Boiling Crab Prices 2022

Having some seafood cravings? Then, you should probably get to your nearby Boiling Crab restaurants. These restaurants are thrives to serves the best Cajun-style seafood which is served in utterly traditional, yet casual way. You’d definitely love their seasonal blend tossed into the seafood. All this made available at very affordable Boiling Crab prices.

Boiling Crab Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Boiling Crab, refer to the following at table.

Last Updated: 6 January 2022


Step 1: What's Your Catch?

Blue Crab (Seasonal)Market Price
Oysters (Raw) - 6 pcs.$10.49
Oysters (Raw) - 12 pcs.$16.49
Dungeness Crab (Seasonal)Market Price
King Crab LegsMarket Price
Snow Crab LegsMarket Price
Lobster (Seasonal)Market Price
Crawfish (Seasonal)Market Price
ShrimpMarket Price

Step 2: What's Your Flavor?


Step 3: How Spicy Can You Go?


I Like It Fried!

Fried Catfish Basket$11.49
Fried Shrimp Basked$11.49
Chicken Tenders Basket$7.49
Fried Calamari$10.49
Fried Oysters$10.49
Hot Wings (6 pcs.)$6.49
Hot Wings (10 pcs.)$8.49


Gumbo W/ or W/O$6.00/cup
Additional for extra shrimp or sausage$0.99
Cajun Chowder$9.00/cup
Additional for extra shrimp or sausage$0.99
Corn On The Cob$0.75/ea.
Potatoes (3 pcs.)$1.99
Cajun Fries$3.99
Lemon Pepper Fries$3.99
Sweet Potato Fries$4.99
Steamed Rice$2.49
Extra Condiments$0.50/ea.


Soda - One Size (Free Refills)$2.99
Domestic Beer$3.99
Imported/Specialty Beer$4.49

Boiling Crab Opening Hours

You can learn more about the hours of operations at Boiling Crabs by looking at the following table.

Specializations of BOILING CRAB

As the name suggest, the Boiling Crab restaurants are famous for serving delectable seafood dishes. The environment in these restaurants is set very casual which is perfect for all sorts of occasions. Whether it is a fun night out with friends or a evening plans with your partner, the Boiling Crab Restaurants provide space for all. The seafood items served are not the simple, classic dishes; instead they are served in Cajun-style. The one who is well acquainted with the Cajun style would know about the slow seasoning Barbecuing, slow grilling, shallow surface-heating, smothering and various other intense processes. The staple used for Cajun style is mostly pork or beef, but at Boiling Crab it is substituted with the seafood like, crawfish, crab, oysters, shrimps, etc.

Another peculiar thing about the Boiling Crab restaurants is that the customers are provided with the bibs when their meals are served, this is because the seafood was traditionally eaten by hands. Therefore, customers have to employed their hands in eating; to avoid any mess bibs are necessary. The ingredients used in the dishes are always made sure that they are fresh, for example the crabs or the crawfish are freshly boiled or steamed. The use of refrigerated ingredients is avoided. As the dishes are prepared in the Cajun style, the spices added to provide the flavor are also Cajun spices. Whenever the food is served in signature ways, the seafood is hand-tossed and seasoned with blend and then served in the plastic bag. The plastic bags are used to preserve the aroma and flavor of the dish. All this is made available at very cost-effective prices of Boiling Crab.

Most of the Boiling restaurants have a built-in dock which gives the appearance of the fishing settings. This is done to preserve the history of the Boiling Crab restaurants and keep the customers acquainted about the origin of these restaurants. Another thing which will make you swoon over at Boiling Crab restaurant is the courteous service provided by the staff. The staff at Boiling Crab is very entertaining and vibrant; they will just make your day. Their politeness and the friendly behavior of the staff, when it comes to serving you, will ensure the best dining experience. You would be kept tempted to come back again and enjoy the marvelous food and services.


In the current scenario, Boiling Crab is present in total 16 locations of Las Vegas, Dallas and of course California. The restaurants are best to hang out once in a while when you’re craving for some delectable seafood in some appealing settings. The Cajun style food, the dock appearance in the restaurant attracts a lot of customers on daily basis. The inexpensive price of Boiling Crab is another attraction for customers in who can be seen in huge numbers.


The first Boiling crab Restaurant was found in the year 2003. The first restaurant of the chain was established in Garden Grove, California. The philosophy behind establishment of the restaurant is very simple and peculiar. It all began in Seadrift, Texas which was home to the owner Yo’ Daddy. Seadrift flourished in the seafood industry, as most of the inhabitants of the place were employed in the fisherman or crabbers business. Being the landmark of the seafood, the staple food of Seadrift were grilled fish, boiled crawfish, boiled crabs, raw oysters, etc. One fine day Yo’ Daddy met Yo’ Mama and with their mutual flair of good taste and passion of serving other with warm courtesy. It’s been more than 10 years that Boiling Crab has been flourishing so well in the Southeastern areas of United States. The great seafood in exquisite décor is made available at very pocket-friendly Boiling Crab Prices,

Boiling Crab Customer Support

You can contact us on the following numbers in case of any query or support.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (714) 636-4885

Boiling Crab Headquarter Address & Number

You can reach us on the address given below.

13892 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove, California, CA 92843
(714) 636-4886

Boiling Crab Near Me

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It’s important to have balanced insight and fair perspective about anything before building a concrete notion. In order to have a balancedinsight about the Boiling Crab Prices, refer to the pros and cons given below.


The seafood items are the best at Boiling Crab.

The Boiling Crab restaurants are famous for their seafood dishes. This is because of the carefuland slow process employed in cooking of the dishes with complete expertise. It’s not only about the quality of the food items but also about the consistency maintained by the service.

The service availed at the Boiling Crab restaurant is very efficient.

Besides the seafood, the Boiling Crab restaurants are famous for their services. The staff is very lively and vibrant. They have intense knowledge about the each and every food item on the menu, and they are than willing to narrate it to you. They would even help you in placing the order and picking up the right combos and appetizers. They are meant to make your experience at Boiling Crab a memorable one.


The peak hours during the weekends can be a cause of major inconvenience if you didn’t make your reservations in advance.

One needs to make reservations beforehand to avoid inconvenience of standing in lines during the peak hours and spoiling all the fun.