Bella Italia Prices 2022

People love to embrace new cultures all the time. There is no better way to understand a new culture than indulging in the authentic food. So, people at Bella Italia have successfully accomplished this by introducing authentic Italian food for the masses. Make Bella Italia your pit stop for experiencing Italy right in America. You don’t have to worry about your budget because the Bella Italia prices aren’t that high for the experience they are offering which is grand.

Bella Italia Prices and Service Menu 2022

The prices of Bella Italia for you to check them out are listed here in this section.

Last Updated: 13 January 2022


Bread & Olives

Mixed Olives£2.99
Mini Garlic Bastoni£3.49
Mini Garlic Bastoni (To Share)£5.49
Pane Bella£4.49

Baked Pizza Bread


Mozzarella and Garlic£5.49

Sharing Platters

Antipasto Misto£6.49
Antipasto Misto (To Share)£11.99
Baked Italian Cheese & Dipping Breads£9.49
Chicken Wings Italiano Platter (New)£11.99


Zuppa del Giorno£3.49
Pizza Spirale£4.99
Funghi Arrosto£5.99
Insalata Rosso (New)£4.49
Filo Prawns (New)£6.99
Mozzarella Pomodoro£4.99
Arancini Funghi£6.49
Chicken Wings Italiano (New)£5.49



Create Your Own Pizza£8.49
Pizza Cotto£7.49
Pepperoni Piccante£8.99
Quattro Stagioni£9.99
Quattro Stagioni Legumi£8.99
Pollo Piccante£9.49
Chicken and Pancetta BBQ (New)£10.49
Carne Mista£10.99
Pizza Marco Polo£10.99


Calzone Legume£10.99
Pollo e Spinaci£10.49
Agnello Calzone (New)£11.49

Pizza Vita



Tagliatelle Pomodoro£7.49
Polpette Americano£9.49
Pasta Marco Polo£10.99
Agnello Tagliatelle£10.99
Pollo Limone Siciliana£9.49

Al Forno

Cannelloni Ricotta£8.49
Sausage Ragu al Forno (New)£9.99
Lasagna al Forno£9.99
Pollo Formaggi al Forno (New)£9.49


Rump Steak (5oz.)£10.49
Sirloin Steak (8oz.)£16.99
Butterflied Chicken Breast£11.49
Italian Style Ribs (New)£16.49
Bella Surf n Turf£18.49
Bella Mega Grill (New)£17.49


Burger Americano£9.49
Pollo Ciabatta£9.49
Pollo Italiano£10.99
Portobello Mushroom£8.99
Add another burger£2.49


Crisp Bacon£1.99
Goat's Cheese£1.99


Chunky Chips£3.99
Basil Mash£3.99
Corn on the Cob£3.99
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables£3.99
Mixed Salad£3.99
Fried Courgettes£3.99
Rocket & Shaved Granello Cheese Salad£3.49
Onion Rings (New)£4.99

Bella Favourites

Pollo Cacciatore£11.49
Pollo Milanese£12.49
Gamberoni Risotto£12.99
Spezzatino di Manzo£12.99
Filetto di Spigola£12.49


Pollo e Verdure£9.49
Caesar Pollo£9.49
Formaggio di Capra£8.49

Breakfast Menu


Starting From£4.49

Lunch Menu


Ask server for set menu and pricesvaries

Kids Meal

3 courses & a drink£5.49


Pannacotta (New)£4.99
Cioccolato Diavola£5.99
Cookie Dough Lava Cake£5.99
Torta Limone£4.49

Create Your Own Gelati



Add a Topping£0.50 each
Add a Shot of Liqueur£1.99

Ice Cream Sundaes

Godfather (To Share)£7.49
Godfather Banana£6.49
Godfather Banana (To Share)£7.49
Godfather Fragola£6.49
Godfather Fragola (To Share)£7.49

Mini Desserts

Ciambelline£1.99 each
Ciambelline (With a Hot Drink)£3.49
Ciambelline (With a Liqueur Coffee)£5.49
Torta Cioccolato£1.99 each
Torta Cioccolato (With a Hot Drink)£3.49
Torta Cioccolato (With a Liqueur Coffee)£5.49
Torta Limone£1.99 each
Torta Limone (With a Hot Drink)£3.49
Torta Limone (With a Liqueur Coffee)£5.49

Soft Drinks

Fresh Orange Juice£2.99
Fruit Juices£2.99
Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice£2.99
Appletiser Sparkling Apple£2.99
Grapetiser Sparkling Grape Juice£2.99
Belvoir Sparkling Cordials£2.99
San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemon or Blood Orange£2.99
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Schweppes Lemonade£2.99
Mineral Water (Small)£2.99
Mineral Water (Large)£3.49

Hot Drinks

Caffe Latte£2.99
Espresso (Small)£1.99
Espresso (Large)£2.99
Hot Chocolate£2.99

Liqueur Coffee

Gaelic, French, Italian, Galliano, Baileys£4.99 each
Adults from£3.99

Bella Italia Opening Hours

Take a look at the schedule of Bella Italia and join in for the Italian experience whenever the time suits you and tame that craving for good exotic food.

Monday 11.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 11.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 11.30AM–11PM
Thursday 11.30AM–11PM
Friday 11.30AM–11PM
Saturday 09AM–11PM
Sunday 09AM–10.30PM

Specializations of Bella Italia

Who doesn’t love pasta? At Bella Italia, pasta is the star in your plate. This Italian family restaurant is on a mission to bring the best of Italy onto your plate. It is a complete restaurant that offers pasta along with your favourite pizza, calzones, delicious grills and a lot more. They want every individual to experience Italy right at their restaurant which is why they have all the amenities for the guests to make them comfortable. Their menus are crafted to suit every taste bud without losing the authenticity. They are very particular about details so even their menu is a little different than others. They have large print menus so no need of those spects and brailes ones for the ones who see with their hearts. Nobody is going to have a heart attack when they find out the prices of Bella Italia because they loves their guests quite a lot.

They love serving families so even for the little ones, the babies there are a few facilities like bambinos to help you change their clothes whenever the need arise and special baby food for those little ball of love.. The not so little ones but bigger than babies, the kids too will be delighted to visit the Bella’s. They have their own menu to choose their food from like Piccolo burger, fish and chips, pasta, their favourite mac & cheese and much more. In case, they are budding chefs, they too can make their own pizzas in their parties at Bella Italia. These parties for kids also include some amazing goodies, desserts and tasty drinks. The prices of Bella Italia for the kids party are also the size of the kids, that is a small fees for the big fun. The restrooms are designed in such a way that even the differently abled can use them as per their convenience. Health is wealth so no smoking is the motto at Bella Italia. Also, to reward their customers, there are a bundle of competitions held that keep the guests engaged and entertained while having their food. Entertainment and food all at one place!

About Bella Italia

Bella Italia is Italian family restaurants who are the pioneers in providing authentic Italian cuisine to the foodies all over America. They have changed the notion about Italian food from being only pizza and pasta to delicious risotto, calamari and much more. The locations are also spectacular with beautiful decor and comfortable seating. The place can be enjoyed not just by families but also by corporates and other people the people at Bella Italia embrace diversity not just in food but also in their guest list. The power packed charismatic environment and the smell of herbs wafts in the restaurant all the time. The people at Bella have successfully created a mini Italy outside of Italy for you and kept prices of Bella Italia completely reasonable.

History of Bella Italia

The journey of Bella Italia began with two small restaurants called Pizzaland and Pastificio. These both actually are a part of the Grand Metropolitan. Mecca Leisure Group’s former Chairman Michael Guthrie bought from Grand Metropolitan group, the Pastificio and Pizzaland for a whooping £20m in 1991. He merged the two chains into BrightReasonsthat he began in 1990 and rebranded Pastificio to Bella Pasta during the process. This was however just the beginning of another big merger. Again in the year 1993, two restaurant chains named Prima pasta and Pizza piazza of Rank Organisation were bought by BrightReasons for a sum of £20.25m. This move brought the total of 165 restaurants under the belt of BrigtReasons.. A year later in 1994, BrightReasons began preparing for stock market flotation. But the flotation was postponed in November 1994. BrightReasons started suffering a tough trading period in 1995 that led to BrightReasons to be put up for sale in the subsequent year of 1996. It was during the year 2002, Bella Pasta had another rebranding and Bella Italia was born from it. This was the first fully branded restaurant which began its operation in Leeds. They started rewarding their customers by joining the Nectar loyalty scheme in 2012 and a partnership with Gourmet Society for discounts.

Bella Italia Customer Support

For any further queries or issues related to Bella Italia, you can give a call on the number provided here. The customer support staff will happily solve all your issues and queries in no time.

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Customer Services: 0207 121 3200

Bella Italia Headquarter Address & Number

The address of the Bella Italia can be noted down from this segment.

Bella Italia, c/o Casual Dining Group Ltd, 163 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BU

Bella Italia Near Me

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Review of Bella Italia
If you want to visit Bella Italia but aren’t sure if the place will the best to cater to your Italian craving then you are in the right spot. Go over the entire list of pros and cons and gain more information which is as accurate as possible and know more about the service and prices of Bella. Once you are done, you will be able to make a decision you won’t regret.

The pros-
A supportive and friendly staff is one of the prized possessions of Bella
The food is lip-smacking and a visual delight.
The Italian cuisine is authentic
The ambience is enjoyable and fun
The prices of the dishes are reasonable

The place is a bit small for the crowd
Service is a bit slow