Black Angus Prices 2022

If recently you’ve been craving for some beef dishes of premium quality and would want to savor it in some friendly environment, then Beef Angus restaurants put an end to your quest. These restaurants are famous for their high quality of beef used as an ingredient in their dishes. You are bound to enjoy their seafood items and the Black Angus Steak dishes. Plus, the décor of the restaurants sets up a casual environment which will let you have the perfect dining experience. All this is made available at very reasonable Black Angus prices.

Black Angus Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know more about the prices at Black Angus restaurant, refer to the table provided below.

Last Updated: 6 January 2022



Potato Skins$7.49
Colossal Shrimp Cocktail$10.49
Hot Crab Dip$9.49
Mini Crab Cakes$10.49


Stockyard Sirloin$17.49
Stockyard Sirloin with Chicken Breast$20.49
Stockyard Sirloin with Fried Shrimp$22.49
Stockyard Sirloin with Crab Legs$29.49
Stockyard Sirloin with Lobster Tail$42.49
Grecian Baked Chicken$14.49
Seafood Pasta$18.49
Calf's Liver$14.49
Black Angus Burger$10.49

Soups & Salads

She Crab Soup$7.49
Clam Chowder$6.49
French Onion Soup$6.49
Soup Of The Day$4.49
Greek Salad (Half)$6.49
Greek Salad (Full)$10.49
Caesar Salad (Half)$6.49
Caesar Salad (Full)$10.949
Add White Anchovies for additional$1.99
House Salad (Half)$5.49
House Salad (Full)$8.49
Accompaniments (Rice Pilaf * Broccoli * Steal Fries * Baked Potato * Sautéed * Onions * Sautéed Mushrooms * Vegetable of the Day * Garlic Mashed Potatoes * Side Salad)$2.99

From Our Broiler

Black Angus New York Strip (16 oz.)$27.49
Black Angus New York Strip (12 oz.)$25.49
Roast Prime Rib Of Bee, Au Just (16 oz.)$26.49
Roast Prime Rib Of Bee, Au Just (12 oz.)$23.49
Black Angus Double Sirloin For Two (32 oz.)$54.49
Black Angus Filet Mignon (10 oz.)$29.49
Black Angus Filet Mignon (8 oz.)$27.49
Black Angus Delmonico Steak (16 oz.)$26.49
Black Angus Delmonico Steak (12 oz.)$23.49
Black Angus Beef-Ka-Bob$22.49
Land And Sea$49.49

Seafood Selections

Black Angus Crab Cakes (Broiled or Fried)$24.49
Deep Sea Scallops (Broiled or Fried)$22.49
Combination Seafood Platter (Broiled, Steamed or Fried)$26.49
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs (Steamed)$19.49
Black Angus Jumbo Shrimp (Broiled in Butter or Fried)$22.49
Fish Of The Day (Steamed or Fried)Market Price


Peppercorn Sauce$2.99
Neptune Shrimp$9.49
Crab Cake$10.49

Stockyard Specials

Stockyard Filet Of Sirloin$17.49
Stockyard Filet Of Sirloin with Grilled Chicken Breast$20.49
Stockyard Filet Of Sirloin with Fried Shrimp$22.49
Stockyard Filet Of Sirloin with Crab Legs$29.99
Stockyard Filet Of Sirloin with Lobster Tail$42.99
Stockyard Kabob$15.49

Black Angus Opening Hours

In order to know more about the hours of operations at Black Angus, look at the table given below.

Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–10PM
Saturday 11AM–10PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM

Specializations of BLACK ANGUS

As the name of the restaurant goes, you will be served with the beef of Black Angus cows which are considered to be best breed in terms of the nutritional value their beef provides. It’s just not the beef, but the procedure of the cooking of the beef that makes these restaurants stand out of the crowd. The beef brought from the market is kept in the storage to make the beef age around 24 days. This helps is providing a deep flavor to the beef, which you can feel in the every juicy bite. The aging of the beef gives it tenderness so that no efforts have to be made while chewing it. This premium quality of beef is then cut by hands to extract the best portions out which are later grilled over open flame. The grilled beef is coated with butter which provides extra richness and tenderness to the beef. So, now you don’t have to be confused about which dish to order, because all the dishes from, top sirloin to new your strip, consist of this fine steak. The most favorite dish served at Black Angus is Filet Mignon which consists of the beef carcass and the end of tenderloin which is cut into smaller pieces.

The other dishes which are served at Black Angus are, seafood dishes, like, grilled prawns; fried shrimp; lobster tails; salads; chicken dishes; etc. Despite being a beef oriented restaurant, Black Angus also keeps its vegetarians customers happy by serving dishes like, Vegetarian Cobb salad which consist of chickpeas, tomatoes, eggs, walnuts, avocado, chives, etc.; all this are bound to please the soul of a health conscious person. Another thing which you will love at Black Angus restaurants is their service. The staffs appointed at Black Angus are very efficient, with their service. Even during the peak hours of the weekends and weekdays, you don’t have to suffer from any inconvenience as you order will be delivered to you without any mess up and delay. All this made available at very considerate prices of Black Angus.


It’s been more than 50 years that Black Angus restaurants are thriving to serve the food items loaded with finest quality of beef. It’s not just their beef which goes through a very meticulous process, but their service and wide range of menu which provides the best food experience. The ambiance of Black Angus restaurants is kept very docile and the noise level is kept within the tolerable limits so that you can enjoy a perfect evening with your friends, family or partner. All this made available very moderate price of Black Angus.

History of BLACK ANGUS

Black Angus was found in the year 1964 by Stuart Anderson. The headquarters of the company is in Sherman Oaks, California. Since the establishment, the company has gone thrown a lot of progress and downfall, for example the company was bought by other restaurant chain like American Restaurant Group. Under American Restaurant group, Black Angus suffered through a lot of bankruptcy. In the year 2004, Black Angus group was under the debt of $202 million. Presently, Black Angus owns approximately 31 locations in California and in total 45 locations. The philosophy behind Black Angus Group has always been to serve the best steak which takes month and months to serve right. All this is available at very cost-efficient Black Angus prices.

Black Angus Customer Support

If you need any support or have any query, then you can contact us on the following mentioned numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (818) 208-9903

Black Angus Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the address given below.

13400 Riverside Drive, Suite 210, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 208-9903

Black Angus Near Me

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You can have a clear insight about the Black Angus prices when you refer to the pros and cons given below.


Good range of drinks is made available at Black Angus restaurants.

We all know that a good beef dish is even made better with a fine glass of alcohol. The Beef Angus restaurants comes with the a wide range of alcohols, from premium beers, like, Coors Light, Miller Lite, etc.; crafted beers like, BullsEye Seasoanal, Black Angus BullsEye Brew, etc. to fine bottles of wines like, Blackstone, Kendall Jackson, Four wines naked, etc. You can also order from Margaritas like, Gold strike, Motherlode Gold Strike, etc. and Cocktails like, the classic martini, Mojito, Austin Mule, etc. Beer Angus also provides with non-alcoholic drinks,

The staff is so polite, plus their service is so efficient

One thing that you would never complain about is the staff of Black Angus restaurants. The staff here is very polite and friendly in nature. They are always attentive to solve all your queries and serve you in the best possible ways. Even during the peak hours, whether it is weekend or a weekday, you would not be disappointed. Unlike other restaurants, where orders are usually delivered wrong during the rush hours; you wouldn’t face any problem of such kind at Black Angus restaurants.


There is no separate menu provided for kids or older people.

At Black Angus restaurants there would be few food items for kids and old people, but there is no full-fledged menu provided for the same.