Caribbean Cinemas Prices 2022

If you live in Puerto Rico or are new there and you’re looking for the best cinematic experience somewhere near, then Caribbean Cinemas is what you’re looking for. Caribbean Cinemas are the largest chain of theatres in Puerto Rico, so there would be no difficulty for you to find one. Plus the Caribbean Cinemas prices are so considerate and unbelievable for the facilities that they provide.

Caribbean Cinemas Prices and Service Menu 2022

The prices at the Caribbean Cinemas are provided below in the table.

Caribbean Cinemas Opening Hours

To know about the hours of operations at the Caribbean Cinemas, refer to the table given below.

Monday 10AM–09PM
Tuesday 10AM–09PM
Wednesday 10AM–09PM
Thursday 10AM–09PM
Friday 10AM–09PM
Saturday 10AM–07PM
Sunday 10AM–07PM

Specializations ofCARIBBEAN CINEMAS

The Caribbean Cinemas chain is not as big as other leading chins in the world like, AMC or Cinemark; nonetheless, the facilities provided at the Caribbean Theatres is at par with them. Though the company started off late, but in the current scenario every one screen at all its location provides 3D experience. Caribbean Cinemas don’t lag behind in providing the premium quality of movie experience. It’s first premium theatre was opened in the year 2014 and since then almost all of its theatre are equipped with so. The projectors used at the premium theatres are of supreme quality providing the projection of 4K images. The sound system used is the latest one, you can already guess! Yes, Dolby surround sound is employed at the all the premium theatres of Caribbean Cinemas. Dolby sound systems are known for transmitting sound through the 360 degree from all the speakers employed at different angles, thus producing the perfect, crystal clear quality of sound. The seating system follows the trend of reserved seating under which you don’t have to rush for taking the best seat, so save your time as you don’t have to come early an hour ago. All these facilities strive to make your movie experiencing an immersive one as if you were a part of your favorite movie. The massive screens in the halls are just appropriate for those who love extreme entertainment. These screens are as high as one of those 4-story building. All of these facilities are made available at very cost-effective prices of the Caribbean Cinemas.

If you had the question that whether at Caribbean Cinemas you can view movies of IMAX and 4DX quality, then the answer is yes. Caribbean Cinemas at certain locations come with the IMAX screens theatres which can easily accommodate more than 400 people. That’s not all, because when it comes to the technology, the Caribbean Cinemas doesn’t lag back in the race. In the current scenario at very reasonable prices of Caribbean Cinemas you can experience 4DX movies. So hold your popcorn bag tight or you wouldn’tspill it when your seats rocks to the rhythm of the movie sounds.


In the current scenario, the Caribbean Cinemas are the largest cinema chains of Puerto Rico. The company works with the tagline of ‘the best entertainment in the best atmosphere’, that’s why the company is totally devoted to the entertainment and leisure sector. All of this refreshment along with entertainment and leisure is available at very affordable price of Caribbean Cinemas. Except Puerto Rico, the services of the Caribbean seas are also available at St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Aruba, St. Croix, Trinidad, etc.


Caribbean Cinemas were found in the year 1986. Its headquarters are at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The major advancements were made by the company in the year 2005, when it bought CineVista location who was suffering from bankruptcy. The Caribbean Cinemas built their empire not only by purchasing other theatrical chains but also by constructing its own. For example,Caribbean Cinemas bought five plots which were later constructed as Caribbean Cinemas in the year 2012. The Caribbean also developed its theatres in the sphere of technology and modernity. In 2009, Caribbean Cinemas introduced the 3D screens for the very first time in its theatres. In the year 2016, Caribbean Seas declared the construction of Caribbean Cinemas VIP which would be the first premium theatre of Caribbean Cinemas with seven auditoriums. Being a Public Company Caribbean Cinemas prices are kept very reasonable.

Caribbean Cinemas Customer Support

We encourage you to reach us in case of any query or support. So contact us on the numbers provided below.

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Caribbean Cinemas Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at the following address.

1512 Fernández Juncos Ave.Santurce, Puerto Rico 00909

Caribbean Cinemas Near Me

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In order to make a decision, it is important to have a rational perspective. So, refer to the pros and cons given below to know more about the Caribbean Cinemas Prices.


The Caribbean Cinemas are located at the perfect place

Most of the Caribbean Cinemas are located near the workplace; this helps in maintain the perfect balance between the work life and leisure life. Also, along with the Cinemas, there are good stores and good restaurants at one place, so that you don’t have to travel to different spots to seek different types of entertainment.

Best staff ever, they also know English.

Though the Caribbean Cinemas caters the requirements of the Spanish crowd, but the Cinemas don’t neglect the multicultural or American crowd. The staff appointed at Caribbean Cinemas usually knows English so that every query of yours can he heard and you are served in best ways possible.

4DX cinemas are so cool.

4Dx technology was recently installed by Caribbean Cinemas in the year 2016. The Spain crowd loves it, with all the movement effects and the synchronized lightning and water effects. All this gives the real life appeal of an immersive entertainment.


The prices of IMAX and 4DX are little steep.

The prices would of course be high for IMAX and 4DX screens in comparison to the normal screens, still efforts are been made to keep the prices as reasonable as possible.

The content of the Caribbean Cinemas is most of the time chosen in accordance to the Spanish crowd.