Bubbles Salon Prices 2022

Bubbles Salon Logo In today’s vogue discerning world, fashion grows fast and you need to keep pace with transforming trends. Be it the simple combed hair or the comfortable pony tail- it all falls prey to comfort and redundancy. You need to upgrade your looks and discover the best in your personality. Step out from your solidarity-every day style and switch up your look. Bubbles Salon is one such destination that works ardently for its clients to deliver the best in class services. Customized, modern, stylish – Bubbles is all in one.

Bubbles Salon prices are way too unbelievable. Every service offers with three price variables depending upon whether you choose a stylist, designer or a creative designer. Haircuts along with shampoo and blow drying start from $40. Haircutting services for children start from $20. Versatile coloring services like dimensional, highlights, glazing and balayage can cost about $35 to $120. There are several packages staring from $50 and may cost up to $200. Bubbles Salon prices its waxing services for around $15. Opting for a package also gives you discount of $3 on product range. Lucrative discounts and offers always welcome the customers and make your visit economical.

Bubbles Salon Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 14 January 2022



Shampoo, cut and blowdry style $40 and up
Shampoo, cut and blowdry style - highly textured, natural hair$80 and up
Shampoo, cut and blowdry style - highly textured, relaxed hair $60 and up
Shampoo, cut and deluxe style (includes iron finish) $50 and up


Shampoo and Blowdry Style$30 and up
Shampoo and Blowdry Style - Highly textured, relaxed hair$45 and up
Shampoo and Blowdry style - highly Textured, Natural Hair$65 and up
Shampoo and Deluxe Style$40 and up
Special Occasion Design$50 and up
Hair ExtensionsBy consultation
Shampoo and clipper cut$30 and up
Shampoo and set$30 and up
Shampoo, cut and set$40.49 and up
Curling or Flat Iron (Additional to Any Service)$10.49 and up
Updo $45.49 and up
Long Hair Charge$10.99


Single Color$55 and up
Demi/Semi Color$55 and up
Glazing /toning$30 and up
Dimensional Color$115 and up
Full highlights$95 and up
Partial highlights$75 and up
BalayageBy consultation
Face-framing highlights $50 and up
Color correctionBy consultation


Any Three Areas$35.99 and up
Relaxer, Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry$105 and up
Perm, cut and blowdry$105 and up
Designer perm, cut and blowdry$135 and up
Shampoo, Blowdry and Style - Relaxed Hair (Flat Iron and/or Curl)$45.99 and up
Shampoo, Blowdry and Style - Natural Hair (Flat Iron and/or Curl)$60.99 and up
Rollerset and Blowdry$45.99 and up
Wrap and Curl$45.99 and up
Flexi Rod Set$65.99 and up
Twists / locs / natural hair styles$65.99 and up


Prescriptive Treatment$20.49 and up
Cibu® Systems Treatment$20.49 and up
Deep conditioning masque$25.49 and up


Haircut Only$20.49 and up
Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry$25.49 and up


Brow, Chin or Lip$15.49 and up
Any Two Areas$25.49 and up

+ $3 off any regular priced retail product
Check out our website for package details.

The Classic™$45.49 and up
The Classic™ with Color$95.49 and up
The Classic™ with Highlights$115.49 and up
The Classic™ with Full Highlights$135.49 and up
The Classic™ Fusion$165.49 and up
The Classic™ Fusion with Full Highlights$185.49 and up

Bubbles Salon Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–7PM
Sunday 11AM–6PM

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Bubbles Salon Headquarter Address & Number

1577 Spring Hill Road, Suite 500, Vienna, VA, 22182

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Why choose Bubbles

Bubbles Salon Bubbles Salon promises its clients with quality services, experienced professionals, fine selection of products and total value for money. Consisting of hair repair, conditioning, cleansing and coloring products, Bubbles offer different lines of brands. Cibu, Pureology, Bumble and Gumble and It’s a 10 are the celebrated brands at Bubbles. The experts can guide you to buy the right products for your hair. You can take home a reliable hair treatment and hair care system at great discounts.

Professionals at Bubbles are carefully selected and trained in line with the business strategy of the brand. They help you with smart tricks and hacks that help you style your hair. Experts invest time with clients to understand their personal needs and give them a personalized solution. They closely follow the latest trends and style for helping customers stay on-trend. They smartly blend what you need and what will suit you best. Bubbles Salon is one of the few names who have special service range and dedicated stylists for children. They totally understand what’s best for your child and young teenager. Bubbles’ professionals take the challenge of giving you the hairstyle you want. Creativity and energy being the hallmark of this brand, the clients are assured of impeccable experience.

The Bubbles Story

The UK native Ann Ratner opened the first Bubbles salon in 1978 at Washington DC. She further built on Ratner group of companies and established Salon Cielo and Spa in 2001. She also developed Cibu – the exclusive product line. With a vision to build a beauty service brand filled with innovation and energy, Ann remains the cardinal visionary for marketing and development of the company. The mission of Bubbles is to delight its customers and associates to create loyalty towards the brand. It positions as a promising brand that can create any style the client desires. With 34 outlets, Bubbles has become a well known name that has loyal clients. Associates at Bubbles are nurtured and grown so that they associate with the brand too.

Bubbles Salon offer a comprehensive range of services and products dedicated to become a total solution for your hair care needs. Whether you have curly or straight hair, voluminios or thin tresses: you can comfortably walk in to a Bubbles salon for styling. Whether you plan to get a professional look or a party style, Bubbles will deliver it in no time. Get a layered cut for your curly hair or go for a classic bob to get a smart look. With its awesome team of creative designers, Bubbles brings studio style accessible for everyone. The premium price of creative designers and designers is totally worth once you experience the difference Bubbles delivers.

They have flexibility in their service range and give you an economical package to suit your beauty needs. Get some stylish perms or curls with hair texturing services. Repair and de frizz your hair with an exciting range of services combined with leading edge product line.

For more information, visit http://www.bubblessalons.com/. Get updated information about the latest offers and product range.