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In a fast moving world, time is a very precious commodity and everyone is in a constant race against time. Then when can we maintain our physical fitness and how can we go to a health club or a gym to do all this will be the question in everyone’s minds. But no matter what, there are still many who manage to find some time to go to a gym or a health club as it has become an important factor to maintain fitness these days. And most of the gyms and health clubs demand their clients to spend more time with such activities and also are very costly. But the answer to the questions of those who have problems with time and money comes in the form of Body Beast and we’ll check out the required amounts from the body beast prices.

Body Beast Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 12 January 2022



3 Payments29.95
1 Payment89.85


3 Payments66.9
1 Payment200.7


3 Payments84.9
1 Payment254.7

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Body beast is a workout programme that requires only 90 days or 3 months of work right from yourhome and there are only two factors that will decide your muscle increase. You have start at the correct time and you have to work hard for the stipulated period of time. Anyway, allow me to shock you with some info about the prices of Body Beast that will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.All that you need for doing this and being successful is a few set of dumbbells and the DVD that guides you with this process which may noteven cost you more than fifty dollars. But as you are doing this at home, a bag of determination and self-discipline would help very much. This might as well be the cheapest one can ever come acrossin their entire lifetime. So the minimum amount here is $50.

History of Body Beast:

Body Beast is a 90 day workout programme that was developed by SagiKalev, a member in the Israeli army for four years. He was also a body builder from the tender age of 16 and claims his stint with the army to be the reason for the discipline, focus, resolve and respect towards this field. You are just required to stay at home and do as instructed. Actually all this seemed impossible but when they all joined as a team everything became so simple and out came a DVD guiding people with all that needs to be done. And also this is available for both men and women. As these methods improved over the years, as the founder joined hands with many other trainers, it became very popular over the years as they also were available at the lowest prices.

About Body Beast:

This system uses a technique called the Dynamic Training set and this technique was introduced by SagiKalev as a method to use more muscle fibres by exhausting the muscles by putting them under more tension by following a series of sets and reps and also it increases the level of testosterone in the body.

There are two main steps in order to get this done.

  • Follow the calendar by beast body: You need to spend around 30 minutes per day for 6 days in a week and for 3 months. Each day you are required to do a new workout as you will be taught by them and you can see for yourself that you are in the right track.
  • Follow the eating plan given by them: You have to feed yourself the right food and avoid starvation just to burn a few calories. Follow the menu given by them and you are good to go.

There are 3 main phases that are to be followed.

  • The Build Phase: These are meant to build up your strengths and mass. They can be done by following Super sets and Giant sets.
  • The Bulk Phase: Here you are to improve what you built up by the process of enlarging the cells in the muscles. For this you must follow Force sets, Combo sets, Progressive sets and Multi sets.
  • Beast Phase: This will be done for 3 weeks where you can burn all the fats by mixing cardio with what you did in the previous two phases. Here you have to lift heavier weights and follow the beast nutrition plan.

There are 2 schedules that must be followed, the Huge beast and the Lean beast. For people interested in adding mass, huge beast is yours. For those who want to keep the fat gains, Lean beast is yours. These are differentiated by the amount of cardio that you do.

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So just follow these steps from home and get a membership for just around $3 which are included in the Body Beast prices in their website