Cinemark Concession Prices 2022

Being so well known throughout the America, Cinemark Concession prices gave a birth to an array of questions and interests. Not only in America, but in the whole world the hallmark of Cinemark Cinemas is well recognized and established. When it comes to providing the best movie experiencing, there are no doubts about the facilities the Cinemark Cinemas provide. But when it comes to food, there are doubts regarding the prices. Whether one needs to be extra-armed with money if you want to dine-in at Cinemark Cinemas? What would be the price of popcorns there, would it cost a fortune? These are some of those questions that need to be answered.

Cinemark Concession Prices and Service Menu 2022

Refer to the following table to know about the prices.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022



Popcorn (Junior)$4.95 - $5.49
Popcorn (Small)$6.00 - $6.49
Popcorn (Medium)$7.00 - $7.49
Popcorn (Large)$7.80 - $8.49


Candy (Small)$2.20 - $2.49
Candy (Medium)$3.40 - $3.99
Candy (Large)$3.90 - $4.49
Cotton Candy$3.90 - $4.49


1/4lb Angus Dog$5.25 - $5.45
Hot Dog$4.15 - $4.45
Nachos$5.25 - $5.45
Extra Cheese$2.00
Snack Pack$5.15 - $5.95
Lite Bites Pack$6.70 - $6.99
Pickle$5.45 - $5.95
Frozen Treats$4.35 - $4.99
Beef Jerky$4.15 - $4.45
Crispy Critters$3.75 - $3.99
Apple Chips$3.85 - $3.99
Oreo Mini's$3.85 - $3.99
Kernel Seasons$1.50 - $1.99
Pretzel Nuggets$5.10 - $5.49
Hamburger w/ Fries$7.85 - $8.49
Cheeseburger w/ Fries$8.45 - $8.99
Bacon Cheeseburger w/ Fries$9.85 - $9.99
Macho Burger$9.85 - $9.99
Veggie Burger w/ Fries$8.65 - $8.99


American Fries$4.65 - $4.99
Cheese Fries$6.15 - $6.49
Chili Cheese Fries$7.00 - $7.49
Bacon Cheese Fries$7.00 - $7.49


Soft Drink (Small)$4.10 - $4.49
Soft Drink (Medium)$4.75 - $4.99
Soft Drink (Large)$5.25 - $5.49
ICEE (Small)$4.25 - $4.49
ICEE (Medium)$4.65 - $4.99
ICEE (Large)$5.25 - $5.49
Vitamin Water$4.55 - $4.99
Dasani$3.95 - $4.99
MM Sparkling$4.55 - $4.99
Honest Kids$1.60 - $1.99
Honest Tea$4.55 - $4.99
Monster Energy$4.55 - $4.99
Bottled Beer$5.25 - $6.49
White Wine$6.75 - $7.99
Red Wine$7.25 - $7.99

Cinemark Concession Opening Hours

In order to know about the hours of operations at Cinemark, refer to the following table.

Specializations of CINEMARK CONCESSION

Despite being one of the leading brands in the Movie Exhibition industry, Cinemark cinemas are very kind when it comes to food prices. The prices of Cinemark Concession canbe inferred from the discounts and exciting offers that are made avail at all the theatres. For example, the discounts available depends upon the combination and amount of food you purchase, like, 2 large soft drink plus 1 large popcorn can get you more discount than the 1 large popcorn and 1 large soft drink. But, these combination discounts are different for different theatres. So make sure that you aren’t under any sort of illusion.

The drinks available at the Cinemark Cinemas are just not restricted to mock-tails, beverages or cocktails. Alcohol is served too, but only to people above drinking age. The menu for alcohols is also very extensive, you can choose from premium beers like, Corona, Blue Moon, etc. Along with beers, you can also choose to order wine bottles, half or full. This availability of wines and beers can vary from place to place and theatre to theatre, under Cinemark Cinemas.

Along with snacks, drinks and popcorns, you are also provided with the dine-in services which are quite similar to AMCs. That is, you can hit a button to get a service and place an order and just wait for a while to experience in-seat dining. The menu of food provided to you is as fancy and luxurious as the food service sounds. From salads to desserts and burgers to main course, there would be everything.


Once you will be well informed about the price of the Cinemark Concession, you may want to know more. Now-a-days the matter of discussion is the nutritional value of the food, of course the prices as well. The world is getting conscious in regards to the health and quality of food, Cinemark is sincere enough to avail the nutritional value of the food along with prices. So that you, don’t have anything to worry, you can just relax watch your movie and food.


The Cinemark cinemas had a controversial history, with the bottom line of always making a movie experience worthwhile and better. Established in 1984, Cinemark has travelled long enough in the world of Cinema and it is continuing in this sector still working towards betterment. From Dine-in facility to button-service facility, everything is made available on the very considerate Cinemark Concession Prices. In order to give people complete pleasure of movie watching, everything should be taken care of, from the most common staple to the selection of the movies, Cinemark has been taking care of all that and serving in the best possible ways.

Cinemark Concession Customer Support

In case of any query or help, you can contact us on the following numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 800-246-3627

Cinemark Concession Headquarter Address & Number

Reach us on our headquarters on the following address.

Cinemark USA, Inc, 3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500, Plano, Texas 75093
(972) 665-1000

Cinemark Concession Near Me

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Be sure about the Cinemark Concession prices in case you still aren’t, read the pros and cons below in regard to the same.


The new discount prices are so attractive.

The concession prices at Cinemark are always kept revised and up to date in regards to the customer and the prevailing market. You would never be disappointed with the prices of food at Cinemark. There would always be concession or discount offer which would differ from place to place.

The in-seat sinning service and button-service are so good.

Cinemark offers the same service like AMC. That is, all the lazy people who don’t want to move a bone or turn head around, one can just press the button provided at the side of that seat and someone from the staff would be summoned to serve you. They would take your order and all you have to do is wait patiently till your food arrives. Your seat wouldn’t be moved anywhere, neither would be you. At Cinemark you can enjoy the food at your seat.

The menu for food and drinks are so extensive and innovative.

Cinemark strives to serve you the best. The food menus are designed and customized by the professional chefs, so that you can have a complete relishing experience of movie watching.

The staff at Cinemark makes people want to come again.

The luxury of food and the comfort of facilities would always attract you to the Cinemark Cinemas, but would make it better is the service provided by the staff. The Staff at Cinemark is very carefully appointed. They would always be at their heels to solve your queries and provide you with service you need. Plus, they are very friendly and polite. You would always want to come back again to watch movie at Cinemark


Some of the services are just not available at every Cinemark theatre.

There are no special food menus for the old people and little ones.

If an old one or a little one would want to eat at Cinemark, there would be a lot of struggle. It’s because the food menus aren’t well adapted for he old people or little kids.