Carmike Ticket Prices 2022

Carmike theatres, now operating under the name of AMC theatres was an exhibitor of motion pictures with its headquarters placed in Columbus. The main motive of the Carmike company has always been to make avail the breathtakingly-real images accompanied with audio effects that makes the heart pound so that you’re always left awe-struck, all this under very inexpensive Carmike Ticket prices. Most of the theatres under Carmike are placed in suburban and rural parts of the United States.

Carmike Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

Refer to the table below and look at prices of tickets under various offers.

Last Updated: 12 January 2022



Children (3-11)$7.90 - $8.99
Adult (12+)$9.40 - $9.99
Senior (60+)$7.50 - $8.99


Children (3-11)$6.50 - $7.99
Adult (12+)$5.80 - $6.99
Senior (60+)$6.50 - $$7.99


Children (3-11)$5.49
Adult (12+)$5.49
Senior (60+)$5.49



Children (3-11)$9.50 - $10.99
Adult (12+)$11.99 - $14.99
Senior (60+)$9.49 - $12.99


Children (3-11)$9.49 - $10.99
Adult (12+)$9.99 - $10.99
Senior (60+)$9.99 - $10.99


Children (3-11)$8.49 - $10.49
Adult (12+)$8.49 - $10.49
Senior (60+)$8.49 - $10.49


Children (3-11)$8.99 - $10.49
Adult (12+)$8.99 - $10.49
Senior (60+)$8.30 - $10.49


Children (3-11)$9.05 - $10.99
Adult (12+)$10.75 - $13.99
Senior (60+)$10.80 - $10.99


Children (3-11)$7.99 - $10.99
Adult (12+)$7.99 - $10.99
Senior (60+)$7.99 - $10.99


Children (3-11)$12.60 - $15.99
Adult (12+)$14.85 - $17.99
Senior (60+)$12.85 - $16.99


Children (3-11)$11.49 - $14.99
Adult (12+)$11.49 - $13.99
Senior (60+)$11.49 - $15.99


Children (3-11)$10.49 - $13.99
Adult (12+)$10.49 - $13.99
Senior (60+)$10.49 - $13.99


Children (3-11)$13.99 - $15.99
Adult (12+)$16.99 - $19.99
Senior (60+)$13.9 - $16.99


Children (3-11)$12.99 - $15.99
Adult (12+)$14.49 - $17.99
Senior (60+)$13.99 - $15.99


Children (3-11)$10.60 - $13.99
Adult (12+)$10.60 - $13.99
Senior (60+)$10.60 - $13.99

Carmike Ticket Opening Hours

Don’t miss your movie; look at the table given below to know the timings and hours of the operations of theatre.

Specializations of CARMIKE TICKET

The availability of friendly staff, comfy seats is provided by the most of the theatres but the Carmike theatres come with a great deal of specialties. The three perks of specializations are Amazing theatres, Classic hometown theatres, Dine in theatres. At amazing theatres you will get to enjoy every amenity from a recliner seats to the spacious rocking seats and latest movies available with premium offers of IMAX and Dolby cinemas. The Carmike groups along with AMC groups have always been striving hard to make movie experience innovative and peaceful. Under the very reasonable prices of Carmike ticket you can experience the superior quality of acoustics sounds, richer quality of shrilling sound and pristine images. You can choose from Dolby, IMAX and real 3D cinemas because the bigger, the better.

Classic hometown theatres are the perfect choice if you are going out with your family and friends, because being old school can be delightful and cherishing at times. So experience some fountain cokes from freestyles soft-drinks machines and nachos at movies when you see movies at the classic hometown theatres.

What can be better than the feasting of mouth along with the feasting of the eyes, Carmike theatres under AMC group has taken care of all. Under, dine in options experience the aura of restaurant simultaneously at the theatres. Enjoy customized food items while you watch your favorite movie, no advance reservations is required, initially just pay for the prices of Carmike tickets, relax, enjoy your premium dining and pay accordingly later.


The headquarters of Carmike theatres are in Columbus, Georgia, USA. In today’s scenario, the fate of the company is sealed by the AMC theatres under which the company has shed off its name; nonetheless it owns approximately 276 theatres in 41 states with more than 2900 screens, primarily serving rural and suburban areas. That’s the reason the price of Carmike ticket is kept very affordable. Founded in 1982, after 35 years the Carmike theatres runs under the name of AMC theatres being the fourth largest theatre for motion pictures in the Unites States of America..


Carmike theatres were found in the year 1982 by Carl L. Patrick Senior. The founder bought the Fauqua theatre unit and named it after the names of his two sons, Carl Jr. and Michael, therefore the name ‘Carmike’. With coming years the Carmike theatres purchased and got collaborated with several other theatres like Fox theatres, Maxi Saver Cinemas, etc. After reaching to peak, the profit of the company dropped down very severely and the company suffered from bankruptcy under which theatres owned by the Carmike dropped drastically in number, from 448 to 300 in the year 2000. This bankruptcy was over in 2002 and Carmike theatres after recovery, again resumed purchasing of theatres like, GKC theatres, etc. In the year 2009, the company experienced a great setback when the board of directors of the company decided to remove Michael Patrick and appoint S. David Passman III as the new chief executive of the company. After the appointment of the new chief executive, who was later on made the President of the company, witnessed several other purchasing of the theatres chains like, MNM theatres, Rave Cinemas which included at least 7 IMAX screens. This was for the first time that Carmike had IMAX screens theatre. In the coming years, several other theatres were added in the chain, but the year 2016 witnessed the major change for the Carmike group. In the year 2016, AMC theatres proposed a deal to buy Carmike theatres, which was approved and later in the year AMC announced to drop the brand name Carmike and continue as the AMC theatres. Today, AMC in the United States has overtaken the Regal entertainment in holding the largest chain of theatres. Despite, the astonishing journey of the Carmike theatres, now AMC theatres, the Carmike ticket prices are kept very reasonable in all the rural, the suburban, the urban areas.

Carmike Ticket Customer Support

In case you need any help or have any query, you can call us on the below mentioned numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1 706-576-3400

Carmike Ticket Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the below mentioned address.

1301 First Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901
1 706-576-3400

Carmike Ticket Near Me

  • Refer the map given below and find the theatres near your place.


In case you’re still under the clouds of doubts regarding the Carmike ticket prices, refer to the pros and cons given below and make an informed choice which keeps you satisfied later.


Dine-in options are the best

At Carmike theatres devour on your favorite meals prepared by the finest chefs. Plus, you can also customize you own drinks and food and enjoy the meal while you watch your favorite movie.

Great staff

The staffs at AMC theatres are chosen with utter care that would never disappoint you. Whether it is an usher or a server, you will experience a friendly behaviour and polite service.

Easy booking of tickets online, relieving off the big lines

AMC theatres allow you to book tickets online so that you can avoid queues for a house full movie.

So much stuff to do except movie watching.

Classic hometown theatres are best when it comes to hanging out with the family,

The very idea of classic hometown theatres has a cozy, family appeal. Fill your cups with the fountain drinks, eat like old times and experience movie in the very classic way.


Diversity in the stuff is confusing at times

At AMC, the company tries to employ staffs in very diverse ways which at times can become a mode miscommunication between the staff and the customers.

The prices of IMAX and Dolby theatres seem high even if the theatre is in rural or sub-urban area

The prices of the tickets and food are kept very reasonable at the theaters, but sometimes the prices may seem very high depending upon the individual choices and expectations.