniors (ages 62+)$7.99 - $9.99


Children (<12 years)$6.49 - $10.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$11.49 - $12.49
Seniors (ages 62+)$6.49 - $9.99


Children (<12 years)$8.49 - $12.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$15.99 - $16.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$8.49 - $12.99


Children (<12 years)$7.99 - $12.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$12.99 - $14.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$7.99- $11.99


Children (<12 years)$14.99 - $17.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$20.99 - $20.49
Seniors (ages 62+)$14.99 - $15.49


Children (<12 years)$13.99 - $17.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$17.99 - $18.49
Seniors (ages 62+)$13.49 - $15.49


Children (<12 years)$15.99 - $20.99
Adults (ages 13 & up)$23.49 - $23.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$15.75 - $19.99


Children (<12 years)$14.99 - $16.99
Adults (ages 13 & up)$20.49 - $22.99
Seniors (ages 62+)$14.50 - $16.99

Cinemark Ticket Opening Hours

Look at the table given below to know the hours of operations of Cinemark theatres at different areas.

Under the efficient prices of Cinemark Tickets one can enjoy movies in normal HD quality; 3D quality; XD quality, that is, extreme digital quality, 3D extreme quality, plus Dbox movies and 3D movies. With constant improvisation in the quality of theatres and screens Cinemark has never backed off in the competition of providing the best movie experiences.Specializations of CINEMARK TICKET

The XD screens of the Cinemark theatres fit from wall to wall and ceiling to floor, it’s just not the normal screen at some local theatre. Thus, with the technology of digital projection, Cinemark theatres project the crisp, clear images on the very large screen with incredible dimension and resolution. So, be careful while watching XD movies in Cinemark theatres and avoid spilling your drinks or dropping your popcorn out of the awe and massive mesmerizing effects.

The awe effect of XD screen is just not restricted to the quality of the picture, but is also attributed to the dramatic and pristine clear sound effects. The speaker used are JBL customized installed with components of high-end, offering 7.1 digital surround sound, plus these speakers are fixed at several points to avoid the echo in the room. Thus, this XD quality of movie is perfect for all those superheroes movies which have plenty of flaunting sounds and actions.

Besides, being one of the largest theatres in the world and offering world class luxuries in experiencing movies, prices of Cinemark tickets will be found very low in comparison to other luxurious theatres. This is not all, because Cinemark group of theatres always have good stuffs for its customers. To be clear, Cinemark offers various discount schemes and reduction on the prices of Cinemark Tickets depending upon the season, age, etc. For example discounts are available on tickets if purchased before 1pm under the early bird scheme. These prices are subjected to revision from time to time.


With approximately 526 theatres and 5,903 screens across the length and breadth of United States of America and Latin America, the group of Cinemark theatres has made itself widely known. In the current picture with the reasonable price of Cinemark Ticket, the company is often ranked one or two in their box office collections. .


The first Cinemark theatre was established in 1984 in Texas by Lee Roy Mitchell. Very soon a chain of Cinemark theatres was started in the sates of California, Utah and of course Texas. These theatres gained popularity because of their colorful interiors and large video arcades. But, that was not it, because Cinemark introduced a mascot named Joe, which started making its appearances on the products of the kids; therefore became a leading mode of advertisement in kids’ sector. This mascot got disappeared but very soon made its appearance again whose traces can still be seen in today’s scenario. The Cinemark theaters did not halt there and then; the chain was established in the parts of Chile, Mexico and other states of Latin America. Even the new concepts of theatres were introduced where the colorful interiors were replaced with the style of visual arts called art deco. In 2009, Cinemark theatres gave tough competition to the IMAX theatres when it introduced the concept of large, extreme digital screen called XD. Later on these XD screens made progress to become the Showbiz cinemas which was founded by Kevin Mitchell, the son of Lee Roy Mitchell. In the current scenario after 33 years the Cinemark theatres are present at 482 locations providing best digital experience under the quite reasonable Cinemark ticket prices. Today it stands to bethe third largest theatre in the United States.

Cinemark Ticket Customer Support

In case of any query or support, you can contact us on the below mentioned numbers.

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Cinemark Ticket Headquarter Address & Number

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In case you were still having some doubts in regards to Cinemark ticket prices and the quality of movie experiencing, then you should probably go through the following pros and cons in order to make a fair and informed choice.


Temperature is perfect and the carpets doesn’t smell

No matter if it is IMAX screen or XD screen but if the temperature inside is too chilly or too hot, plus the carpets emit a pungent smell, there is no possibility on earth that you’ll able to enjoy the movie. Thankfulness, Cinemark theaters take care of all.

The ushers and sermons are very polite and attentive

Imagine yourself in mid of your favorite movie and your popcorn bag is empty, would you want to get up and fetch the popcorn and leave some of the most exciting scenes of movie behind? No, right? To solve the issue, there are sermons who fetch whatever you need and ushers who usher you courteously to your sit, so that you may not end up falling bad.

Lounge chairs are so comfy and reclining

Everyone would agree to the point that seats must be comfy and reclining type in theatres. Well, at Cinemark theatres you will have no complains in regards to the same.

Easy booking of tickets through the app and easy picking up of the tickets without any headache.


Sometimes, between intervals popcorns aren’t cleaned off the chairs

During the interval of houseful shows, at times you will see the empty glasses of soft drinks, bags or chunks of corn lying here and there, which is a great spoiler.

IMAX theatres are at par with Cinemark theatres.

Cinemark theatres and IMAX theatres always try to give tough competition to each other. In this process, one may fine the quality of movie experiencing better than the other due to personal factors.